Saturday, August 07, 2010

Website Updates

Wow, my post-conference recovery time was a bit extended this year. Guess I'm just getting old and can't party anymore! But I'm back on my feet and feeling good (and caught up with the laundry), so on we go!

First off, the Playfriends had a fabulous time at conference - pitches were successful, trophies were collected, Mickey Mouse was hugged, and Hogwarts explored. While Orlando was miserably hot and humid, we managed to look good most of the time and I came home basically uninjured. All is good. We'll chalk this up as a success!

But, I'm here to catch you up on what's new on the Playground proper. First off, we welcome my friend S.L. Carpenter (or as he's known around here, "Not John Scalzi") to the Sandbox, where he dishes on art, my stalking attempts, writing erotic romance, and the allure of rubber chickens:

Our Book of the Month is the fabulous Vicki Lewis Thompson's BLONDE WITH A WAND. When a book tickles SP's funny bone, you know it's worth reading:

Flash back to our first ever article posted in School (2005, if you can believe it) - Instigator's tips on Winning Contests:

Over on the blog, you'll find our reports of our adventures in Orlando, plus three visits from fab guest bloggers: Natalie Anderson on 8/6, Autumn Jordan on 8/9, and Tawny Weber on 8/26. Plus, since it's us, you never know what else might go on over there.

Alabama is giving Orlando a run for its money in the hot and humid department, so I'm staying indoors as much as humanly possible. Hope the weather is better where you are! I'll see you next month with the update -and hopefully cooler temps. (Because this is just insane.)

Until then, I remain, The Problem Child

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