Friday, August 27, 2010

Sucker is Spelled "S-m-a-r-t-y-P-a-n-t-s"

A week ago, if you told me I would be writing this blog post, I would've laughed and cursed you for even suggesting such a thing. And yet, here I am at my desk, picking long, white wiry hair off my shirt and wondering how I got here.
DB and I have two dogs - a pit bull mix and a beagle mix. They're small, about 30-35 pounds and full of energy. We've had them for four or five years. That, combined with my two cats I've had ten years, was more than enough pet owning for me. Too much, really. These are my last cats, for sure. Dogs, maybe, but 4 was definitely my animal capacity.

Tuesday morning, I wake up to much hullaballoo about the time DB gets home from work. He called me. "Don't let the dogs out, there's a wolf in the front yard." Um...kay.

The wolf turned out to be a giant Siberian Husky with the biggest, ice-blue eyes you've ever seen. I had to go to work, so I didn't worry too much about it, but I could see the look in DB's eyes. He was in doggie love. He barely got any sleep as he tried to track down the owner, but we didn't have any luck as his license was old and from the breeder, who sold him.

I could feel us slipping into the abyss. DB called me the next day and told me "they" were going for a ride in his truck. They went to Tennessee to buy lotto tickets and get a hamburger. By the time I got home from work Wednesday, I knew that this giant furball wasn't going anywhere. He slept in bed with us last night. I'm doomed.

So now, I have five animals. *sigh* Two little cats, two small-medium dogs, and one giant, furry horse that masquerades as a dog. It was hard for me to say no. He's really sweet. Mellow. Good with kids (as every neighborhood child was drawn to us like a magnet when I was walking him). He listens to commands. Doesn't bark. I honestly have no complaints about him aside from him shedding like crazy. He and my male pit bull aren't buddy-buddy yet, but the beagle tolerates him alright. Wish I could say the same of the cats. He won't rest until he had them both treed like squirrels.

But he does like the couch. And me. I didn't realize how much I missed having a big dog. Of course, I still love my others (and have to keep pestering DB to give them equal attention) but... I'm such a sucker.

Do you have a soft spot for animals? How many do you have at home and what kind? Have your kids or husbands ever brought something home against your will? I have a hard time telling this face, no.


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Anonymous said...

I took in a cat once and immediately let it be know that she was free to a good home. I didn't name her so I wouldn't become attached to the skinny little kitten. Then, as it is with cats, she began to get fat, like preggers fat. She was then named Mamma Cat. I'm mildly allergic to cats and she remained "free to a good home" until her death 17 years later.
She was a wonderful addition to our family and I hope your new addition brings you years of happiness,too.
PC's Mom

CracklinRosie said...

HA HA HA HA!!! I love it!!!!!!!!

Maven Linda said...

I'm a sucker for dogs. Those eyes get me every time.

You might check the Lost ads in the newspaper for a week or so. He might be someone's dearly beloved pet (other than DB's, and yours, of course).

Nothing you can do about shedding other than brush, brush, brush.

Playground Monitor said...

Everyone keeps telling me I need to get a cat for company, plus I can get one for free from a shelter and save its life. I keep telling them I don't want a pet because that will eliminate my ability to travel at the drop of a hat. Also there are no free animals. They must have shots and be spayed or neutered. They must have toys and food and accessories (i.e. brushes and leashes and collars). AND, I'd have to pay a $350 deposit to my apartment complex.

Nope, don't want or need an animal. But you're a good person SP to take this animal in. And I agree with Maven Linda that you should check the ads and maybe even call local vets. He looks too well cared for to be a stray.

Smarty Pants said...

PM, never get an animal unless you really want one. They live to long for it to be a fluke.

The dog wars are raging at my house. My little boy refuses to back down to the husky. They've been fighting (over me, mostly). Buddy is VERY territorial of me, which I never knew until now. He attacks the husky everytime he comes near me or jumps up on me. Lock one up and they whine. Let them both out and they fight. I wish they'd work out their hierarchy and move on.

If they don't, I don't know how well this is going to work out...

gigi said...

You might want to call the local shelter and see if someone has came by looking for a lost dog.
If there is a rabies tag on the dog you can call the vets office and they can track down the owners. Plus a dog like that light have been micro chipped. The vet can scan their neck and see if they were.
We have found dogs and it might take a while but we usually find the owner and the owners are so thankful that we found them.
A few years ago a poodle owner saw someone pick up their dog in front of their house just to let him go a few miles away. He found his way to my moms house but for a week he sat perched on the back of the sofa looking out. We had notified the Humane society and they alerted the owners when they came by looking for the pooch.

Rebekah E. said...

I love almost any kind of animal and if it wasn't for my husband we would probably be over run with them. Right now I only have a dog and a cat.

Sherry Werth said...

He is a beautiful dog SP! Oh yeah, we are dog lovers. No cats though, Hubby's allergic. Our last German Shepherd (we had two) passed away exactly a year ago today. (sniff, sniff) Our entire household went into a total depression. Even our little Shih Zu would sit on the back deck and howl like crazy. So after a month passed and the black cloud didn't lift, a friend suggested we visit the 2nd Chance Animal Shelter. We fell in love with a little puff of fur and brought her home. At the time we had no idea what breed or breeds she might be. We now know she is a collie mix and the most lovable dog I have ever owned.
So, like Linda said..brush, brush, brush. Oh, and they like to have their own pillow for the bed. :-D

Smarty Pants said...

We haven't checked him for a microchip, but we did call the number and get a contact from his rabies tag. The woman said she'd sold the dog and the new owner hadn't updated the info, but we have the sneaking suspicion she was the owner but just didn't want him back. She told us where his vet records were, how old he was, etc. We've walked the dog around the neighborhood every night but no one has recognized him or mentioned anyone missing a dog. I'm going to keep on the lookout, though.

robertsonreads said...

No pets for me, I now enjoy taking care of myself. My son used to bring critters home from school. God bless those critters, everyone of them died on my watch (when son would visit his dad on the weekends).

gigi said...

It must be a heartless person if they don't want such a beautiful dog back. I am an animal lover and my pooch rules the roost around here. I can't imagine not wanting her. She is one of the family. I hope that everything does work out for the dog at your house. I know that he will be pampered and well loved by you and your family.

catslady said...

I love all animals. I currently have only 4 cats inside (in the last two months I lost two and I'm still devasted). We have had two dogs (one a beagle and then a mix who was an absolute sweetheart). And then the first stray mama cat showed up with 3 kittens 15 yrs. ago and my life has never been the same. I still care for ferals outside - two permanent females (lost one this January :( and males that come and go. I can't keep count of how many I've tended and found homes for but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Liza said...

I would love a dog, but I live in an apartment and just don't feel like it is fair to the dog to be locked up all day and then on a leash only when we go out.

Your new dog is beautiful! Does he have a name yet, or did I miss it?

Maven Linda said...

Give the pups a couple of weeks to work out their pecking order. Usually takes about that long. In the meantime, it's more posturing and growling than anything else. Just be sure they BOTH know that you're the real Alpha in the bunch.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful dog! And yes, you are a sucker - a good sucker! I love dogs too and I have the fur balls to prove it. I have three dogs and four cats (I lost one of my cats about two weeks ago and am still mourning him).

You and DB are great to give him a new home. Best of Luck!

Marcy said...

I was also suckered recently. I only went to "see" a dog that was up for adoption from a rescue group. Who was I kidding? Once I saw those kind brown eyes looking at me with that "take-me-home-please" look, I was doomed. And so I added another dog to the dog and cat I already had. He is such a nice addition to our family...I wouldn't change a thing.

But if you find a way to keep your new dog from chasing the cats, I'd love to hear it!

Smarty Pants said...

Sorry to chime in late with this. The new pup's name is Shadow. It came on his tag. Really, he doesn't answer to it, so I'd like to change it. Problem is he seems too regal for the silly names I give pets. 3 out of 4 are named after snack foods (Licorice, Jello and Nutty Buddy). I'd be inclined to call him Triscuit or something if DB would let me. So far the answer is no. I'm not allowed to be involved in the naming of the new dog. Odds are, it will stay Shadow for lack of coming up with something else.