Sunday, April 10, 2011

Snowed Under in April!

Ack! Its that time of the year again.

What time, you may ask. Why, basket making time!


Each year I’m in charge of 40-50 raffle baskets created for our annual HOD Romance Readers Luncheon, usually held in May, though this year it is the last day of April. Now, you may wonder how hard it is to assemble baskets of this sort. Well, the actual assembly isn’t that hard, because a few chaptermates and I team up and do it all in one day. But before that can happen…

I have to collect all donated books and goodies, find containers (we use tote bags, beautiful baskets, specialty boxes—like hat boxes, etc), and THEN separate all these beautiful items into “themes” for each basket. This means seeing everything I have and deciding what goes with what. I’ve been working on it this weekend, so I can see what I have and what I still need.

My living room looks like a tornado went through it! Literally. At 6pm on Sunday evening there wasn’t even a goat path through. I just told them to stay away for fear they would become lost in the clutter.

But I have to admit, bringing order and beauty to the chaos is very satisfying, which is one reason why I continue to do this job. It just thrills my little organizing heart.

What about you? Do you have the organizing gene or no?



Cheryl said...

I try and try to be organized. It just seems too monumental for me. I do like the orderliness when I finally break down and just do it.

Great job on the baskets by the way!

Beverly Barton said...

Does having my clothes lined up in the closet by color and style mean I'm organized? Does separating forks, spoons & knives and placing them in different compartments in the dishwasher mean I'm organized? Does making lists,filling out two calendars, having sticky notes everywhere mean I'm organized?

Angel said...

Hmmm... Maven Beverly I have the same issue. I make calendars separate utensils, organize my books (although my closet it by no means organized), yet there are areas I'm still disorganized in.

I wonder what that's called? Half-organized?

I'm the type of person that can handle disorganization, up to a point, then I MUST ORGANIZE RIGHT NOW. So I consider myself a semi-organized person. :)


Smarty Pants said...

Organization is my life, Sir. I like everything to have a home and I hate clutter. My design asthetic, while not modern, is sleek and unbusy. I don't like knick knacks (dusting, bleh). But I have a labelmaker and ten million rubbermaid totes to sort, divide, and conquer.

And yet, I always have a messy desk. But give me a closet and I'll go bezerk.

I suppose I date DB out of a desire to organize him. Either that or I'm a masochist. Yeah, I'm a masochist.

Playground Monitor said...

I think I have the Joan Crawford gene. All my clothes are on those white plastic hangers. "No wire hangers!" LOL But I'm fairly organized in other areas too. I have lots of lists and sticky notes and keep a day calendar that contains my life.

Maybe we need an organization for organizers -- Organizers Anonymous.

PM's Mother said...

Why be organized? Neat people don't make the exciting discoveries that I do!

Back when a woman hung her laundry to dry on a wire in the back yard I was so compulsive that I hung all of the sheets together, all of the towels together, wash cloths together, etc. Yes, even all the undies together. How is that for organization!


Gosh! Good luck. I should send you a photo of my disorganized office.

Angel said...

Funny thing, PM's mother, I used to do that as a teenager and we hung laundry on the line! I also want the dishwasher loaded just so.

I used to be a piler. I would pile stuff up until I got tired of it, then I'd organize everything and put it away. But now I'm married to a piler and have 2 kids. If we all piled stuff everywhere, we wouldn't be able to sleep. Somebody has to be the organized one. :)

I've spent another several hours today working on these baskets. We can now walk and sit in the living room, and I have my final shopping list ready to go. Ah, organization at its finest!


robertsonreads said...

Oh, yes but not to the extent that I was anal with it. I have to have papers in order on my desk before I start working with them. But at home I do have a "junk" drawer and believe you me it is not organized.

Kimberly said...

Holy cow ... I have a MAJOR case of OCD and I think your annual basket making would be right up my alley!!

Angel said...

I must admit, Kimberly, that it does my heart good to get it all sorted and stashed. :)


Problem Child said...

Angel's baskets are divine. And she does a divine job with them.

Just remember, there's a fine line between organized and OCD...