Friday, May 18, 2012

New Book Love

The end of Februay, I was a nervous wreck. I knew, I just knew, the first copies of my book would show up at my doorstep any day now. I watched. I waited. I stalked the UPS guy. No luck. I went out of town, and of course they showed up while I was away. But what a great thing to come home to!

Lately, I've been so busy, I haven't had time to obsess. March and April were a blur of promotion for What Lies Beneath. Answering fan mail. Going to RT and other booksignings. Writing and naming my third book scheduled for January of next year. Busy, busy.

So imagine my surprise when I noticed that my July shelfmate, Sarah M. Anderson, had posted a picture on Twitter of her newly arrived book. It snuck up on me! I rushed home, but no books. Waited around for a while. No books. Went to the store and came back. No books. But finally, finally, my hard-working UPS guy rang my doorbell and brought copies of my July book - More Than He Expected!

Here's the back cover blurb:

The Exception to the Rule

Playboy Alex Stanton likes his relationships short and without strings. But his fiery fling with Gwen Wright left him craving more. So when a holiday weekend getaway provides an opportunity for another taste of the tantalizing woman, he grabs it. Only, things have changed since their last encounter….

Besides being noticeably pregnant, Gwen insists she’s sworn off men. As if the challenge weren’t tempting enough, Gwen’s enticing new curves have made the sexy spitfire even more appealing. But how can the footloose bachelor hang on to his heart when he can’t stop longing for the soon-to-be mama?

I love getting mail, especially when its my book! I bet you like getting mail, too. So to celebrate, here's a 'win it before you can buy it' contest for a copy of my July release. To enter, comment on the blog today and tell me about the best package you ever received.


Playground Monitor said...

Right after I moved into my apartment, I received a package from my mother. I'll admit I was fussing as I walked from the office back to my apartment because I was wondering where I'd put something else. I'd already started a pile for the thrift store made up of things I had no room for.

I opened the box to find a set of very nice acrylic drinking glasses like I'd admired at my mom's house along with a couple lemons. We've always been about taking the lemons life hands you and making lemonade out of them.

Needless to say, I felt bad about my fussing.

Maven Linda said...

LOL! I misread the cover blurb, and thought it said, "Playboy Alex Stanton likes his relationships short and strange." After I was finished double-taking, I went back and re-read the sentence. I love the shortcuts the brain takes when reading something :-).

The best package I've ever received was probably the author copies of that first book, lo these many years ago. Oh, the magic of it. Funny that the physical book even trumps getting the checks in the mail.

Andrea Laurence AKA Smarty Pants said...

Maven Linda - LOL. Alex might like his relationships a little strange. I can see him having a bit of a kink. But no, not what the blurb says. :)

Angel said...

Oooohhh, kink!!! Ah, y'all got my hopes up. :) But this sounds like a really cool book. You are so great at taking the expected and pulling off a surprise! Can't wait to read this.

Jane said...

Congrats on receiving your author copies, Andrea. I get excited when I receive my magazines in the mail, especially this week's Entertainment Weekly with Channing Tatum on the cover. My cousin is a flight attendant and when she was training in Hawaii year ago she sent me a package with macadamia nuts, a plastic lei and various toys.

Laurie G said...

I remember receiving a CARE package my first year of college from my greataunt Anna. It contained my favorite treats: M&M's, chocolate chip cookies, Lorna Doone cookies, a cute card and some writing stationary. It was a wonderful pick me up that first month that I was away from home.