Friday, June 08, 2012

Behold, The Power Of Sugar

Y'all remember those cheese commercials a few years back? The little girl who left Santa cheese instead of cookies and got all sorts of gifts, like a pony? Well, same general idea, but not about cheese. I love cheese, don't get me wrong. But no amount of mozzarella is going to help me write a book any faster.

That takes more powerful stuff. Namely sugar and caffeine. I know, they're both bad for you. Offer no nutritional value. But I can't argue the fact that they work. A chapter can be stalled out and if I crack open a diet coke and start munching on peanut butter M&Ms, the words just start flowing. Caffeine and sugar both help you think, so its no wonder. And being kinestheic (move to think) at heart, chewing helps my brain work better, too.

Oh, but I feel guilty about it. Two week ago, I wrote four chapters over the long weekend. Four! It was awesome. And fueled by Jelly Belly jelly beans. Primarily strawberry daquiri and fresh pear. I plowed through that bag, then moved on to the rest of the M&Ms I had set aside when it was gone. Then, in desparation, I switched to gum, but that only half works.

When it comes to my fuel of choice, I'm not too picky. Things that are small, easy to pop in my mouth and don't get my fingers sticky, usually rank pretty high. Wouldn't grapes qualify? Uh, yeah, whatever. M&Ms (usually peanut butter or peanut so I can convince myself I'm getting protein) are my go to. I've been on a jelly bean kick since Easter. I had a bag of Jolly Rancher ones that I loved, but they disappeared from shelved after the holiday. I've been munching on trail mix more recently, with mixed results. Girl Scout cookies work well. As do those bags of mini Oreos. I even mowed through a box of Lucky Charms the other day. Dangerous stuff.

I tell myself that it's okay as long as I only eat that junk when I'm working. And I drink diet soda with it for the caffeine (can't drink coffee) so its only mildly criminal, right? What will I do when I write full time? Gain twenty pounds, probably.

Do you feed your muse? Any go to choices for you? Any suggestions on some stuff I could try that wouldn't induce self-flaggelation later?


Kira Sinclair - AKA Instigator said...

I'm a muncher as well! Each book seems to have a different food. For the last book is was milk chocolate Dove. So far this book has been honey roasted peanuts. I'm not sure what that says about the book...


Playground Monitor said...

I'm a muncher too, though it doesn't seem to make me write any better. I try to do popcorn or roasted edamame. I tell myself it's more nutritious.

My sister is a CPA and each year during tax season she has some food that gets her through. I remember one year it was Moon Pies.

Angel said...

Moon Pies!!!! Sugar, definitely. And Diet Coke. My poor muse is going to go into withdrawal after my birthday, because then it will be time to cut back.

Ugh! Just the thought depresses me.