Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Great Snow of 2011

I'm sure you've heard folks mention the Chicago Fire of 1871 and the great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. But January 10, 2011 will long be remembered as The Big Snow (and the day Auburn won the National Championship -- War Eagle!).

Those of you from more northern climes are scratching your heads about now and wondering, "What's the deal with snow?"

You must understand this doesn't happen here often. Oh, they'll predict snow, everyone races to the grocery store for milk and bread, it doesn't snow and folks eat lots of sandwiches and drink lots of milk.

But we were surprised with a four-inch snow on Christmas Day and last week, when the local forecasters began predicting another snow event, this time much bigger, folks began the Grocery Store 500. I made sure I had enough food to eat should I be snowbound for a few days and then sat back to see if the snow would actually fall.

It did. It began Sunday about 6 PM and snowed all night and a little bit into the next day. And thus began Snowmageddon or the Snowpocalypse as folks are calling it.

Again, some of you are scratching your heads and wondering why we call it that. Aside from the rarity of it, the city doesn't have the road equipment to deal with it. I mean, why spend tax dollars for equipment that may only be used once a decade or so? They have salt and gravel to put on the roads, and they do their best, but this town shuts down when it snows. Our road system includes lots of bridges and overpasses and those freeze over quickly and are barracaded by the police (who WILL ticket you for driving around a barracade). And it's difficult to get anywhere around here without driving on those bridges and overpasses.

So, we've been effectively snowbound for a couple days because the temps have stayed around the freezing level and are supposed to drop further later this week. The little bit that melts during the day just freezes at night. You can drive on snow. You will wreck your car on ice. I have no desire to wreck my car, so I've been enjoying the view from my windows, wearing long underwear and fleece socks to stay warm and walking about at least once a day to check my mail and enjoy something we may not see again for another twelve to fifteen years.

Here are a few pictures from my photo safaris.

Sunday night

Marilyn's "official" measurement

The pasture beside my apartment complex. Isn't it beautiful in the snow?

My car and apartment in the background

Milk, sugar and vanilla. Mix well, add fresh snow and...

Snow Cream!

Got snow? Tell me about it. One commenter will win a book from my stash.

P.S. The Free Book Friday winner from last week is kayspringsteen. Congrats! Please email Smarty Pants to claim your prize.


PM's Mother said...

Are you referring to "The Bridges of Madison County" ? ;)

Maven Linda said...

I've made snow cream twice :-) but I'm SO ready for this stuff to melt and go away. Looks as if it'll be two more days before we have much chance of it melting, though.

Minna said...

We have plenty of snow and it seems there'll be more.

Sherry Werth said...

Love the pictures PM! It is pretty but I've had enough. I need to get out before cabin fever sets in. I never thought these words would come out of my mouth but I want to go to WalMart! :-0

petite said...

Your photos certainly depict your snow season very well. thanks. I used to live in a Northern Clime for most of my life and then left. Cold, snow and blizzards for more than 6 months was too much. Now it is moderate. Cold but dry and sunny.

Problem Child said...

I'm tired of the snow. Over it, in fact. It's pretty, but my Southern self thinks it's time to get back to normal.

Sadly, it's going to take a while, I think, for all this to melt...

Smarty Pants said...

I was over it before it started falling. I've worked from home for three days. I feel like I'm in flagstaff again. There's a reason I left after graduation.

Marie said...

I just found your blog yesterday through a link on another blog. But yeah, I'm tired of snow. And you know what's really bad? I need a shower and I know how good a hot shower would feel, but I also know how chilly it's going to be when I step out of that shower stall. So do goosebumps trump personal hygiene? It's not like I'm filthy and smelly. I've done nothing but sit around for three days. But it's been three days since I showered and I feel the need to rinse things off.


Angel said...

LOL Marie on the shower thing. I totally understand. I want to be warm and I don't want to freeze when I get out. Luckily our shower is in a very small bathroom, so I take my clothes in with me, close the door tight, and put a towel along the bottom to keep the cold from slipping under. When I get out of the shower, I can dress in the steamy warmth before venturing outside of it. Only drawback? Wet hair. LOL

The hubby had to go to work today, so we've ventured out a little. I'm still home with the kids and waiting to see what schoo will do tomorrow. :) Though it is pretty, and I've thoroughly enjoyed playing in it, I'm ready for back to normal too. The last few weeks feel like plan, replan, rearrange plan, and on, and on, and on... I have 1 housecleaning client that I've had to reschedule every week starting mid-December, from weather to sickness to Lord knows what. So tired of that.

We made snow cream too! But my kids didn't like it. LOL


Stephanie Jones said...

PM- Your pics are great! We got a good bit of snow here in central Alabama too. I have been out of school all week.

I did make it to the gym and mexican resturant last night but was really glad to have today off since I am making the last of Christmas go away.

Hang in there all of you who are still snowbound!

Playground Monitor said...

Bridges of Madison County. Cute.

Marie and Angel, I too have waffled about taking a shower. Mostly my hair needs washing and I could do that in the kitchen sink. But it would feel SO good to have hot water pelleting my body and warming it up. It's 66 in my apartment and I hate to nudge the thermostat because that's the equivalent of setting fire to dollar bills. It's like a tomb in here because I have the thermal drapes in both bedrooms closed and the vertical blinds drawn over the sliding doors -- all in an effort to keep out as much cold air as possible. It's cheaper to burn a light bulb than turn up the heat.

And I can't believe your kids didn't like snow cream. It's awesome! When I was a kid, my mother always made it when we had snow. That was half the fun of snow -- having snow cream. Vanilla ice cream just isn't the same thing.

The sun just came out a bit ago, but it's only 23 degrees outside and I don't think much is going to melt. :-(

alinaduffer said...

I must be crazy because I am enjoying the snow. Today is the first snow day for my kids so far this year and I enjoyed sleeping in this morning, lol! I have to say I am with you all on the whole shower thing. I told my hubby that I wouldnt be shaving my legs again until it's warmer because it's pointless, lol!

Have a great day ladies and stay warm!

Smarty Pants said...

On the weather channel they said to keep the thermostat at 68. Said the power bill goes up 5% for every degree over that.

Playground Monitor said...

That's what my thermostat is set on -- 68. And my digital indoor/outdoor thermometer is reading 66/23. That's what Cuddl Duds and polar fleece socks are for. I've been getting good use of the Cuddl Duds I bought a few years ago and have rarely worn. And if you've never had polar fleece socks, well then you're missing something because they rock!

Margay said...

Funny,I just posted some pictures looking out my back door on my blog:

catslady said...

We got about 6 to 8 inches, not too bad for PA. Schools were cancelled and some events but we've had a lot worse lol.

robertsonreads said...

Wonderful pictures Marilyn, thanks for sharing.
We had some snow but mostly ice in my area, McCalla/Homewood. I enjoyed my extra day off by reading, staying in my pjs all day, and napping. No cabin fever
But boy is it cold and will not get warm until the weekend!

Jane said...

We got 9 inches of snow here.

PM's Mother said...

PM, you need some of that waterless shampoo like I had when I came home from the hospital last year. I bought a bottle to keep "just in case" -- and I think snowed in is "in case". OR --nudge your thermostat up to 70 or 72 --warm up your apartment and then re-set it back at 68. I'll tell you this, electricity is cheaper than pneumonia.

When I lived in cold country (North Carolina) I had a heat lamp bulb in the ceiling light fixture of my bathroom. It felt mighty good!

It's cold here on the Golden Isles of Georgia (24 last night)with a cold rain, but no snow.

Word verification - rablin - that's what I'm doing.

chey said...

We have snow and have an ice road on the lake.

Michele L. said...

Here in Indiana next to Lake Michigan we have been blasted! Snow,snow,snow! We just got 6 inches last night. We are expected to even more. Oh brother! Sounds like you live next door to me! LOL

I have never tried snow cream. I have made sculptures out of snow that were a lot of fun. Plus I have thrown many a snowball and love to hear them go "Splat!" at the unexpecting target. Hee,hee!

Ok, I agree with you all, snow go away, and do not come again another day!