Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The lengths I'll go to for a decent plot...

Well, the Snow Day at Maven Linda’s was quite the hit with Playfriends and Playkids alike. AC is just lucky all Playfriends look after all kids or else she would have had to stay home.

See, this was my annual plotting weekend with my fabu CP. I wasn’t home to load AC up and take her. Thankfully, Kira picked AC up on her way past my house and carted her to Maven Linda’s where all Playfriends looked after her. Because the snow day was postponed from Saturday to Sunday, I was able to come by Sunday afternoon after I finished for my turn on the sled.

This plotting weekend is important. It gives me a chance to bounce ideas off my CP, brainstorm plots, and flesh out characters. Actually, it’s only one full day, because by the time we get there Friday night, eat dinner, get caught up, show pictures, and drink a bottle of wine, the evening is shot. But we get a running start on Saturday and go until we both have books ready to write.

But as we all know, it’s not a PC trip until someone (namely me) gets hurt. And this weekend was no exception. We’re at this lovely historic house bed and breakfast that is just wonderful. The innkeepers are super friendly, very helpful, and have two cute sheltie-type dogs.

One of the dogs bit me.

Yep. You read that right. I go on a plotting weekend and get bitten by the innkeepers’ dog.

Now, when I called DG and the Playfriends to tell them that it was officially a PC trip, there first words (after they quit laughing) were “What did you do to yourself?”

I did nothing to myself—I was injured through no fault of my own, thankyouverymuch. No, I was not doing anything to annoy the dog either, unless you consider entering the building grounds for getting bitten.

I guess it beats falling down their stairs or something.

I have a lovely mark, but the bite didn’t require stitches. And, no, they didn’t comp my room. But I have a book ready to write and a funny story to tell, so maybe a dog bite was worth it.

Some things can only happen to me…


Don’t forget—Allison Brennan, Roxanne St. Claire and Karin Tabke are guest blogging tomorrow. I bet they didn’t get bitten by a dog while plotting…


Jen said...

Well, it all sounded great-- until the dog biting you part. That's not good. If they're going to have their home open as an inn, there baby needs to learn to share his/her grounds with the guest.

And I'll keep your "injury" magnet in mind if I'm ever traveling with you. ;))))

Congrats on the plotting and planning!!

Jen said...

Okay, now that I look illiterate..."their baby needs" as opposed to "there baby needs." Sheesh!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Ooh, PC, good thing my mom's dogs were in the back yard when we stopped by. They are, you guessed it, shelties. :) But they've never bitten anyone that I know of. Though they ARE territorial. Hugs!

Yay on the plotting though! Sounds fun. My CP lives in MD, so too far away for a plot party. :(

Smarty Pants said...

I can't believe you got bit by a dog. Of all the things. Seriously, this has got to stop. You're miserable on every trip we take. This year, your goal for Nationals needs to be staying healthy the entire time - no blood loss, no spills, no dislocated joints...

Angel said...

Only you, PC! But you know what? You keep life interesting. :)

Hey, you are super perfect the rest of the time. Everyone has to have a fault. Just be glad you didn't anger the water gods again.


Playground Monitor said...

When Instigator told me Sunday you'd been bitten by a dog, my first thought was, "Why am I not surprised?"

We're going to have to get with Maven LJ and see if there's some special meditation you can do to evoke an injury repellent. Or maybe we can do a group thing and surround you with an aura to prevent accidents and injuries because I'd sure hate to have to stop traveling with you since you're so nice and all.

Glad you had a great time otherwise and got to join us at the end for a slide down the snow slope and meet the cows.


Maven Linda said...

At least this time no blood was shed and no surgery needed. Things are looking up!


Kathy said...

What's this? Snow day? Injuries? I miss everything! Darn! I was sick all weekend too. I did get to see the Giants win. Go Eli Manning!!

I'm glad you're okay, PC!! Dog bites suck. You really do need to get insurance or something. (Snicker)

Problem Child said...

DON'T MENTION THE WATER GODS!! They might hear you and remember I'm around and sort of dry these days.

Kathy said...

You've already been through that too, haven't you?

Maybe you should eat Lucky Charms! (g)

Instigator said...

Only you, PC :-) Should we call Las Vegas to get the odds on San Fran injuries?

Seriously, I'm glad you weren't hurt badly.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the dog bite.

Pat L.