Friday, January 11, 2008


No, we're not talking about the television show.

We're talking about the hits on our blog.

We passed the 75,000 mark today and want to thank all our wonderful readers for helping us hit it.

Next goal: 100,000!


Anonymous said...

I know I'm not here enough, but this is just fabulous--I always forget how much I like this playground of yours.

It's been so long--I've forgotten how to sign in. D'oh


Anonymous said...


I seriously thought you were going to talk about last nite's episode. I really like that one! ;)

But major congrats!

Nini :)

catslady said...

Big congratulations - I'm sure you'll hit the 100,000 in no time at all!

Anonymous said...

Pat L.

Rhonda Nelson said...

Congratulations! Don't you just love that milestone!