Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Best of the Bookshelf -- September

Once again, the Playfriends provide some must-reads...

PM is currently catching up on some non-fiction reading, but this is the next book on her TBR pile.

It’s the opportunity Elena Alvarez has been waiting for–the challenge of running her own kitchen in a world-class restaurant. Haunted by an accident of which she was the lone survivor, Elena knows better than anyone how to defy the odds. With her faithful dog Alvin and her grandmother’s recipes, Elena arrives in Colorado to fine a restaurant in as desperate need of a fresh start as she is–and a man whose passionate approach to food and life rivals her own. Owner Julian Liswood is a name many people know, but a man few do. He’s come to Aspen with a troubled teenage daughter and a dream of the kind of stability and love only a family can provide. But for Elena, ghosts don’t die quietly, yet a chance to find happiness at last is worth the risk.

Instigator's choice:

I’m going for a 2-fer this month. I read The Madness of Lord Ian by Jennifer Ashley some time ago and absolutely loved the book. The hero was unique –and not just for a historical. It wasn’t until recently that I realized Jennifer had released two more books in the series – Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage and The Many Sins of Lord Cameron. I have to admit, my first thought was that she had a lot to live up to because The Madness of Lord Ian was just soooo good. But somehow she managed to do just that with both of these books! Her characters, interesting and individual in a genre that tends toward the predictable, are what make these books for me. I highly recommend them and can’t wait for the next book in the series.

I must say that SP's choice puts a smile on my face:

The Privileged & the Damned
By this chick you might know

This month, I’m pleased to recommend the latest by our own Problem Child. This book kicks off her Dirty Sexy Money trilogy about the Marshall brothers – three rich, powerful men who know how to mix business, politics and pleasure. The first book is Ethan’s story. Lily comes to work for the Marshall family looking for a fresh start and hoping her less than spotless past doesn’t come back to haunt her. Keeping a low profile is nearly impossible when she catches the eye of the irresistible Ethan Marshall. I loved this story and it’s a great kick off to the series. As always, it’s the fun, sexy read you can count on from a Kimberly Lang book.

PC's choice:

I finally read Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase because everyone raves about this book. While I can't say that I'm joining the fangirl ranks and saying this is The Bestest Book Ever, it was certainly a good read. I love a reformed rake story, so that was all the book really needed to get a thumbs up from me, but I also really enjoyed Jessica. She was spunky and fun without being over the top. The sensuality is so well done and weaves throughout the entire story, and I got very caught up in the spell. (As in, I sat down to read a chapter and read the entire book. Oops!)

Angel's pick:

Stay With Me by Maya Banks
This emotional roller coaster features Catherine Cullen-Wellesley on her 5th wedding anniversary – to 2 men. One would think being in a ménage relationship would mean she’d have all the attention she needed, but instead her significant others have neglected her in order to build their successful business. When she finds herself sitting alone in the restaurant for her anniversary dinner, she decides enough is enough. So she goes on her Jamaican beach vacation… alone. Coming home to an empty house is just the start of the surprises for Logan and Rhys.
If you like erotic romance, this is a unique twist on a ménage relationship. I found myself invested in the characters and feeling very deeply for a woman who’d tried everything she knew to rebuild her relationships. After reading this early ebook by Maya Banks, I can see why she’s gained so much success!

So what have you read recently that you'd recommend to us?


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Those Jennifer Ashley books are fabulous. I'm afraid I went all fan girl over her at RT. Like stuttering, OMG you are fabulous, fangirl. Sigh. She just smiled and was gracious. She's amazing. She also writes paranormals as Allyson James. I haven't tried any of those books yet.

Instigator said...

I didn't realize she did paranormal, Lynn. I'm gonna have to check those out.


Angel said...

Ooohhh, a new paranormal author to check out. :) Thanks, Lynn!