Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Can we get back to normal now?

I've been a bit under the weather the last few days, and combined with the holidays and having the DH at home since last Friday afternoon, I've lost all track of time. I had to miss the Playfriends New Year's Eve party because I wasn't feeling well (and the DH thinks maybe he has shingles and we didn't want to put any of the Playkids at risk if he does). The days have blurred into a montage of CSI reruns, the Food Channel, Clinton and Stacy's fashion advice, TiVo'd Christmas movies and a couple of romance novels. The DH goes back to work today, I'm hoping both of us can get in to see the family doc and #2 son is heading back home so maybe my sense of time (not to mention my good health) will return to normal. But just what IS normal, anyway?

It seems like just yesterday that we were all sweating the moment when the clock rolled over from 11:59:59 to begin the year 2000. Would things keep on keeping on? Or would the world begin a slow meltdown or maybe a quick, fast crash and burn? Did any of you have food and water stockpiled? An alternative form of heat for your homes? Extra gasoline for the cars? Cash stashed away in case all the ATM machines and banking software went kaflooey?

The world didn't come crashing down and we thought things would go on as normal, but a lot's happened since January 1st, 2000. We've seen changes we could only imagine in our wildest dreams, and we've seen things that could only happen in our worst nightmares. But we keep on keeping on and try to do our parts to make the world a better place.

I know we all toasted on New Year's Eve, but I'd like to offer one more toast that I believe y'all might enjoy.

Have a happy and prosperous 2007 2008! We'll talk about those pesky New Year's resolutions and goals next week. Or maybe not. *g*

The Playground Monitor

P.S. Remember when I blogged about baby Charlie last summer? He's six months old now and absolutely adorable.


Rhonda Nelson said...

RFeel better, PM!

Rhonda Nelson said...

Oops. That should have been "Feel better."

Argh! Too early!

Kathy said...

Hoping you feel better, PM!

Hey gang, it's snowing!!!

I'll be glad when things get back to normal too. I've still got to take down all the Christmas decorations and a ton of other things need my attention. I'm also trying to come up with a game plan for 2008, a set of goals that I can meet, not simply dream about.

2008 is an empty slate! Perhaps, if I'm lucky, I can create a memorable, colorful palette.

Instigator said...

I'm still in Holiday mode until after Friday. Today we have dinner and presents with my in-laws (we couldn't make our schedule's mesh with BILs until now. That's what happens when you have a priest in the family) and Friday I'm hosting a party. Saturday though..I'm getting my butt in gear.


Angel said...

Well its back to work for me today, and I have to take my car to the mechanic this morning. Here's hoping the damage isn't considerable.

Like Kathy, I'm working on a game plan for 2008. It will be different, because I'm going from not working outside the home to working part-time, but hopefully that will relieve some pressure and make the rest of the time easier.

Now if I could just get all my little ducks in a row...


Problem Child said...

Once AC goes back to school Monday, then maybe things will head back to normal. I have some pretty good goals for 2008--we'll see how I do :-)

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hey, y'all! Things aren't back to normal yet for me either. We got back from Florida Sunday night. Too tired to go to the NYE party we'd been invited to the next night, so we stayed home and watched the ball drop at 11, then went to bed. It was NY in NY, so that was good enough for me. :)

I haven't even really thought too hard about 2008 goals yet. I need to, but my last few weeks of 07 were filled with preparing for the cruise, helping my parents get their house ready for the Christmas tour, and getting that GH entry out the door.

I'm not sure when things will feel normal to me again, but they don't yet. I've unpacked, done the laundry, and put most of it away. Hubby is back at work. But I still feel at loose ends.

Hope you feel better soon, PM!

P.S. Hubby bought TWO of those d*mn coconut monkey cups. *sigh*

Barbara Vey said...

Get well PM.

I'm excited about 2008 and can hardly wait to see what surprises it holds for me. So far going to RT and RWA with a stop in NY in March.

But I still have 9 other months to fill. Decisions, decisions.

Happy New Year to all!