Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've been busting my butt the last couple months to write my next Blaze. It's the second book in a trilogy that will be out in 2012 (and, no, I haven't written the first book yet. It's complicated). I finally 9:56 last night. I've been trying to get it done for the last few days and things just kept getting in the way. I was determined that last night was the end.

Well, not really the end as I'm just finishing the first draft. I still need to do my own editing. And then I know my fabulous editor will have revisions for me. And copy editing. And AAs. And, so, really, the book isn't finished. But I feel like I've jumped a huge hurdle and can now breathe easy at least for a little while. I'm even ahead of deadline by several weeks. A nice feeling.

So, yeah, this means I've ignored quite a bit over the last few weeks trying to push through and get this first draft written. The minute I type The End the guilt starts rolling in. My kids think I've had my headphones surgically implanted into my ears. I have a workshop I'm giving on Saturday with our very own PC and honorary Playfriend Lynn Raye Harris. I'm certainly they'd like me to prepare so I have coherent sentences to contribute. I'm not sure I have any words left over though. I suppose I have a couple days still to find them.

I'm pretty drained. But I'm also excited about these books and can't wait to see them on the shelves.

Have you finished anything recently? Accomplished a goal you set for yourself? How are those New Year's resolutions coming (mine have been kicked to the curb)?


P.S. Niki Bowers is the winner of Katherine Garbera's book. Please email Playground Monitor with your snail mail info. Congrats!


Playground Monitor said...

I've become very involved with a support group for people who are separated, divorced or widowed. Part of our program is personal experience talks, and I'd set a goal to write two talks by April 1st. I've hit that goal. Yay me! I was going to try to enter a particular contest, but I don't think that's going to happen. However, I did an impromptu entry on a blog where the grand prize is a critique by an agent. We'll see what happens. It's an unfinished book that I'm still not sure of how it ends. It's also still in VERY rough draft form and needs a lot of cleaning up. I just have to get this most recent talk revised, critiqued and approved so I can present it in a couple weeks. It's writing, but a different kind of writing. But at least it's writing.

Smarty Pants said...

I had an unexpected deadline recently - a proposal for a book I hadn't written one word for. I wasn't given an amount of time to get it in, but I wanted it done ASAP. And if I hear back and she likes it, it will be a marathon writing binge. I feel like I'm starting over, if not entirely from scratch, so I'm in a hurry even if she isn't.

Kimberly Lang said...

I sent revisions off this week, so I'm biting my nails until I get word from Lovely Ed that she likes it.

Of course, that means that this week is major catch-up and try-to-get-ahead time. ~cue Mission Impossible music~

robertsonreads said...

Just getting paperwork off my desk is wonderful to me. I have 2 reimbursements to get done and hopefully get those done before I leave for the dentist.