Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ho Hum

For a writer I have surprisingly little to say tonight. This entire week has been a bit...there. You know what I mean? Just blase. I've been surviving but not really enjoying anything. For an optimist like me these kind of weeks drive me crazy. There should be something exciting, something surprising, something to enjoy. So far it's all been the same old same old. Perhaps it's the fact that I've come home from the day job every night this week with a headache. It makes dealing with hyper children, bath time, bed time, us time, a bit daunting and uninspiring.

There is something to look forward to though. This Saturday is the Reader's Luncheon for the Heart of Dixie chapter of RWA. Most of the playfriends will be there (the ones that won't have an excused absence from PC, the event coordinator). And while I thoroughly enjoy this weekend every year (who wouldn't like to sit and talk to their favorite authors?) what I'm really looking forward to is the opportunity to host my own author table. Maybe next year. Or the year after that - although I hope it's next :-). I'll get there. In the meantime I'm going to use the anticipation to pull me out of this funk I've sunk into.

What helps get you through the blue patches in your life?

Instigator - who's hoping everyone else is having a more upbeat week than she is.


Playground Monitor said...

I get through the blue patches with lots of chocolate, long walks, good books, emails and phone calls to friends and the knowledge that the sun eventually will come out from behind that dark cloud and shine again.

Can I sit at your table when you host it?

I'm going to miss being at the lunch. I'm sure it will be far more exciting than a two-hour graduation ceremony (except the part where they hand my son his diploma of course). There's always next year.

Smarty Pants said...

I get like this sometimes. I'll just get sad for absolutely no reason. Sometimes a dream or a book or movie will linger with me and I'll just feel awful when everything is really fine. I look at it as an opportunity to indulge the emotional side of me. I do fairly well at suppressing all that, so when it does bubble up, often for no reason, I just go with it.

Wow...I never thought about hosting a table at the luncheon. What a thought!


Kathy said...

Instigator, your horns are boring into your head! Pull them out to relieve some of the pressure. LOL!

Breathe. Feel each breath. Let life energize you, refresh you, fill you with certainty that the stars in the cosmos, Jupiter aligning with Mars (I feel a song coming on), are preparing to shine down upon your glorious persona. Don't doubt yourself! You've come far, learned much, won contests, all stepping stones that lead to the coveted seat at said table.

In Camelot, the coveted seat is earned with bravery, loyalty and skill. Your mission, (and you've already proven you chose to accept it) may be long and frustrating but in the end like Tom Cruise's character, Ethan Hunt, you'll get your man...umm, what? You already got him? Oh, I mean, your chance to sit proudly and host said table.

Your youth and vigor always inspire, Instigator! You know what you want, take risks, and are willing to work hard. Weeks like these come and go but the work, your work, is concrete and will last beyond the dull drums. Chin up! We've got work to do this weekend. Laugh, be merry for all. Our day will come!

Someone else desirous of hosting said table.

Smarty Pants said...

Kathy, you can tell you have a background in poetry. You never just post, you...I don't know what, but its quite poetic. :)


Carla Swafford said...

I write the black moment scenes fo my current WIP when I'm in a funk. It might change later or be scrapped entirely, but why waste the mood. Put it to use. Or if that doesn't work, I read or watch a favorite movie. Anything to get my mind on to more interesting things.