Friday, March 18, 2011

Behold, The Power of Candy

There are many things that inspire a writer. The spark of an idea for a new story can come from almost anywhere. But even the best idea can hit a roadblock. You sit down at the desk, stare at the screen and even if you love the idea and think it could be the best book ever, sometimes the words don't come.

My writing productivity varies. Sometimes I can sit down and easily write fifteen or twenty pages. Sometimes each sentence is like pulling teeth. That's just life.

Recently, an editor I've been working with asked me for a project I hadn't started yet. I'd just been kicking the idea around, so of course, that's the one she liked. So I sat down over the weekend with my laptop and prepared to pound out the pages. With a diet soda and some girl scout cookies by my side, the words started to flow. Before the end of the first day, I'd written 38 pages and the box of cookies were empty. It was my personal daily record, but it wasn't without a price. I was torn between joy at writing so much and guilt from stuffing my face.

It isn't the first time. Sit me at a desk with a diet coke and a bag of peanut M&Ms and I can write myself out of any corner. Nothing quite like that surge of sugar and caffeine to crank out the words. I don't drink coffee and tea doesn't quite cut it, but diet soda and candy are a magical combination. I fear that one day if I write for a living, I might pack on twenty pounds.

I had another writer tell me that she gained, then lost 15 pounds with each book. Another with a similar love of M&Ms and Twizzlers. There's just something about the repetitive hand to mouth motion that lulls me into a sugar fueled surge of creativity. How about you? What crutches do you fall upon to get the words flowing or kickstart you for chores or work you'd rather not do?



Maven Linda said...

With me, it's coffee and saltine crackers. Actually, almost any kind of crackers will do. Wheat Thins. Toastables. But not the Lance (or any other brand) peanut butter or cheese crackers. That's just too much at a time.

Angel said...

Yep -- diet coke and peanut M&Ms are my weakness too. Easy to eat while you type and actually has a bit of protein. I can't help it.


Playground Monitor said...

I'm trying to lose 15 pounds now so no munching and typing for me. And it's never seemed to help much anyway. I just have to gut it out.

Problem Child said...

Tea/diet coke and those flavored rice cakes from Quaker (the caramel ones!) Kashi crackers work too. I like the crunch, and they don't carry quite the same calorie weight as GS cookies (learned my lesson from that! I'm just now getting it back off!)

Kimberly said...

Love that I'm not the only one that can binge without even thinking about it!! Right now I'm stuck on popcorn ... I love the pre-popped bag. But I have to fatten it up with a generous pour of that orange liquid butter/oil stuff. And then I add extra salt. Oh, and a coke zero to wash it all down. :)

Stephanie Jones said...

I am not very original. I drink coffee. Just this morning to get the house chores going I drank several cups of coffee. I am also a cruncher. I eat saltines and popcorn. Those peanut M & Ms sound so good that I had probably better not try them.