Friday, September 15, 2006

Pass it on... Again!

Back in June, I offered up Stephanie Bond's Kill the Competition as part of her Pass it On! promotion.

To recap, Stephanie gave me a copy of her book to read and pass on to a friend. That friend would read it and pass it on to someone else to discover Stephanie and her books. Readers also get to register on her website to win prizes.

After reading the book (and loving it), I ran an announcement here on the blog and passed the copy along to a Blog Friend.

That Blog Friend, Ana, has finished reading the book and returned it to me so we can Pass It On...Again!

So here's how it works. Email me ( by Tuesday afternoon and let me know you want to read Stephanie's book. You also have to promise--in writing--that you will Pass It On when you're finished (either to a friend who hasn't read Stephanie before or back to me for another round on the blog).

I'll let Amazing Child draw names for the lucky Blog Friend before she goes to bed Tuesday night and drop it in the mail on Wednesday.

Any questions?


(Oh, and if you aren't familiar with Stephanie and how fabu she is, check out the interview in the Sandbox from June.)

1 comment:

catslady said...

I'd love to read it and my sister, mom and I always pass our books around :)