Thursday, May 31, 2012


School's out.  Summer is finally here...along with ultra high temperatures in Alabama.  I've managed to get my first (and hopefully only) sunburn of the season.  We've gotten our season passes to the local water park and already used them several times.  The next few months are going to be filled with fun, home improvement projects and bar-b-que.

Today I'm turning in my next Blaze (Yay!).  Of course this means I've been a mad woman for the past couple weeks juggling everything.  This weekend I have a long list of things I need to catch up on.  Yes, laundry is there, but so is sitting at the pool with a good book in my hand.

I hope you get to do the same!


This song is older, but somehow it's what I always hear in my head when I think of summer.


robertsonreads said...

Sounds wounderful Kira. And sounds like me at the end of the Spring & Fall semesters here. I took vacation last week and enjoyed my downtime at home catching up on chores, shopping, mulching my yard, & reading.
I hope your family and you have a wonderful summer.

Angel said...

Yay summer! Just kidding - I hate to sweat and I love to swim (which I never get to do because we don't have a pool near us).

But the kids have lots of plans this summer and I'm hoping we get to do some fun things together.