Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guest Blogger Linda Wisdom

Since October is upon us, today we welcome guest blogger Linda Wisdom, author of Hex Appeal and several other titles in her Hex series. Linda is one of the Witchy Chicks and wants to talk today about her latest release and the little witch that lives in us all. Let's give her a warm Playground welcome!

There’s A Little Witch In All Of Us

Dianne Wiest said that in Practical Magic and I think we’d all agree that’s true.

So many times I’m asked how I came to write my Hex series and I don’t think it was so much my choosing to write it as they choosing me. Once Jazz popped in to tell me her story, her fellow witches were soon chiming in with their own stories and let’s not forget the creatures that come with them, either as footwear, accessories or even just good buddies.

I liked the idea of a cute snarky 700 year young witch wearing bunny slippers that had a habit of eating whatever was around and getting into trouble at the drop of a hat. Saying Jazz is a cauldron all her own is an understatement.

In 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover I introduced Jazz Tremaine, witch with curse elimination as her gift. Add in the 50 something ghost haunting her beloved classic T-Bird convertible, toothy bunny slippers and a hot vampire, and you’ve got the beginning of the story. Or maybe more the middle of the story since Jazz and Nick have been on and off lovers for 300 years and Irma’s been in her car for the past fifty years. Then there’s an olive green skinned creature of a boss and evil from Jazz’s past to mix in there. I never believe in making things easy for my characters. Although at the end of the book Jazz and Nick are making plans to go on an actual date.

It’s three months later when Hex Appeal begins and Jazz is pretty happy. Except bad nightmares start up that include Nick tearing out her throat and Nick’s rest is even marred with visions of Jazz living a ideal life in the bright of day that he can’t share with her.

And now Fluff and Puff her magick bunny slippers are in trouble with the Weres after being accused of eating a Wereweasel, which Jazz knows isn’t possible, but if she can’t find out the truth, her beloved footwear with teeth will be destroyed by the Ruling Council that oversees all of the preternatural community.

Dweezil wants Jazz to deal with his rival and just what kind of secret is Krebs keeping from her and why does he think she won’t be happy once she finds out?

No wonder Jazz is feeling as if her life is off balance and doesn’t have a clue what to do. Not that it hasn’t bothered her before. Jazz is used to flying without a broom and that’s what she’ll do this time and succeed without breaking a nail even if she also suffers through a forty-eight hour of hell that no witch should have!

So what about you? Do you believe there’s a little witch in all of us? One copy of Hex Appeal will be given out to a lucky commenter!



Playground Monitor said...

Is there a little bit of witch in me? I'm sure my husband would say there is. ::grin::

Thanks for joining us on the Playground today. I guess we probably ought to put out the jack-o-lanterns and decorate for the season, huh?


Problem Child said...

Bunny slippers with teeth? That eat things? Oh, that is fabu.

Welcome to the Playground, Linda!

If I say there's a lot of witch in me can I have those cool bunny slippers?

Smarty Pants said...

Welcome, Linda. Is there a little witch in me? Oh yes. Quite a bit, actually. :) Now, where does one buy possessed bunny slippers? I'm thinking JC Penney's is out...

CrystalGB said...

Hi Linda. Yes, I do think there is a little bit of witch in all of us. If you ask my husband, he would say alot. LOL.

Playground Monitor said...

Did you check Scares and Roebuck?

Linda Wisdom said...

Thasnk you for having me PM!

My husband says the same. I'm like Jazz, don't always play well with others, run with scissors, color outside the lines. More fun that way.


Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Problem Child!

I can tell you where to find the bunny slippers I have. I have two pair and there's times I'm positive they plot against me. :}


Linda Wisdom said...

LOL Smarty Pants!

No, you wouldn't find them there. Jazz got hers from a wizard who'd created them. Fluff and Puff detail a lot of their adventures on their MySpace -- www.myspace.com/magickbunnyslippers

After you read their adventures you might decide they're not a good idea!


Linda Wisdom said...

Hi CrystalGB

I think it's a good idea we do. And some days, such as when someone with a full cart is in the express line at the grocery store, I'd love to just zap 'em!


Linda Wisdom said...

I love the idea of Scares and Roebuck!

My diva novelist witch, Thea, ships by WitchEx and has WitchMobile for her cell phone serivce.


Sherry Werth said...

Hi Linda and welcome.
Yes, there is a little bit of witch in me too. And my hubby mentioned that fact this weekend as I was sweeping the kitchen with my new broom. He casually walked by and said, "I see you got a new broom. I bet it's a lot faster than your old one". :O

Linda Wisdom said...

Oooh Sherry!

And he's still alive? :}

Jazz makes a snarky remark about a Dust Buster in Hex Appeal.


Kathy said...

Welcome to the playground, Linda! Which witch is which? ;)

LOL, Sherry! You crack me up!

Where do you get your ideas, Linda? (I love the way you take everyday things and give them catchy phrases.)

Can you tell us about your road to publication?

And, are you a panster or a plotter?

Rebekah E. said...

Thanks for coming today Linda. Your books sound great. I think there is a little bit of witch in me. My husband tells me there is everytime I wake up in the morning. Not a morning person at all.

Virginia said...

Yes I think there is a little witch in all of us. Just asked my hubby he can tell you what a witch I can be at times.

Crystal Lee said...

Welcome Linda! Is there a little witch in me? Most definitely, but to say more would be telling, wouldn't it? Have a stellar day on the Playground!

ArkieRN said...

Wereweasle. Hah! I love it. And the bunny slippers are priceless too.

Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Kathy!

I've got to say a totally fun place and perfect for Jazz and the slippers since they follow few rules. :}

The funny thing is I swear my ideas come from the witches. My friends will tell you I've always had a twisted mind and now Jazz says and does what I'd love to say and do. I love the idea of a world where witches and vampires and weres are pretty much commonplace and ghosts can be a cranky sidekick. And your rubber duckys just love to play in your tub unless they have a spa of their own.

My third book, Wicked By Any Other Name, features Stasi, Jazz's friend and while she's always been the sweet one, in this book she turns into no more Ms. Nice Witch with good reason and Cupid plays a trick on her.

This is what I really love.

I've been published for 29 years, mainly in category and nwo I'm writing what I should be writing.

And I'm a definite pantser writer.


Linda Wisdom said...

I'm not a morning person either, Rebekah E. It's a fact you don't talk to me until I've had enough coffee in me to turn me human. Probably where Jazz gets her coffee addiction.


Linda Wisdom said...


Remind him to always stay on your side then. :}


Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Crystal lee!


Linda Wisdom said...


Yeah, the slippers just hate were weasels. Not tasty at all.

And you can't give them anything with coconut either. It's like pot for them. Not a pretty picture.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Linda,
Yes I believe there is. Some days I feel more witchy than others. And love to bunny slippers.

Martha said...

Hi Linda!
I'd have to say yes - its seems there might be just a tinsy bit of witch in me. I really try to curb that!! Love the humor in your ideas... makes me want to learn more about those slippers and JAZZ and friends of course!

catslady said...

Is that spelled with a "w" or a "b" lol. Besides, I think there are good witches too!

Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Anon,

The slippers always love their share of attention.


Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Martha!

I hope you'll give them a try. I have to admit they're fun to hang out with.


Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Catslady!

Actually Jazz hates the B word and woe be to anyone who dares call her that. Dweezil, her creature of a boss, learned that the hard way.


AshNay said...

Oh, There is definitely a little bit of witch in me! LOL! =D
Great blog Aunt Lin!

Although personally, I enjoy giving F&P coconut. I find it entertaining. LOL, But maybe that's just because I can always send them home to you and Jazz if things get out of control... I don't It's fun though. LOL! =D

Love ya!
*Ash Nay*

Linda Wisdom said...

Hey my adorable Devoted Niece!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You CLAIM you'll keep them after giving them coconut, but not always.

Aunt Lin

Michele L. said...

Hi there Linda and welcome!

Oh gee! There is a little witch in me! -giggle-
Now where did I leave my hat? Is it under my black cat?
No, not there.
Maybe it's under the chair.
Looked there too.
It could be in the loo.
Oh great! I'm late!
I will just put on my cape,
and make haste,
in wishing you all a
fantastic Halloween day!

What food do witches eat at the beach?

I just wanted to share these with you as told to me by my neighbor kids.

Michele L.

Caffey said...

Hi Linda and all!
Love your post! Hehe, indeed there is a little bit of witch in me!

I'm excited about HEX APPEAL. This is going to be great reading and such a perfect time for it to come out! (I'm not a Halloween person, that is, in dressing up or anything. I just love the excuse to read everything paranormal that month! LOL). There's the bit of witch in me :D


Linda Wisdom said...

LOL Michele!

The kids I know just bring me a broom.


Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Cathie!

There's times we all need a little witchy reading.