Friday, June 01, 2012

Plotter's Paradise

A couple weeks ago, I turned in my January 2013 book and now, I'm waiting for my revisions and line edits. In the meantime, I thought, maybe I'll start tinkering with my next book. It isn't due until October, but it couldn't hurt to start. The book is part of the 2013 Desire Continuity. My book is #5, the May 2013 release.

This is my first continuity. I'd heard mixed reviews on what its like to do one of those. I guess a lot of that has to do with the bible and what plot you're assigned. I also think the experience depends very highly on whether or not you're a plotter or a pantster. I could see a pantster being absolutely miserable. They already know how the book is going to end. Someone has told them. The excitement and creative high is over for them before they even start.

A plotter, on the other hand, is in HOG HEAVEN. After receiving the bible (which is what the call the series overview with all the basic stories, characters and how they connect) we have a few weeks to put together a synopsis. I did have a few bugs I had to work through on mine, my logical brain rebelled against a few plot points I was given, but I got permission to change them. I sat down on my patio one afternoon and wrote the synopsis. It was twelve pages and I got a massive sunburn, but I didn't notice because it was all going so well. Yes, the bible gives you plot points you have to hit and a general overarching storyline, but I still had to develop the characters and fill in all the plot holes. I kind of enjoyed that, as a 12 page synopsis would tell you. The continuity editor was very pleased with me. He said it was the work of a seasoned professional. I like him. :)

That was back at the beginning of April, so last Friday, I decided to sit down and start writing. I didn't want to get too far ahead with my book in case the other stories had changes that would impact me, but my book is fairly stand-alone, I'd say. I took my approved synopsis, broke it out into chunks for a chapter by chapter outline (the pantsters are cringing right now) and started. Before I went to bed Friday, chapter one was done. Saturday, chapter two was done. Sunday, chapter three was done. Monday, chapter four was done. It was awesome. The words just flowed. I knew exactly what I needed to write and where I was going. I'm hoping this helps me with the miserable middle where I lose track of the plot and get stuck. That would be great. I hate chapter seven. Like the title says "Plotter's Paradise." I might add "Pantster's Personal Hell."

I'm hoping the whole book goes this well. Last night I started putting around and wrote half of chapter five without meaning to. Nice. Did you ever have a project where everything went smoothly? Usually, whether its writing or assembling furniture, I run into a snag. Writers, have you done a continuity before? Did you like it?


Maven Linda said...

Have never done a continuity, because I know myself too well. I couldn't do it. Complete pantster, here. But, yeah, there have been books that just flowed. I sat down one morning to get in a couple of hours work, and looked up four hours later to find I'd done twenty finished pages. Bliss. Those episodes don't come with every book, though. It's great when they do, but I don't expect them.

Kira Sinclair - AKA Instigator said...

My panster heart is cringing just a little. :-) I hope the entire book flows this way! I've had 1 or 2 do that and it's heaven. Enjoy it.


linda winstead jones said...

As a total pantster, I cringe at the idea of a 12 page synopsis. :-/ I could write one, but I can guarantee two things. 1) It would be painful. 2) It would bear little resemblance to the finished product.


Angel said...

Haha!!!! See, I see your side of things, SP. I love the idea of filling in all those little details that make the book come alive. Though some things do change for me during the writing, for the most part, I know exactly where my books are going to end. And I LIKE IT THAT WAY!

Its been so long since a book simply flowed. I've had good writing days, but not since like book 3 has the entire book flowed.

Good luck with Chapter 7!

Playground Monitor said...

Writing flow? HA! Though yesterday I wrote 2000 words with little problem.

Back when I was a reviewer, I decided I'd review a whole continuity and really enjoyed following the story from start to finish. I read several of the Desire continuities back in the early to mid 2000's, but haven't read one lately. You can bet I'll read your book though!

robertsonreads said...

SP that sounds awesome - you rock! I'm not a writer but I do have days when my work is just going smoothly with no issues, love it!

Have a great weekend everyone.