Saturday, May 06, 2006

Rest time on the Playground

The Playfriends are tired.

Well, I know three of us are...Kira, Alex and I worked our chapter luncheon today. I love those two--hardworking and uncomplaining. I never would have made it through without them. But I had a good time at the luncheon, my mom won a nice raffle basket, and I got to meet a lot of nice people. I think we raised a goodly amount of money for charity as well.

I'm assuming Danniele is tired. With her Mom's wedding today, I imagine she's dragging too.

Marilyn is at graduation--sometimes boring, but at least not exhausting. I won't speculate on the anniversary part of the weekend. :-)

I think it's time we pull out the rest mats and lie down...

So how's your weekend?



Smarty Pants said...

I had a ton of fun, but yes, I am BEAT! I thought I'd also share with everyone a bit of Maven wisdom that has nothing to do with books, but it very important:

No price is too high for a comfortable, attractive pair of shoes.

Apparently my $10 steal from Walmart was attractive, but very much not comfortable. Suffice to say Alex spent the majority of the luncheon running about barefoot.


Maven Linda Howard said...

The Mavens believe in comfort. The Mavens also believe in the importance of good shoes. Only if your feet are comfortable, Children, can you kic a**. :-)

Problem Child said...

Now, there's some Maven Words of Wisdom to live by...

Rhonda said...

Just wanted to post a quick note and let you guys know how much I appreciate all of the hard work that went into the Luncheon. You girls ROCK and I had a wonderful time.

Rest, O Young Ones. You have earned it. :-)

Instigator said...

I was exhausted - until I watched a movie. There's nothing like a good romantic comedy to rejuvenate.

PC, you did an excellent job! And deserve a huge pat on the back and a long vacation at the beach. Perhaps you'll run into Stephanie there?


Instigator - who really needs new shoes for Atlanta. Anyone up for a playground fieldtrip to the mall?

Kathy said...

Great job heading everything up, PC! I had a blast at the luncheon.

Instigator, if you don't mind an additional play friend, I'd love to go shop.


Playground Monitor said...

Graduation was wonderful! What made it wonderful was being able to share it with so many family members. DH and I were staying at a B&B with a parlor and front porch with rocking chairs and we were able to have all our family there for a specially catered dinner that night. #1 son was there sans pregnant wife, my mom and her friend were there, my sister, her husband and son came from Georgia after picking nephew up from Georgia Tech.

You can check out the B&B here. Kay and Peggy, the innkeepers, went out of their way to accommodate us. There were fresh flowers in the room and a bottle of bubbly AND a plate of all sorts of chocolates. For the guests as a whole, they bake chocolate chip cookies every day and have a big plate of them in the parlor. The fridge is stocked with sodas and water. There's a coffee maker plus tea bags of every variety, hot chocolate mix and hot cider mix. The inn is designed for comfort and relaxation. I'd highly recommend it for a mountain getaway.

Once I get unpacked and settled in, I'll download the pix from the camera and tell you about my "UH OH" moment on the trip to North Carolina.