Thursday, April 21, 2011

Whistling a Different Tune

I've been cranking out the pages over the last several days. 58 pages in 2 days. Don't get too impressed though, I followed those with a 6 page day. Any other time I would have thought that perfectly acceptable, but not after setting a new personal record.

Anyway, part of my marathon writing sessions included updating my iTunes account. My process is funky. Some books I write in the bathtub, some I write at the office and some I pile up in the bed with my headphones and rock music blaring in my ears. Apparently, this book requires music. And I discovered that I was woefully behind on said music selection. I honestly think the last time I hit the buy button was almost a year ago.

So, I'm basically wondering if I've missed out on some really great music since then. I have some personal favorites - Anna Nalick, Theory of a Deadman, Sugarland, Nickleback, Carrie Underwood, Josh Groban, Muse, Evanescence. Yeah, so my taste in music is a little eclectic. I also admit to having Justin Beiber, Hannah Montana and Selena Gomez on my iTunes, but I promise those songs are only there for my girls. Really. I swear.

Do you have a favorite artist? Favorite song? Anyone I should add to my favorites list? If you write to music do you find that you use specific songs to inspire certain emotions? I've got great sensual, angry, loving and sad songs that I go to every time I need some background atmosphere to help me get into the mood of the scene. Or does music while you're trying to write drive you insane?


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Smarty Pants said...

Yay, today my firewall doesn't think this is an adult content site. *geez*

I think every book of mine has a soundtrack. The latest was 80s music. Seemed to fix with her funky fashion sense.

Playground Monitor said...

I can't write to anything with lyrics or I'll find myself singing along instead of writing. I got a set of CDs that includes one for creativity and I listen to that, especially if I'm writing in a coffee shop and need to block out their music.

The first book I wrote DID have a song that I associated with the characters -- So Close from the movie Enchanted. Now I can't listen to the song without crying. :-(

robertsonreads said...

I enjoy listening to music as I work, not writing of course. And I generally like a mix of 70's and today's country music. I heard a song this morning by Easton Corbin - I can't love you back. If he were only a little older....

Instigator said...

Ooh, I'm going to have to add that one to my list, Roberstonreads. It sounds perfect for inspiration.