Monday, October 06, 2008

Relax, Don't Write

My family and I are on vacation this week. We decided to go for Fall Break this year, since we haven’t had a real family vacation since Drama Queen was 6 months old. So yesterday we drove off into the sunset… actually, into the mountains. Neither my hubby nor I are beach people, but we like seclusion and nearby shopping/restaurants. The mountains it is.

I decided to do something radical during this time. I rarely go anywhere, even overnight, without the accoutrements for writing. Just in case the bug strikes me. But this time I left my AlphaSmart at home. Even though part of me insists I could get lots of writing done, I’m cutting myself off. I’ve worked hard getting a whole book written recently, a couple of short stories, and have moved on to rewrites. I’ve got another book I’m plotting for NaNoWriMo. But I think my brain needs a vacation, just like the rest of me.

Though I may panic once I’m there, I’m going on this vacation with nothing more in the way of office supplies than a pen and journal, just in case plot points come to me that I need to write down. Otherwise, it will be just me, 2 children, the husband, and a slower pace. Let’s just hope I’m not begging one of the Playfriends to ship the alphie to me within 24 hours.

Since I’m gone today, why don’t readers and Playfriends share their favorite vacation memories? Mine is my honeymoon, but I’ll keep the details to myself. ;)


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Jane said...

Have fun Angel. We haven't traveled as a whole family for over 20 years. I was in elementary school the last time we traveled somewhere together. We went to Germany and the Netherlands to visit some relatives. It was our first time in Europe and it remains one of my favorite vacations. I got to meet some cousins for the first time and I got to sample German food.

Jen said...

Angel, sometimes you've got to give your brain a break. My favorite vacation is still flying out to Alaska and taking a month to drive back home through Alaska and the Yukon in an RV with my college roommate and her family.

PM's Mother said...

I have just returned home from an 8-day river barge cruise down the Mississippi River from St. Louis to the Ohio River and up the Ohio River to Cincinnati. All I had to do was eat, sleep and watch the river bank go by. Sound dull? Well, it wasn't. There were interesting people on board and with comfy chairs in the Purser's Lounge I could read without feeling guilty about not doing things around the house. Also, there was an endless supply of coffee, tea and sodas if I wanted them. Of course the flights from Cincinnati to Brunswick wore me out and now I need another vacation.

Smarty Pants said...

Hmmm...favorite vacation? I'm ashamed to admit its hard to choose because I take quite a few. Scotland with the Playfriends was awesome. Germany with a co-worker was great. Alaska with my college roommate was cool. NYC at Christmas was wonderful, if cold. I just can't choose. I love to travel, so its hard for a trip to be bad...just an adventure.

Instigator said...

The two that top my list are Disney with my family and Scotland with the playfriends.

Enjoy your rest, Angel! You deserve it :-)


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Venice with my hubby and parents. We spent a week in an apartment and lived like locals. It was awesome to walk around at night, when the tourist crowds emptied out, and see just how ghostly beautiful Venice is. In the mornings, we could hear the Italians all around us calling out to their neighbors in greeting.

It was a great time, and my favorite vacation ever. :)

Have fun in the mountains, Danniele! I'm looking forward to our chapter retreat soon!! Yeah, sometimes you have to empty your mind of writing tasks and just enjoy. It can do wonders for your creativity when you get back to work. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope your family and you enjoy yourselves immensely. Last enjoyable vacation was one that I spent with my son 14 years agos. We visited my brother in northern Georgia - close to Jonesboro and it was beautiful.

Playground Monitor said...

Have fun and relax. Your brain needs the rest. You'll probably get back home and be bursting with great ideas for your next book.

I've traveled a lot too -- made my first trip from North Carolina to Wyoming when I was a toddler (or maybe earlier). The DH and I also lived in Europe for 4 years. We've taken quite a few vacations with our boys too, including a two-week trip to Wyoming and back with the four of us and my in-laws. The DH, #2 son and I went to Alaska in 2000 and rented an RV. The guys went salmon fishing and it was awesome to watch them each reel in a 40-pound salmon (and also awesome to eat it later). And then there are the "girls' trips" my sister and I take.

I'm of the opinion that it's not so much the destination as the company you're with and the spirit of adventure you share.


Liza said...

My favorite vacations have been to visit friends in Chicago and going to Disney World with my sister and her family. I've been with my nieces twice and plan on going back when we take youngest again(she was 2 the first time she went on our second trip).

Jolie said...

OMG, you left home without Alphie? Eeek. You're a brave woman. :) I did that this summer while camping. I brought it along on previous trips, but never had the urge to write, so I figured I'd save some space and just leave it at home the last time. Wouldn't you know--of course--I had a brainstorm and had to handwrite everything. :(