Friday, September 09, 2011

Free Book Friday - Love Inspired Suspense Edition

It's Free Book Friday again! The other day, when I was thinking about what theme I wanted for this month, I ran across a Twitter post from Love Inspired editor Emily Rodmell. I follow several editors, even ones I'm not targeting, because they share lots of universal tips for writing and submitting in addition to specific insight to their lines. The other day, she even asked for a LI Suspense set on safari. If you were writing one or thinking about writing one, that's an invitation, people.

You'd also learn that she's a huge animal lover (so make it a photo safari, please). She ran a contest giving away a book to a follower that could guess one of the animals she had on her wall. My first guess was wrong (I can't not answer, I'm too competitive) but then she gave the hint that 3 out of 5 were black and white. I won with "Pandas" and "Penguins." Apparently she also had Chik Fil A cows, a shark and a jellyfish. My first guess was a dolphin, so I was close.

Long story, but point is... I won a book and you're going to benefit. I'm passing it along to one of our readers today. Think inspirational romance isn't for you? Think again. Today's author Dana Mentink also writes cozy mysteries. Think of a LI suspense as a cozy mystery with romance and redemption.

Buried Truth by Dana Mentink

"Coming for you."

A note, impaled by a knife on Bill Cloudman's door, tells the former tribal agent a murderer has escaped. The vicious madman who murdered Bill's partner--and cost Bill the community's trust and his job--is on the loose in the South Dakota badlands again. Bill vows to put him behind bars once and for all. But when the woman he loved and lost returns to Eagle Rock reservation as a newspaper reporter determined to restore her own reputation with the story, Bill has to protect her...and his guarded heart.

To win, comment with the phrase "I'm Coming For This Book!" and share a little about your past experience with inspirational romances. Have you read any great ones that would make a reader hesitant about the genre change their minds? Share some of your favorites.

PS. Smarty Pants is blogging today at eHarlequin. Join her to chat about your favorite heroes.

PSS. Janice's winner from yesterday's blog is EllenToo! Ellen, email me with your info at to claim your prize.


Playground Monitor said...

I've read a few Love Inspired books. Yeah, they are a lot tamer than the romances I usually read, but the plots and characters were engaging and I enjoyed them. I've downloaded a couple freebies for my Kindle too. They're still in the TBR queue. After visiting the Amish country a while back, I became a bit fascinated with them, and inspirational romance is where you're going to read about Amish folks.

Congrats on your win!

Laurie G said...

I've recently enjoyed Jillian Hart's Maclaskin family series and Janet Tronstad's Dry Creek series.

I like the Bible passage tie-ins as I'm not very familiar with the individual passages.

Virginia said...

"I'm Coming For This Book!" I have read several Love Inspired books and yes they really are good. There are times I just get in the mood to read something a little different and will read one. One author I am fond of is Mary Conneley but I don't think hers are n the Love Inspired line. Her book The Husband Tree was just to funny, kept me laughing.

Summer said...

"I'm coming for this book! I'm reading my first Love Inspired Historical right now, Lacy Williams' Marrying Miss Marshal. I'm loving the heroine, she's the town marshal, strong and independent, saving the hero rather than the other way around.

EllenToo said...

I'm coming for this book (even though I won a book yesterday. I was very hesitant to read inspirational romances such as LIS and LI because I had read other inspirational books that were too preachy for me and it kind of turned me off from every trying another. But I won a LIS book in a contest and found that they are not too preachy and the suspense is as good or better than other books I read.
The most recent LIS book I read is Double Identity by Diane Burk.
I really loved the LIS series Texas Ranger Justice by a series of authors.

Laurie G said...

"I'm Coming For This Book!"

OOPS I forgot this line!