Saturday, September 09, 2006

Noteworthy News

The Writing Playground would like to extend its sincerest congratulations to fellow Heart of Dixie RWA author Peggy Webb. Her novel, Driving Me Crazy, published by Harlequin Next, has been nominated for a 2007 Pulitzer Prize.

From the book recommendation section at The Writing Playground

Mystery writer Maggie Dufrane is forty-one and facing a reversal of roles in her life. Her mother has just been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and the doctor has given her anywhere from one to seven years to live. So Maggie, divorced and currently jobless, moves back into the family homestead to look after her Mama. Then her sister Jean drops a bombshell and suddenly life is driving Maggie crazy – literally and figuratively. She’s the only one who actually drives a car, so she’s chauffeur to both the special women in her life.

But soon she discovers a special man too. He’s Joseph “Rainman” Jones, DJ at the local radio station. He takes a shine to Maggie and vice versa. Between dealing with her mother, her sister and this new man in her life, Maggie’s takes a big, wide turn in the journey of life and this southern belle goes from being a wilting blossom to a steel magnolia.

Peggy Webb has drawn deep from her Mississippi roots and written a story that any southern female Baby Boomer can relate to – the changing relationship between aging parents and their children, the curve balls that life throws at us and the fact that you’re never too old for love and laughter.


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Well deserved! That was an excellent story.

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We're so proud of you, Peggy! Congratulations!


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