Friday, September 08, 2006

Eeyore Syndrome

I'm not sure what to blog about today. The topics this week have varied from black eyed peas to cat vomit, so my options are endless. Unfortunately, my brain is fuzzy after a rapid revision, an ongoing revision challenge and an upcoming workshop for our RWA chapter that for some reason, I volunteered to coordinate. I've been sitting on my couch watching Murder She Wrote and stuffing colored folders with handouts. Of course, I noticed my copier skipped a few pages that I'll have to run and plug in later. Yay.

My phone keeps ringing as people call to ask me questions about the workshop. I guess the press releases didn't mention how much I dislike talking on the phone. Oh well, it must be done. The ringing just puts my brain on edge every time I hear it like an air raid siren. High Alert! Under the desk I go! And it isn't as though things are going poorly with my plans. Everything is fine. All speakers confirmed, schedule distributed, handouts copied, folders purchased, caterer coordinated, setup faxed to the facility, volunteers coordinated... I guess its just my catastrophizing. Somehow everything will go wrong and it will be my fault. Or nothing will go wrong and I'll make myself crazy waiting for "it" to happen.

What is "it" exactly? Oh, let's of the speakers has a tragedy and cancels at the last second. I missed a handout in the packet. Lost a registration. Put out some sort of communication that slights someone in one fashion or another - leaving off a name, spelling it wrong, you name it. The facility either never gets or ignores my setup instructions. I'm sure there's more that I've forgotten. Probably better that way.

Sigh. I hate the impending sense of doom - I call it the Eeyore Syndrome. A dark cloud following me around when all other indications are for good weather. I can't shake it. Even my horoscope was horrible for this month. Last night or today, a close female friend(s) is supposed to betray me and I'll end our friendship. Later this week, if I live with someone, they're going to move out. But then it told me not to fret cause I'll meet someone new around the 22nd. (Don't tell DB!) UGH! Then I read another horoscope for the weekend and it said I would be re-evaluating my friendships and what I gain from them. He seemed to think it was a good thing, but that just contributes to the impending sense of doom. I don't put money or too much faith on any of this, but I like to be mentally prepared just in case. I'm trying to be really nice to all my female friends this week so they don't have cause to do whatever they're plotting. (Love ya'll!) :)

You ever have the Eeyore Syndrome? Waiting for the shoe to drop? The friend to turn? The project to fall apart? Waiting for everyone you know to wake up and realize you're a yutz? For your spouse to decide your a control freak or fat or whatever? All with no provocation whatsoever? Share your drama with me and let me know how it turned out. Hopefully it was nothing, so if it was, say so, so I'll feel better.



Problem Child said...

The workshop will fine. I say this with the full confidence as the person who put you in charge of it. Bases are covered.

And something always goes wrong...90% of the time, though, the coordinator is the only one who knows.

My horoscope this mounth was also crappy and full of doom. Yesterday was one of my two good days this month. Let 's just say yesterday sucked; I'm now very afraid of my bad days to come.

PC--off to practice that workshop thingy I'm supposed to do for 45 minutes on Sat. ::Cough, Cough::

I may be coming down with a case of the "wake me when it's overs"


Angel said...

You have my full sympathy. I'm exactly the same way, though I'm working on it.

My thing is, I may worry about it over and over before anything happens, but if it does, I just go into "fix it" mode. The waiting is the hardest part.

So just know that on Saturday you won't have time to obsess. If something goes wrong, you'll just deal with it and move on.

Than obsess about it after its over. :)


Linda Winstead Jones said...

I used to do this same thing endlessly, including having anxiety dreams where everything went wrong. Not big things, but the little details. As I've gotten older I've gotten much better, in this area, at least. :-) If something small goes wrong, it gets fixed. There's always a Wal Mart close by to purchase whatever is needed for said fix.

The people worries are more troublesome. Friends can't be replaced at Wal Mart! And horoscopes are often off the mark, thank goodness.

Tomorrow will be wonderful. :-)


Instigator said...

The workshop will be great! And you've got several people backing you up so if disaster does strike you don't have to deal with it alone.

I think we all got the same doom and gloom horoscope. So far, some of it's come true for me but not all of it. Just everyone be prepared because apparently my car's going to break down and I'm gonna need to call in some help :-)

Instigator - who really needs to practice that presentation thingy

Playground Monitor said...

I don't have it as badly now as I used to. When I was a junior in high school I took Home Economics. The night before we had to bake muffins I dreamed about making muffins all night long. I was exhausted (and sick of muffins) the next day. Odd that something so mundane would trigger such anxiety.

Take a deep breath and relax. Things are going to be fine. And as PC said, if there is a little glitch, most likely no one else will know unless you tell them.

Kathy said...

There should be a monologue for comedians on this issue. We could call it, You might be an Eyeore if...

When I was young I used to have bad dreams all night long before softball tryouts. It didn't matter that I made the team every year. I still had the same dream. I'm at softball try-outs, they tell me to catch the ball, I put up my glove and ready myself. Just when I'm at my most confident moment, balls suddenly fly at me from every direction and I don't know which one to catch. I panic, frantically trying to focus on one single ball before I'm stoned to death!!!!!

Or the usual stuff about showing up to work without your clothes on will do it.

Cheer up, SP! Remember to wear your clothes and you'll be fine.


Smarty Pants said...

Clothes...I haven't even thought about what I'm going to wear! I guess my Kathy's criteria, any clothes are good clothes, though. :)


Maven Linda Howard said...

Y'know, sometimes when you just glance at something and you do a double-take because of what you THINK you read, and it's always more interesting than what you really read? I caught a glimpse of LJ's post and thought it read "wet dreams" instead of "anxiety dreams." The imaginary version was more fun :-).

I don't have anxiety dreams. And I don't know what I'm wearing tomorrow. But I'll have on something, so I'm not worried about that. I guess I just have the general philosophy that if I can actually DO something about any situation, then I will, and if I can't, then why waste the energy? Works for me.

Angel said...

Maven Linda Howard: I caught a glimpse of LJ's post and thought it read "wet dreams" instead of "anxiety dreams." The imaginary version was more fun :-).

Oh dear! I hope none of us are having those kind of anxieties about the workshop.

Playground Monitor said...

Well heck. I hadn't even thought about what to wear. Guess I should go dig trough the closet and see what's clean.

Just as long as we're not making muffins I'll be fine. **gg**

Smarty Pants said...

No muffins, although I was going to stop and get a couple dozen Krispy Kreme for folks who come early to setup. :)


Sheryl Maness said...

Wow, this must be the worst case scenario month or something. Three other blogs I read regularly are all talking about this very thing. And here I thought I was just an obsessive control freak...guess I'm in a pretty big boat on this one- Thank Goodness!! Now I dont feel so bad(or like I need to be medicated!)

Problem Child said...


This is obsession central. You'll be in good company here!