Thursday, September 29, 2011

I want! I want!

I've been fighting with my Crackberry for the last several weeks. Okay, months. It died on me last week. I lost all my contacts, emails, music, pictures...everything. No warning. No blips. One moment it was working and the next I had a white screen of death (apparently Crackberry can't even get the death screen color right). I was not a happy camper! It took me four hours to revive the thing and get most of the info restored...and another hour to figure out how to fix my number pad when it stopped working thirty minutes later.

So why haven't I thrown the thing across the room by now?

I'm waiting for the iPhone 5! Rather impatiently. I could have upgraded months ago, but I refuse to do it until the 5 surfaces because I just know the minute I cave and get the 4 the new one will be announced. Because that's how my technology mojo works.

I've spent countless (and pointless) hours scouring the internet for any news, rumors or educated guesses on the release. I watch with envy as most of my friends use nifty apps I can't access. I scream at my phone every day when the screen landscapes and refuses to move back. Part of me knows the iPhone isn't smart phone Mecca and that it too will probably have quirks that annoy the snot out of me. But I don't care! "I want it, want it, want it," she says in a whiny toddler voice. And considering the number of articles, blog posts and speculation I'm not the only one.

But all my impatient waiting has finally paid off. Word of invites to an Apple iPhone event on Oct. 4th hit the web yesterday. Finally!!!! I'm seriously hoping this means it'll be in stores sometime next month.

Any electronic gadgets you'd really like to own? Anything on your personal wish list? Or are you a technophobe?


P.S. I'm also looking for an HP Touchpad 32 GB so if anyone happens to have an extra just lying around... Apparently, they're as rare as unicorns. Who knew.


Maven Linda said...

I feel your pain. I've had my iPad for 15 months, and I'm already craving the newer version even though this one works perfectly.

The only problem I've had with my BlackBerry is that every so often, like six months or so, you need to take the battery out for a few minutes, then reinstall and re-boot, which solves all sorts of annoying little issues. I don't really want apps on my phone; I don't want to play games on it, or read books on it, or watch movies on it. I have the ipad for that. I want the phone to be a phone -- and do e-mail, which the BlackBerry does very well.

That said, when the BlackBerry's time is up next year, I'm not sure I'll get another one. It's been great for e-mail, but at the same time I'll have to make up my mind whether or not I want to be THAT accessible all the time. Now that Verizon has the iPhone, if I do go the smart-phone route, I may check into the iPhone 5. Or I may just go with a regular phone. Backing away from accessibility is looking more and more attractive.

Instigator said...

I wish I could back away! I know I probably should. But I'm so addicted to immediate gratification that I can't seem to do it. Logically I realize that nothing earth shattering is going to happen while I'm driving home that can't wait for 20 minutes (and if it does someone will call me). But every time my phone dings I want to know why. I'm conditioned. And I'm not sure that says anything good about me.

I'm with Verizon too (only carrier who gets reception at the house). I waited forever for them to get the iPhone. Maybe that's part of the problem...I haven't just been waiting a few months I've been wanting one for a few years.


Smarty Pants said...

I wish they'd hurry up, too. I've been wanting to switch to Verizon from AT&T, but not until I was out of contract and Verizon had a better iPhone. Their original one didn't have all the capabilities it should. I'm hoping 5 will be better. I'm also hoping it will be transferrable. Like right now, my iPhone 3GS 32GB is working fine. Nothing wrong with it, but it will only work on AT&T, so I can't move it over to Verizon. I hate that.

Playground Monitor said...

I'm still have 13 months left on my Verizon contract, so back in August I bought an iPod touch to kind of bridge the gap. I can check email remotely without having to haul along a laptop. But I have to have access to an open network to do it because it's just wifi, not 3G. But all McDonalds and Starbucks have free wifi as well as lots of other places. I'm just hoping that by next November they'll have good deals on the iPhone 4. My son got a great deal on an older iPhone model thru AT&T. I don't think a 4 will be $49 like he got, but it surely will be less than full price.

And Insti, ask the Verizon person about Backup Assistant. I have it on my dumb phone and it backs up your contacts to some place in the heavens so they can be easily recovered. It's a free thing. When you get a new phone, they just tap into that and voila! Contacts on the new phone!

Cheryl said...

I have a "Crackberry' too. I nearly choked on my coffee at the term. LMAO. Any way, I am kind of like Maven Linda, I am not sure about another smart phone because of all the distractions. I like getting the email but the rest can really distract me. My hubby has an I-phone and a Droid (business vs. personal). I've played with both. Can't decide which I like better. My son just got the new Torch. I haven't asked him yet how he likes it. Hubby also has two iPads, one 3g and one 4g. I like to play on those and read books. I'm still learning all this and I'm not that savvy. If any of you have preferences,let me know. I am about to get a new phone because, like Instigator, my Crackberry has been acting up.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I'm waiting impatiently for the iPhone 5 too! I've been out of contract for nearly a year, but I've been waiting. I will probably be a dope and stand in line like I did for the iPad2. Didn't do me a bit of good on the iPad -- ended up having to wait anyway. But I want that phone!

Alexander said...

Great post – I’m going to Tweet about your blog.

Angel said...

I'm not really big on having to have the latest and greatest. Often, I just want what I do have to work the way I want it to. We have iPhones, but mine is an older one. It gets email, text, and phone, which are my main addictions. It also plays free games (I refuse to purchase any), and I use it a lot as an iPod. I'd be really screwed if I lost my music.

I have a Kindle (thank you Playfriends!), but I just load books onto it and read them. Nothing fancy. With an iPhone, I don't feel a need for an iPad. Maybe some day in the future, when I can get a used one for really cheap. :)

PM's Mother said...

Oh, for the days of two tin cans and a long string! ;-)

Instigator said...

Thanks, Alexander!


Problem Child said...

I'm eyeballing the new Kindle Fire...