Friday, September 29, 2006

Golden Heart-break

I’m feeling giddy today. That’s better than last night when I was nearly intolerable. DB was tired of me randomly saying “I’m a finalist” and giggling as we watched TV. Yes, I just found out that I have finaled in the On the Far Side Contest sponsored by the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal RWA chapter. The contest is a quick one and I’ll find out how I did by Halloween. The judge for my category is an agent, which is good for me, since this book is the one that’s already with an editor. I'm prouder than usual about this because a paranormal final in a pararormal contest sponsored and judged by paranormal writers seems to have a certain legitimacy about it. I may be entirely wrong. Regardless, its not huge news, but a little victory to give me a little pick-me-up that I needed. At least, until I get the score sheets back...

Of course, the next biggie is the Golden Heart. The deadline is nearly upon us. This time last year, I was lamenting how I’d never get FE finished in time. Since then, although I missed GH, I not only finished, but have the full on a desk in NYC as we speak. The sequel is written (although not fully edited) and I’ve got three contest finals under my belt for it. It may just be ready for the GH this year. Just have to work up the nerve to spend the $50 and know I’m pretty much throwing it away.

I have no expectations that I will actually final, much less win, but I feel the need to enter anyway. I have grand dreams of sitting in the auditorium (in the VIP section!), clutching a battered piece of paper with my speech written on it in the hopes my name is called. My dress is fabulous, my shoes are perfect – sparkly, but sensible, so I don’t end up being ‘the girl that tripped.’ To see my picture and the title of my book up on the big screen while everyone claps. Then to hear my name called and walk up onto the stage to the loud music while the Playground and HOD cheering section gives the Wet Noodle Posse a run for their money. Having my idols sit in the audience and listen to me talk, ramble and cry for my allocated 30 seconds of glory. Having random strangers congratulate me at the dessert party as I strut around with my gold pin...

Back to’s a nice thought. I’ll throw my hat in the ring this year and see what happens. If FE were to sell soon (not holding my breath) this might be my last chance to win a GH. Then it’s on to the RITAs (definitely not holding my breath).

So, what about you? Are you planning to enter the Golden Heart or RITAs this year? Do you have your speech ready (admit it, you know you do...)? Care to share a few lines? :) If not, any other big contests on the horizon for you? For the lucky few that have made a GH or RITA speech - say anything stupid or forget someone important, a la Hillary Swank?


(I'm not posting my revision challenge, because the numbers haven't changed from last week. So, phooey.)


Kathy said...

All this talk about the GH and the Rita makes me feel silly. I'm still trying to get up the nerve to send off a contest entry for the first time. I'm up late fixating on every aspect of it. With your contest finals, you are definitely ready to send in your ms to the GH, SP! Don't delay! Your book is an awesome read! And so I say, get that acceptance speech written and keep it handy. You'll need it.

(Hoping to be in the audience jumping up and down when you win.)

Linda Winstead Jones said...

Congratulations! :-) You can be giddy for days on a contest final. Woo Hoo!

I do enter the RITAs. That's it for me, contest wise. In the past I've entered others, but now I'm down to this one contest. (I like the contests you don't have to enter. You just get an e-mail or see your name in a trade magazine. Then it's just a nice surprise -- but I digress. As usual.)

I did win a Rita once, and yes, I flubbed. I was sitting in the audience with my friend Lori Handeland. My category came up. I was sitting there with that sheet of hotel paper (a list of names, of course) when they started calling out the finalists. Big names, wonderful books . . . and I realized I didn't have a chance so I stuffed that piece of paper in my program. When they called my name, I had to hunt for the piece of paper, while Lori is telling me to get up. Then I get up there, with my piece of paper, and I thank everyone I intended to thank. I don't fall, or drop the Rita. I take the statue and leave the stage. I reach the bottom of the steps and then I realize that someone from the publisher is up there talking, while I just left the stage.

Duh. I was no longer writing for that house, and my old editor wasn't there anyway so it never occurred to me that someone from the publisher would be up there. I was in such a fog I honestly didn't know she was there until I reached the bottom of the steps.

I did not flee into the audience. Thought about it, though. I waited until she was finished and I shook her hand at the botton of the steps. But the reality is, while she was up there talking, I took my award and left.

One day I'll tell you all about RITA and fashion flubs. All mine. Another day.

Oh, oh, check out my website. I posted the cover for my March book.

SP, good luck in the contest! I, too, will be in the audience screaming for you when you win the GH and-or Rita.


Problem Child said...

I'm not entering the GH this year. I don't have a new book finished, and I doubt I'll have time to get it finished before the deadline. GH is a big deal--so many entrants, so many good books. Yours is also very good SP, so send it on in!

Just remember to thank the Playfriends and the Mavens when you're up there...

LJ, I'm in awe of your RITA as you know. I still have my RITA--my chocolate one from Reno. It's still holding up and not too gross, although AC cannot understand why I'd have chocolate and not eat it...

Smarty Pants said...

Wow, LJ - that cover is awesome! Which offspring is this one about??


Linda Winstead Jones said...

SP - the hero on the cover is not a Fyne child. He gets tangled up with Ariana - Sophie's oldest.

Wait til you see the second cover - Prince of Fire. Oh, my. I'm doling the covers out one at a time, since I don't have a book until March. He's also not a Fyne child but is Keelia's Caradon. The third cover is Isadora and Lucan's son. - LJ

Kathy said...

I love you cover, Linda! It's in keeping with your other books and the hero on the cover 'radiates' magnetism.


Playground Monitor said...

Unless they let me slap together all my unsold short stories as a "Best of Marilyn's Confessions" anthology, there's no GH entry for me either. :grin:

Congrats again to SP for her contest final.

And we're waiting with bated breath for more Rita stories, Linda. That cover is beautiful! I love purple anyway.


Jennette said...

OMG! I judged your entry. It was FREAKIN' AWESOME! I had a hard time finding things to comment on, and I am not an easy judge. So, no need to fear my scoresheet. (149)

I really do think OTFS is THE contest for paranormal. It's one where you know the judges like and GET paranormal. It's the only one I ever do well in (not that I enter many). I finaled in time travel this year! I was thinking of entering the GH myself but if FE is my competition, I'm not so sure now. :) You should definitely enter!

I am keeping virtual fingers crossed for a SALE because I'd love to read the rest! Good luck!

Instigator said...
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Instigator said...

Oooh! I love that cover LJ. So intense.

GH. I actually just came to the decision last night that I'm going to enter 2 books. I'm going to finish the partial I'm working on and send it out. Then buckle down and finish the rest of it. I'll have to bust my rear in order to make the deadline but the fact that I've got 4 or 5 chapters at the middle of the book already done will help.


Smarty Pants said...

Woo hoo! I have a fan! And she was my judge...even better! Thanks, Jeanette!


Rhonda said...

Congratulations on your final, SP!

As for the contests, I always think that I should enter more, but ultimately never do. I enter the RITA's and that's it.

Lori Borrill said...

Hey, congrats on your contest finals! Those make for wonderful days, don't they? Enjoy it!