Friday, January 04, 2008

Adding Insult to Injury

As I’m writing this, it’s like, 14 degrees. Practically tropical compared to the previous day’s 7 degree windchill as I drove to work. My dogs are becoming world champion speed pee-ers. My electric mattress pad stayed on all night. My flannel PJs have made their way out of the drawer. As though coming to work these first few days after a long vacation wasn’t bad enough, my car almost refused to leave the driveway, even after letting the engine run for 10 minutes. If it could talk, she would’ve said “Are you high? No way we’re going anywhere. And clean out the backseat, would you?”

Coming off vacation and returning to work is never easy and it gets harder the longer you’re out. I lay in bed Tuesday night with my mind racing a million miles an hour. I managed to get about 5 hours sleep and nearly started crying as I drove to work. I was looking forward to a nice, long, warm sleep last night. DB laid down with me and started talking, which was fine until I realized I was up later than I’d planned. Then, to make matters worse, my power went out at 5:30AM. This happens a lot. It flickers, resets all the clocks, but comes right back on. Not today. No sir. It went out and stayed out. DB comes upstairs and tells me if I want a hot shower, I’d best get up despite having an hour left before I normally crawl out of bed. So I shower by candlelight, washing the essentials and putting my hair in a bun for a time when I can see it to detangle it.

I look out the window and notice our backside neighbors have power. Great, it’s just out on my street, starting with my house down. (The big power box is in my yard. Yay.) Since its not widespread, I call the power company. Someone is on their way. Sure they are, after they stop at the Burger King for a sausage croissandwich and coffee to warm themselves up. So, I dress by flashlight (yes, I match), get ready as best I can (I’m sure my foundation isn’t blended well) and I just went on to work since there wasn’t anything else to do.

At 6:30AM, as I left my subdivision, I passed the big utilities trucks. DB assures me the power is back on, so the $200 in groceries I just bought won’t be spoiling just yet. I crank up the heat in my car (to its dismay) and trudge along. I’m normally the last one to work, but today I managed to be first. Of course, that means I had to crack into our area with nineteen codes and spin locks and whatever. I spend ten minutes in the hallway trying to get in. I was never good at opening my locker either. As my coworkers file in over the next hour, they give me odd looks, knowing I shouldn’t be here yet. Of course, since the power outage was so localized, no one else had this problem.

So now, here I am. Short on sleep. Short of patience. Freezing to death. Wishing I had taken these three days off as part of my vacation. By the time I would’ve come back to work next Monday, the freakish weather will be back up to the high 60s. Mother Nature obviously has issues, as do I.

How’s the weather where you are? Where would you rather be at the moment? Maui is sounding awesome right about now...



Instigator said...

I am so totally with you on this one!! I'm from Michigan. You'd think I'd be used to the cold. But Alabama has spoiled me (and I haven't been to Michigan in 20 years...). If the temperature gets down this low I want snow to show for it!

I'm sorry about your power.


Lynn Raye Harris said...

And here I thought I was the only one who really, really hates this cold and feels like it's an abomination in Alabama. I left Hawaii on a Wednesday in November '06, got here on a Thursday, and though it was 60 degrees and somewhat colder than I was accustomed to, I thought, "This ain't bad. I can do this." But teens, 20s, and 30s? No. I moved from Hawaii for this? Am I stupid or something?

Hugs abut the power. With this cold, I've been having flashbacks to my childhood when the pipes would freeze and we'd be without running water for a week. :(

Anybody else have trouble with Yahoo mail this morning? I can't get in at all.

Angel said...

Try not having a heater in your car... Mine is still having issues, even after spending almost $400. Not happy...

I'd rather be sleeping. It's cold, I don't have to work today, I could sleep in. So of course I wake up at 6am!!! I forced myself to lay there, hoping to drift back off, but no such luck.

Oh well.


Playground Monitor said...

Maui is so far away so I'd say Florida, but a friend in Satellite Beach said they had snow flurries yesterday. Ack!

I'm with Instigator. If it's gonna be this cold, it should snow and at least let us have some pretty scenery for a while.

Hugs on the power outage. That can't be fun. Our old neighborhood had overhead utility wires and about twice a year a squirrel would get in the transformer and get fried and kick the power off. At least here we have underground utilities and don't have to worry about squirrels or ice storms bringing down the wires. We just have to worry about people not paying attention and digging into the wires. :-/


Barbara Vey said...

Yesterday the wind chill was 10 below. So, let me say, one more time...I HATE WINTER IN WISCONSIN!!

I also have a heated mattress pad that lures me to bed all hours of the day and night. My laptop thinks it's home.

Sorry about the power outage. I keep a kazillion candles on hand along with a book light. I'm ready for anything.

Lois said...

Well, that's the strange thing about where I am right now. Yesterday was 22. Today is 38ish. Next week, every day will be in the high 50s. In New Jersey. Well, home heating oil is mighty high around here, and that'll help save some money, which boy do we need to do. LOL But ah, weird. :)


Problem Child said...

It's hard enough for me to pull my carcass out of a warm bed when it's cold outside. Without power? No chance.

In fact, I may go take a nap now...

Smarty Pants said...

Oh yeah, PC, gloat about it. Sigh...

Instigator said...

PC, that is so wrong...I want a nap!! :-)


Playground Monitor said...

Guess I won't tell you I've been on the sofa with my snuggly fleece throw and the gas logs blazing.

I'm beginning to dread going out tonight. If it wasn't for one of y'all, I'd cancel in a heartbeat. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Very cold. Yesterday was brutal. (NY)

Yes, Maui sound great right about now.

Pat L.

Elen Grey said...

Greetings Writing Playground. I discovered your website and blog yesterday. Loved your website. Went everywhere. Very creative! Especially loved the sock photos. lol

Ontario has been brrrr cold for a couple of days. We've had lots of snow and ice, like Michigan. ;-)

Whoever suggested Maui...that sounds good about now.

Much cheer.

Instigator said...

Welcome to the playground Elen! I love your picture. Anyone with a passion for red shoes is good in my book :-)


Elen Grey said...

Why thank you, Instigator. Thank you very much. lol I do love red shoes!