Wednesday, May 17, 2006

News Flash!

I was still reveling in the excitement of seeing my name in the magazine yesterday when I received an email from the editor this afternoon. The subject was URGENT, NEED REWRITE. I opened the email to learn that she wanted me to revise a short romance story I'd mailed to her late last month. I needed to change it from a male POV to a female POV.

And the good news is that she needs those revisions TOMORROW!

They tell us to be careful what we wish for. I've just been introduced to the exciting world of publishing and eleventh hour revisions.

After I quit saying "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" I printed off the formatted copy she'd attached and tackled the piece line by line. Then I did a little research on a few things and re-read it line by line. I think I'm ready to type in the revisions, sleep on it and email it back to her tomorrow morning.

I am now 4 for 8 with my submissions to Dorchester Media. That's not too shabby, especially since I haven't received the other 4 back in the SASE with a big R stamped on them. Oops! I better not jinx myself.

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