Friday, May 26, 2006

Long Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us. Thank goodness - I could use the day off. DB went down to his parent's house and I'll be following him later today. His brother and family are in town so we're going to spend as much time with them as we can. If I'm lucky, I can wrangle a trip to his cousin's house with the inground pool. There will probably be no grilling out in my world, however. For my birthday, DB got stuck grilling for 20 and informed me that in the future we either: A) will have no more than 6 people over at once, B) will buy a bigger grill with either gas or expensive charcoal that will stay lit, or C) I can cook it myself. :) He did spend the most part of 2 hours grilling and talked to virtually no one, so I'm inclined to agree. We'll probably pick up pizza instead of the traditional summer spread.

Even without the grill, Memorial Day is the unofficial herald of summer. Temperatures are creeping to the 90s, mosquitos and lightning bugs are on the prowl, and both my co-workers and Playfriends have started penciling in their vacations. Looking at my calendar filled with personal and business trips, the next few months will probably pass as a blur. Atlanta will come and go and the next thing I know, I will be unwrapping my Christmas Dictionary from PC. It always went that way when I was a kid, but probably just because I was dreading going back to school. Not an issue anymore, fortunately.

I'm glad time will go by fast because I'm waiting to hear back on my partial. I am able, at some points of the day, to forget that it is "out there." I don't pray on the way to the mailbox each evening. Occasionally it will strike me that I haven't heard anything yet, but then I forget again as some other crisis arises. Some people say this is crazy talk. How could I forget?? I'm actually glad I don't agonize over every day spent waiting to hear back. If I keep busy, work on my craft, enjoy some great trips, etc., the time will pass as it should and hopefully will bring good news to my doorstep. The longer it takes, also, the longer I can live in my own delusional fairyland thinking the editor will think its fabulous and snatch it right up. Hard to think that way with a quickly returned form "R" in your hand.

Instigator mentioned a weekend filled with hot air balloons. To be honest, I've lived in the area long enough to have missed 6 of these events, each year swearing that I'm going this time. I said it this year, even going so far as mentioned I might be able to help their crew out. But again, plot foiled and off to Gadsden I go. With three whole days off...what does everyone have planned? Anything exciting?

PS - In light of this holiday to recognize those that have served our country, here's a little patriotic eye candy to kick off the weekend...just love men in (and out) of uniform. :)


Playground Monitor said...

Going to spend the weekend at the campground with plenty of books in my duffel bag. #2 son is coming home on Sunday night and we'll drive back home on Monday. So we'll have him home for a few days. We'll probably just be lazy (and do a little grilling *g* ). I'd really like to catch up on some reading before I have to hit the keyboard running again the first of June.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Problem Child said...

Well, I wanted to get you the dictionary for your birthday, but I was voted down by the other Playfriends.

Angel said...

My kids and I are going to join Instigator for the balloon glow Saturday night.
That's about the only fun I'll be having this weekend. Mostly just housekeeping, preparing contest entries, working, and such.

Sigh... When your husband runs a BBQ restaurant, holidays become just another working day.

Instigator said...

Thanks for the eye candy! :-) Gotta love a man in (or out) of uniform.