Friday, March 25, 2011

My Favorite Part

I think every author, although they might love the whole process of writing (or hate the whole stupid business and the book they're writing which sucks and will destory their career, depending on which day you ask) probably has a favorite part. I know just from talking with the playfriends that each of us either enjoys, or performs best at certain stages that are all different.

I, no doubt, am a 'partial' girl. Three chapters and a synopsis are no sweat. Once I come up with a story idea and flesh it out a little in my mind, I can write a 5-7 page character based synopsis without much effort. Don't throw things. I know it's not normal. The pansters don't understand it and the plotters envy it. Its just something I don't have to try too hard at. The same with the first three chapters of a book. Usually, as a story formulates in my mind, the opening scenes sorta play out in my head. I know exactly where to start, how to introduce my characters and all their quirks and motivations... I can't wait to start a new story. I could write partials all day as long as I have enough new ideas to back them up. You have no idea how many files on my hard drive I have for books with only two or three chapters.

For me, starting is easy. It's that damn middle that messes me up. I'm great at the cute-meet and setting up everyone for a wild ride. But when the drama starts to play out... I lose interest. It gets too hard. I'd rather start another new story, which of course is more interesting and shiny. And if I force myself to slog through, its painful, but I usually pick up speed and start barrelling toward the end. The only thing that stops me then is that darn tricky emotional realization scene. Sometimes I just skip them entirely and go back and write them later. Nothing slows me down like alpha male emotional angst.

What's your favorite part of writing? The plotting? The revising? The joy of a new story or the glory of finishing one? If you don't write, do you have a favorite hobby that you enjoy parts of more than others? Planting the flowers, but not pulling the weeds?



robertsonreads said...

Good morning SP,
Of course I don't write but my hang up is...vacuuming/mopping. I love the feel of walking barefooted on a floor that has just been cleaned, carpet that has just been vacuumed, I just hate having to do it!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Playground Monitor said...

Right now, NONE of it is my favorite part. I'd just love to have an idea to plot, write, revise, finish.

I'm with Ginger. Love freshly vacuumed carpet but hate to do it. Heck, I love a nice clean apartment with the smell of Pledge wafting in the air, but don't like having to dust.

Problem Child said...

My MOST favorite part is hearing from the Lovely Ed that the book is done and in the pipeline.

My next favorite must be the beginning, because the characters are all shiny and new and there for me to discover. It's coming up with the rest of the plot that kills me...

Stephanie Jones said...

I love the plotting. I know that surprises no one. :-) I just really enjoy thinking about the story and how to get them in crisis and out of it.

I am still have a LOT to learn about the skill of plotting but it is certainly something that I can work on and develop strength in!

Jean Hovey said...

Oddly, I am liking revising right now. A very wise woman who has been walking this road for long time read our ms and gave us lots of positive feedback and some brilliant ideas to make it better. The ideas were so good and obvious that it seems we should have thought of them. Of course, that's why she's where she is and we are--well, not there yet.

Usually, I like first draft better.