Monday, April 18, 2011

Hanging Out or Going Places?

Spring Break was alive and well around here last week, and I had my first taste of juggling the kiddios and the new job. It wasn’t too bad, since the hubby goes in to work 2 hours later than I do and I get off work mid-afternoon – on the days both of us worked our “helpers” didn’t have to keep them for a horribly long time.

I did feel kind of bad about them not getting to do much “special stuff” during that week. Though we never go on vacation during spring break, I usually try to do a few fun things with them. This week I didn’t manage to do anything until Friday, when I took them to the movies, and they got to spend the night with cousins over the weekend. Not our usually modus operandi, but I did the best I could.

What about y’all? Did you have Spring Break plans? Do you usually vacation or do your kids want to do something special?



Maven Linda said...

Just not having to go to school is special enough. At least, it was for me -- and I loved school. But I also loved the breaks from it.

Playground Monitor said...

When I was little we used to play school. My sister and I had a playhouse in the backyard and we had a chalkboard on one wall. We'd get other kids to sit around the little table we had in it and somebody would play the teacher and the rest were the students.

I never know when spring break is anymore until I see kids everywhere in the stores during the day or like last night when I was driving home from Birmingham and the interstate was full of people going home from their week at the beach.

Cheryl said...

When my son was little, we usually tried to take trips. Now that he is grown and out of the house, my hubby and I avoid going any where for during spring break.

Anonymous said...

The only Spring Break I remember was when I was eleven - it was very stressful!

You see, my little brother had fallen in January, when he 18 months old, and broken the bone in his thigh. This type of break required 6 weeks in traction in the hospital and 6 weeks at home in a body cast. The body cast was cut off, you guessed it, the first day of Spring Break.

The stressful part of this Spring Break was that my mother put me in charge of watching him and not letting him fall and rebreak his leg. You cannot imagine how much energy a 20 month old child has after 12 weeks of not being able to run and play, and climb trees. I swear I only turned my back for a second and turned back around to find him half way up a tree - I got him down safely.

However, I'm sure this is one of the many reasons I have grey hair that has to be colored once a month.


robertsonreads said...

Generally I don't do much for spring break, as I don't have the funds. I stay at home, which I enjoy, doing chores around the home.

PM's Mother said...

A pox on spring breaks! There is a spring break somewhere in the state of Georgia during the entire month of march--and 80% of the population comes to St. Simons Island. During March it is virtually impossible to find a parking space in the village or at the beach and one has to stand in lines at local restaurants. I've found it best just to stay at home during this time. The one good thing is all of the money spent by these vacationers helps our economy. Visit St. Simons Island, Georgia -- and spend money!

Word verif: ouchrop as in Ouch! Rope in all the vacationers on the beach.

Angel said...

Yes, Maven Linda, I believe that is how it was for us growing up. Just not having to go to school was enough for us. Of course, then my mother homeschooled us and we didn't have spring break then. :)


Angel said...

Oh, my, JJ! That sounds positively painful -- for you and for him! Taking care of little ones is hard enough, but when they've been confined for any length of time, they are doubly hard to keep up with. That would have scarred me for life. :)


Angel said...

Robertsonreads, that's the reason we don't go anywhere either -- no funds for it. We go for a few days every couple of years during fall break to somewhere nearby, but I have a feeling we're about to lose our fall break around here. They've been reevaluating our next year's school schedule.


Angel said...

PM's Mother -- My mother has always wanted to visit St. Simon's Island, and I hope some day to get to bring her there. But I think I'll steer clear in March. :)

You'll have to tell me all the good places to see when the time comes!


Smarty Pants said...

When I was a kid, spring break meant very little. I was off, but my mom still had to work, as did my friend's moms, so we just hung out around the neighborhood all week.