Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day-Maybe Not

Happy Labor Day, everyone! I hope that most of you are enjoying a day off, filled with family, barbeque, and maybe even a nap. Sounds like heaven to me.

Unfortunately, I get to spend my Labor Day sick, along with Little Man. Our family has been passing around some kind of weird sinus/stomach virus hybrid. I feel like I have a cold, but when I'm tempted to eat my stomach hurts really bad. Very weird to me. I can't imagine what it feels like to my two-year-old. So we'll probably spend today much like yesterday: piled up on the couch watching cartoons on television. At least, I hope so.

One might think that all that time lying around would yield lots of pages worth of worthy prose, or at least a ton of notes. After all, what else do you have to do? And yet, I've always found it hard to write when I'm sick. My brain can't seem to concentrate for long before being interrupted by the overwhelming signals from my body. Writing with a sick child in your lap is nigh unto impossible.

I take that back. If I'm not sick, I can write just fine with one of my little darlings piled onto my lap, because I write my first drafts long hand. That's actually how I started writing. I wrote my first book longhand while nursing my oldest. But I'm not in that stage of this book, I'm in revisions. Which means the Alphasmart or the computer. Kind of hard to do either of those with a wiggling child.

Well, I'm off to check on Little Man's fever and give him his first dose of Robitussin for the day. While I'm busy, why don't y'all discuss whether you write when you don't feel well or not. For those of you who are published, how to you cope with this and a deadline?



Instigator said...

Hugs Angel! I hope you and Little Man feel better soon.

Nope, I can't write when I'm sick. When I get published and have deadlines to meet this might of course change, but when I'm feeling crappy my brain just can't be creative. Instead, I usually use the time to catch up on my reading.


Kathy said...

Wishing that you and Little Man feel better soon, Angel.


Linda Winstead Jones said...

I can't write when I'm sick, either. My brain just doesn't work right when I'm truly ill. A little bit of a sniffle I can handle, but on the couch or in bed sick -- no way.

When it comes to dealing with deadlines, I always build in extra time -- just in case. I set my own deadline a couple of weeks ahead of the actual deadline, and that way if I get sick or hit a snag I'm not putting myself in a tight spot.


Problem Child said...

Labor Day makes me crave BBQ. (Funny since I used to work in a BBQ restaurant and worked 12 hour days on Labor Day. Back then I didn't crave it at all.)

But Mom took AC last night for a sleepover, and DG is home all day today and will take over AC when she comes home, so I'm planning some quality time with my WIP.

Sorry you're sick, Angel. Hope you feel better soon.

Lori Borrill said...

Hugs and sorry you're sick. Hope you feel better soon.

As for me, I can barely write when I'm well. Writing when sick is out of the question. ;-)

Smarty Pants said...

I'm relieved to have made it through 6 hours at your home without picking up said bug...yet. :) Hope you all are feeling better soon.

When I'm sick, there is no writing. My head gets all fuzzy and if I do write, it's crap. I just try to enjoy, if that's the right word, the downtime and get to feeling better as soon as I can.
All the better if there's a Law & Order or Murder She Wrote Marathon on...


Lis said...

Hope you and your little guy feel better soon.

Depends, if my head hurts I can't write but anything else, I can probably get at least a page or two down if inspiration hits

Jennifer Y. said...

Your ailment must be going around...sounds like what I have right now. I hope y'all feel better.

Angel said...

Well, tonight I'm able to eat, but have a killer sinus headache that won't disappear no matter what I do. :(

Little Man won't sleep tonight. He keeps crying and getting up, which is unusual for him. At least it was a holiday weekend and we could deal with being sick without rushing around on top of it. That helps a lot.

Thanks for all the well wishes. SP, I'm hoping you don't get sick either. You didn't get really close to the kids, so I'm pretty sure you are safe. I start my revision challenge tomorrow. Here's hoping I'm up to it.


Problem Child said...

Wait, Angel and SP were doing something this weekend? Was it fun? If so, why weren't we all invited?


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