Friday, April 01, 2011

A Change of Pace

So, I've realized recently that I've been seriously writing romance for eight years. Eight years. And piddling around a couple years before that. And I still haven't managed to sell a book. I get close. Marvelously, nail-biting close, where everyone tells you this is *it* but I can never seal the deal. I'm aware I don't suck and that it probably has more to do with a difficult and narrowing market. Doesn't make it hurt any less. I have to tell you it's starting to wear on me. Book after book going nowhere, story after story getting shoved under the proverbial bed. It makes me wonder if I'm cut out for this business. To quote Circle of Friends, "I know I may look a bit like a rhinocerous on the outside, but I've got quite a thin skin, really."

If I'd wanted to be abused and feel like a failure most days, I could've set my heart on being a dancer, model or an actress/waiter in L.A. I could've decided to major in calculus and never made it out of college. I could've gone into politics like I'd originally planned and been thrashed daily. But oh no, I decided to be a writer where even if you're successful every internet English major can critique and rip apart your book claiming they know more about it than you do. Where every fanfic writer can steal your characters and force them to do things they'd never do and you know full well they wouldn't because you created them.

Based on feedback I get from editors, I'm thinking maybe romance isn't my genre. They love my characters, love my writing, but there's usually an issue with the relationship part. I nearly vomit everytime I get an envelope with the Harlequin logo on it in the mail. I know what you're thinking - "but you're in RWA. Can't do it without the R." Well, yeah, technically, but I'm going to write in a new genre and wrap it in the essence of romance. Romantic elements.

I've done some market research and I've decided to write something completely different. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, the hero and heorine must stop the evil madman from abducting and disassembling important political figures. Disassembling? Oh yes. Cause its a futuristic robot thriller. Will the hero-bot and heroine-bot find happiness while the ever-present threat of rust threatens to tear their futuristic robot society apart? Whatcha think? I think robot thrillers are the next big thing. And the title is the best part. I'm going to call it...







glitter graphics

Just kidding. I haven't given up quite yet. I generally suck at pranks, this one is no exception, but I couldn't pass up blogging on April 1st. What's the worst or best April Fools Day prank you've ever played or had played on you?


PS. Runner10 is Lynn Raye Harris’ winner from Wednesday! Email Lynn at to claim your book.


Playground Monitor said...

Yours was a pretty good one from my perspective. I think you COULD write that futuristic robot thriller wrapped in the essence of romance.

Angel said...

I'm so horrible at pranks. And I rarely get them until the last minute (thus my frantic -- OMG, I need to call her! moment). :)


PM's Mother said...

If I were clever I could work the word verification (trecisme) into something futuristic (sp ?) like your proposed fiction --
trek is me.

Instigator said...

I picked up my dry cleaning on my way into the office this morning. It's one of those places where they come out to your car and hand deliver your stuff. The lady who took my claim ticket turned away, looked back and then asked me if I knew my front tire was going flat. I panicked. These are new tires! Zilla just told me today he needs new tires. I'm getting ready to go out of town and didn't have time to sit at the dealership waiting for it to be fixed. And then she said April Fools! I cringed. And then I laughed. Gotta love April Fools.


Problem Child said...

I don't like April Fools. I'm not a fan of pranks or practical jokes. (Blame WonderMom for that. She doesn't like them either, and woe betide the child who forgot that.)

Smarty Pants said...

I always hated April Fools day. It just seems too mean spirited. Either you're getting someone's hopes up or scaring the crap out of them. I'm also not big on surprises, either. I like to know what's going on. Especially when I need to know what kind of reaction to have in advance.

My great-grandpa used to mess with me. We lived in Tucson and I was a heavy sleeper, it took me a while to wake up. One year he came in yelling "Andi, Andi, it's snowing." Boy, I leapt out of that bed, down the hall, to the window. Nothing. I lived in the desert and it was 75 degrees out. All I could say was "That wasn't very nice, Papa." I pouted and went back to bed.

robertsonreads said...

Good one SP! You had me going.

This morning coming on campus some of the kids (college) had pink flamingos all over the place, in trees, and in front of my building in the funny!

This is not an April fools joke, but a few months ago I bought and itty bitty thong. My bil is very protective of my niece (14) & at the dinner table 1 night when he was at the table, I pulled it out and said her Granny wanted to know why she had left her underwear at her house. Oh Lord, between her dad & her is was LOL for everyone. Her mom & granny were in on the prank, and my 6 year old nephew was all over the place with them.

Have a great weekend everyone.