Thursday, August 05, 2010

Oh, Wait...

It's Thursday? While conference was FANTASTIC, it has definitely messed up my internal clock. I've been a day off all week. Add to this (and the fact that I hit the 'conference wall' yesterday) that the girls start school on Monday and I still have to buy supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes, new shoes and clothes for them both. I have 3 deadlines in the next 2 weeks - and Art Fact Sheet, AAs for Caught Off Guard and revisions for my April book. My brain is already fried and I'm trying to force it through the ringer just a little bit more.

So, to save what little brainpower I can manage to scrape together today, I'm offering a chance to win some of the goodies I brought home from conference. And I have a ton. Seriously. I bought a new suitcase and upgraded to first class in order to get 2 free checked bags.

So, tell me what's happening in your life and I'll enter you in a chance to win a stack of books (including mine :-)).



Linda Henderson said...

I'm actually doing something exciting (well it is for me) today. Monday is my birthday so my oldest daughter is paying to get my hair cut and professionally colored and highlighted. I've never had my hair colored by a pro. I'm really excited. I've had problems with my hair ever since I had medical treatment for my severe RA and the medication made my hair fall out, not all of it, but enough. It grew back in but now it's curly, well I should say frizzie. I've always had straight hair so this is something I haven't been able to do much with. So today, a pro will help me out. We are having a family get-together this weekend as my sister is renewing her wedding vows, she's been married 50 years tomorrow. I'm very anxious to show off my new hairdo. Wish me luck.

seriousreader at live dot com

Jean Hovey said...

I, too, have hit the wall. At least it didn't happen at conference, like usual.

Needless to say, don't enter me in the contest. I have a bed full of stuff too.

robertsonreads said...

Good luck with your errands this weekend, it appears you have lots to do.
Shortly I will get with coworkers to rearrange our copy room,fun-not. Then I need to pick up my office, shred about 3 copy boxes full of papers. Prepare for a baby shower here at work on Monday, Summer II finals next week, start preparing for Fall semester. Also, do some shopping for myself this weekend as it is tax free - yeah! And trying to stay a little cool considering this weather.

Angel said...

I did the school shopping yesterday and found everything we needed except shoes at Walmart. It took 3 stores to find shoes for Drama Queen. She's in that weird size 4, but her heel is narrow. A lot of stores don't have many 4s, and the ones they do have don't always fit right. It was a trip, but we came home with 2 pair for each child. Here's hoping they'll last til Christmas. :)


Sherry Werth said...

I'm still trying to recover from conference. Maybe by this weekend I'll be back to normal. I've lost track of what day it is too. I almost forgot to send in my boss's payroll yesterday! That would not have been good! The only thing I need to do is unpack. It's all still sitting in my office floor where I dropped it on Sunday night.
Good luck with the deadlines and shopping!

Anonymous said...

working trying ot enjoy the summer
shopping and watiching some baseball cant wiat for football

Playground Monitor said...

I didn't have a chance to hit the wall because I had to spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday getting ready for the foot surgery I had at 7 AM today. I got back home about 9:30 and am still in "happy land" from the anesthesia and pain pills. The surgeon said all went well and I anticipate a full recovery. I do have to spend the next two weeks with my foot propped up as much as possible. I have a good supply of books and movies to keep me occupied. Oh darn. ::grin::

Verification word is hymethed, which is just about how I feel right now. LOL!

runner10 said...

Glad you had fun at conference. I love looking at all the pics.
All work here. Taking tomorrow off to take kids back-to-school shopping. They start school Monday. YUCK!!

catslady said...

On the large scale my daughter and son-in-law just bought a house nearby and we're trying to help. My son-in-law just had a car accident (he's fine) and he totaled the car so we're trying to help them find another car (while he gets mine sigh). On the short side, tonight is dinner and bocce night if my back holds up (big sigh again). You never realize how many times you have to bend over until you can't!

gigi said...

I know what you mean about having your internal clock screwed up.
Good luck on all your shopping.
I spent last weekend ordering my daughters books for college.
I rent them from saves me a fortune in books.
Yesterday I had my hair cut.
Today I took my oldest daughter for her yearly physical.
Stopped by my mother-in-law and visited with her and her daughter. They had been cleaning and I have the entire back end of my car filled with magazines and catalogs for the recycle center.
Now I am home am catching up on the laundry.

I would love to win some loot the at you brought home from your time at RWA in Orlando.

Summer said...

Trying to soak up the sun before the rainy season sets in. Reading, and writing.

chey said...

Wow, back to school already. The kids don't go back until after labour day here.
I've been gardening, swimming and just spending time outside (between thunder storms).

Jane said...

Nothing exciting here, but I'm making plans to visit my cousin for a few days. I've already starting packing some toiletries and clothes.

Problem Child said...

Please don't ask me that. My To Do list makes me want to cry.

Katherine Bone said...

I've hit the wall too and there is still so much to get caught up on. Work has been very, very busy.

PM, sending warm wishes your way for a speedy recovery. Blessings! :D

Anonymous said...

We start back to school the 16th here..then on top of that I'm a full time student too..And my classes start the 25th. So with 4 kids, plus me in school, two playing volleyball, and I'm working almost full time too...I dont envy your to-do list!! But try to take it easy...a burnt out you wont be able to write, and we NEED that!!

Sheryl M

Anonymous said...

My life is chaos. First trying to get in the exercise habit and not kill my instructor who believes in "Just one more set." Then pushing through my first real set of revisions. It's like being dropped off in the jungle and told to find your way home.
And then there's the 40 million things that hubby and son need done for them immediately. Just an average day of a writing housewife.;~}
Page Pennington

Denise said...

Hahaha I love that you upgraded to first class in order to get 2 free checked bags...I miss the days where even coach seat ticket holders were permitted to check a bag for free!

I've been having a not-so-lovely time studying for the MPRE (Multi-state Professional Responsibility Exam), which is tomorrow. But I've also been having a great time looking at posted pictures of the conference! Glad you all had such a great time...but I'm so sorry that you're now so stressed! Hang in there!

robynl said...

Dh just finished tiling the bathroom, hallway floors with Ceramic tile. He is redoing the bathroom- can you say yuck. I have white dust from drywall all over so have been mopping, dusting. My sister and niece are coming from Calgary and on Fri. evening we are having a family get-together at the park in the city.

Take care with your foot.

Lois said...

Sigh, well, I'm hoping for a really early return to winter, or that I win a trip to the North Pole. Boy do I hate this summer. LOL I'm not a summer person normally, but this summer sucks. Well, okay, if we had a/c, I wouldn't hate it as much, but alas, we don't, so I keep complaining. :) Need something to do, after all. ;) Other than that, just reading when I can. :)


karenk said...

great posting....i'm trying to room at a time. it's not as easy as it sounds.

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Instigator said...

Smarty Pants will be announcing my winners tomorrow. I picked two but I promise there will be more over the next couple weeks...I came home with lots of books. :-)

Page, hang in there! Revisions aren't fun but at the end of the day I always end up with a better book. It's tough but so worth it when you get to the finished product.