Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have a cover!!

In case you missed the addition to the sidebar, I now have a cover!!

Isn't it pretty?

Honestly, it wouldn't matter what it looked like. It's my first cover and that's my name on it so it's the bestest cover ever.

I will love it always.

So let's talk covers today. Does a cool cover make you pick up the book? Have you ever not bought a book because of the cover? Do "clinch" covers make you embarrassed to read the book in public? Does it bother you if the people on the cover don't look like the characters you imagined? Do you think my cover is pretty? (If the answer to the last question is no, feel free to keep that to yourself, 'kay?)


**The Secret Mistress Arrangement will be a Modern Heat (UK) Jan 09 release. We'll go through this again when I get my US cover (for April 09).

P.S. Finally, my Facebook page is active. Please come friend me! Or tell me how to find you and I'll come friend you!

(I'm still working on the MySpace one...)


Jane said...

Congrats on the lovely cover. A cool cover does influence me to pick up the book, but it's the blurb that makes me decide whether to buy the book or not. It does bother me a little when the characters don't match the cover like different hair color.

Jen said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cover -- and partly because that's your name on it, but it is lovely! Unfortunately, a really hideous cover has stopped me from buying a book (has to be totally hideous, however) and much like Jane, it's the blurb that sells me or not.

PJ said...

What a lovely cover! It's going to look so pretty on the shelf.

A great cover will draw me to a book and cause me to pick it up but it's the back cover that untimately influences me to buy the book. However, without that cool cover I may have walked right by the book and not picked it up.

Good luck with your book!

Rhonda Nelson said...

It's a gorgeous cover! And the best part is that it's got your name on it. :-)

Liza said...

Congrats on the awesome cover! I love it. I will pick up a book for a cool cover, but I have to like the blurb on the back to buy the book.

I'll look for you on facebook.

Sherry Werth said...

I love the cover! You are framing it, right? Like the others, the cover catches my eye but the blurb makes the decision to buy or pass. And if the book's really good, sometimes I forget to notice the cover doesn't match the H/H. :D

I read waiting for Dr. appointments and if it's really a hot one I'll lay it flat in my lap. Wouldn't want to give someone's grandpa a heart attack in the waiting room!

Anonymous said...

I love the cover and the blub is the reason that I would pick up the book. And yes it does bother me when the cover doesn't match up to the inside info. Congratulations! I can't wait to pick it up. And I don't care if someone sees me reading a romance book, it's not their money that purchased it! And at this point in my life, I'm too grown.

Instigator said...

I love your cover! Congratulations :-) Enjoy every last second of all these firsts.

I will pick up a book based on the cover but the blurb is the deciding factor on my decision whether to buy. However, I really don't care if the cover matches the book because once I crack the spine the writing either pulls me in or it doesn't and I never notice the cover again.


Angel said...

Squeee!!! We're so proud of this cover! And it is beautiful (I'm not just saying that because it's your baby.)


Playground Monitor said...


A cover won't keep me from buying a book, but neither is it the reason I buy a book. Like others I generally rely on the blurb unless it's by an author I'm familiar with and whose backlist I've already read. Only once has a hot cover and good back blurb not been backed by a good story, so I can't abandon my selection process.

Yeah, it bothers me a little when the characters don't match the cover, but I realize that's out of the author's control and move on.

I hope you are framing that cover for your office wall, and that it will be joined by many, many others.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Oh I love that! I didn't realize when you showed me the print out that there was a city skyline in the blue part above and below. That's COOL!

A hideous cover will stop me unless the blurb is really awesome. I'm thinking of one book in particular that has a nekkid man on the cover and the title is in yellow and he looks like he's smirking because he farted or something. It's horrible.

But I really don't care if the people on the cover don't match the characters inside. Doesn't really bother me much.

Yes, your cover is pretty. :) My editor says she has asked for a pool scene cover. No telling what we'll get though....

Kathy said...

SQUEEEE!!! So much love! (Fans face. World peace.)

Great cover, PC! Your name look so pretty. ;) I love the city skyline above and below too.

I'm drawn to book covers, then I read the blurbs. As I'm reading, if I think something's weird about description of characters, I'll flip back to the cover and ponder. But as Instigator said, if the writing is good, I'm not going to put it down.

Can't wait to read your baby!!!

Jean said...

Great cover!

A cover will make me pick up a book, but not buy it. It bothers me a little when the cover doesn't match the description but not nearly as much as all those poor dukes and viscounts who don't own shirts.

PC's CP said...

Oh my! Gorgeous hot, hot cover! And the best part is your name at the top!!! I love that most of all:-)
Covers catch my eye, but the blurb sells the book to me. I like for the covers to look like the characters, but it's not a major deal for me because I always have my own vision of them anyway.