Thursday, August 19, 2010

Theme Week

We seem to have a theme going on the Playground this week so I thought I'd continue it. :-) Something has been bugging the snot out of me for months now and I've finally reached my breaking point.

I hate when my bluetooth lies to me!
I don't know what the heck is wrong with it. There is no rhyme or reason. But at random times (read whenever it wants) it'll tell me that it's calling so and so but never actually dial. In most cases, I only use the voice dialing feature when I'm in the car which means that picking the phone up and hand dialing the number defeats the purpose of the bluetooth in the first place. Seriously. Frustrating.

I've tried to figure out what's wrong. I've charged it thinking it was losing power and getting wonky...did it immediately after a full night plugged in. There is no rhyme or reason for who it does this to, Zilla, my mom, Smarty Pants, Applebee's... It doesn't just happen during busy times like rush hour or early morning. I can not come up with a cause for the behavior other than the thing wants to screw with my brain.

I realize that I'm giving this inanimate hunk of plastic more credit than it probably deserves, but I swear it waits until the worst possible moment to malfunction and then does it on purpose. Anyone else have a piece of technology that periodically revolts? We've had a rash of messed up plumbing, misbehaving cars, crashing computers and short circuiting printers on the playground over the last week. Are we alone in our misery? Anyone have a suggestion for how I can get my bluetooth to straight up and fly right?


P.S. Congratulations to DonnaS, Smarty Pants winner from last week. Please email her at in order to claim your prize.


Angel said...

My computer went AWOL over the weekend, but I was actually able to fix it myself for a change (fingers crossed). We'll see. :) Mercury is supposed to go retrograde, so I'm nervous about anything upcoming. As my ruling planet, it tends to affect me a great deal and I can't afford to pay to have anything fixed right now. Ugh!


Playground Monitor said...

Don't have a BlueTooth so I don't have a shred of advice for you there. Is it still under warranty?

On a positive note, the blowers have been removed, they steam cleaned my carpet yesterday and all I have now is the dehumidifier since there's still moisture in the ceiling from the unit above. I have to get the apartment manager out here to document some damage to the carpet in one corner where a piece of furniture stained it. I want it noted in my file so I don't get dinged for it. While he's here, we'll discuss the water marks on the ceilings and walls.

Maybe I've had my misery quota for the month (heck, for the century!) and my life will be calm for a while.

Smarty Pants said...

My Bluetooth never really worked right. No matter who I told it to call, it would dial Instigator's cell phone. Stupid thing.

Cheryl said...

My Blackberry crashes intermittently and it drives me crazy. I took it to the phone store and the kid there took the battery out - works fine now. So I jut pop out the battery when it goes wonkers.

My bluetooth does the same thing - must be a glich in the device as a whole. I have called people I don't even know.

As for machines - let's see...three new airconditioning units this summer, maybe (hope not) a fourth; a new washer and dryer; two tractors that went down; the lawnmower; the weed eater; the Polaris - yeah, it's a summer of $$$$. The machines are in revolt - Sky Net?

Jean Hovey said...

My car can't understand a word I say. No matter what I ask, it says, "Air conditioning on." I think, being Japanese, it can't speak southern. It understands Ken just fine so I guess it speaks Pacific Northwest.

But I just can't let it ruin my day. There are worse things that having the air conditioning come on--at least right now.

Katherine Bone said...

This sounds like a great time to break into song.

"Tomorrow. Tomorrow. There's always tomorrow. It's only a day away...." ;)

Angel said...

Personally, I'm afraid of what tomorrow might bring. I went out to get into my car, and it wouldn't start. Didn't sound like the starter, but from other things I reported the mechanic is thinking fuel pump. Ugh!

Spent the day playing ring around the cars, so I'd have something to pick the kids up from school in. And my suburban has been towed to the nearby mechanic. Now waiting for the damage report. :(


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