Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Varmints. Again.

If you've been with us for a few years, you'll remember my battle with rabbits at the house I lived in with my now ex-husband. They were eating the flowers I planted in the yard.

Flash forward a few years and I'm (1) divorced, (2) living in an apartment and (3) dammit, I have varmints again. And this time whatever it is has demolished a tomato plant and some petunias.

I planted a small grape tomato plant around the first of April and it had blossomed into this.

Then I came home one day to find the main stalk cut off. I posted on Facebook and folks suggested I had cutworms and after doing some Googling, I bought snail killer and put a piece of plastic around what was left to protect it. It was coming back too.

And then last Saturday, this.

I don't think it's cutworms. I think it's a MOUSE. Or mice actually. I've seen a big fat one and a little teeny one. Actually I saw the teeny one nibbling at the d-Con I placed on the patio on Saturday. Hehe. Bye-bye little mouse!

Only the pots sitting on the patio floor are affected (they've eaten some potted petunias too). The flower boxes on the rails and a pot of basil sitting up on an upended crate are okay.

And I hope this is okay too. I bought it yesterday after church and put it on a plant stand I had. I decided to just cut to the chase and got a plant that not only had blooms, but a couple of tomatoes too.

So... to all the gardeners out there... DO mice eat petunias and tomato plants? I saw Big Mouse sitting in the petunia pot, but is that just circumstantial evidence that his attorney will easily dismiss?


Maven Linda said...

If you have squirrels in the neighborhood, they're the more likely culprits. Squirrels will destroy a tomato plant in two seconds.

PM's Mother said...

Whatever varmint it is, their diet is insufficient and they need greens. ;-)

Jean Hovey said...

You need a BB bun and some night goggles. Yeah. That would be great

Playground Monitor said...

LOL! As small as my patio is, I'd be shooting at point blank range.

Haven't seen squirrels, Linda. But I have seen those mice. Well, I haven't seen them in a day or so. Maybe they've all drunk the Kool-Aid and went off to the fields around us to die.

Angel said...

Ah, that little plant was so sad! But I admire your little patio garden. I haven't even gotten my tomato plants planted yet. :(