Monday, February 15, 2010

What Ya Reading???

Of all the gifts I could receive on Valentine’s Day, one of my favorite would have to be a gift card to the bookstore. As a matter of fact, my lovely hubby gave me one for Christmas this year, and I had so much fun spending it! I found 2 new-to-me authors who luckily had out several books in their series each and I was able to purchase in bulk. Unfortunately, that also meant I wasn’t getting as much writing done, but I couldn’t resist. These books were like caffeine to an addict. I had to have my daily fix! Now, I’ve read everything they have out in those series and am eagerly awaiting the next releases. The next best thing would be sharing these authors with you!

So here are my newest reading obsessions:

Jami Alden: The Gemini Men series

What do you get when you combine a trio of hot brothers, women who know just which buttons to push, and rampant murderers on the loose? A darn good read, that’s what!

Jami Alden’s trilogy on the Gemini brothers, private investigators and security specialists, are wonderful romantic suspense with lots of spicy sex scenes and mysteries that can and do surprise you. The newest is UNLEASHED, the last Gemini brother in his quest to clear a woman he loved long ago from a murder wrap, while not getting himself swept back up into his attraction for her. (Like he’ll ever succeed at that!) These guys are strong, sometimes *ssholes, but always fall hard for the women that sweep into their lives. YummO!


Larissa Ione: Demonica Series

I’m not sure how I’ve missed seeing this author before, considering there are 4 books currently out in this hot paranormal series. Larissa sets up her own paranormal world pitting demonic forces against the Aegis (humans dedicated to protecting humankind from demons and others). She started the series off with Seminus demon brothers (BTW, those are SEX DEMONS! Yowza!) who blew the lid off the hottie charts! These are your typical bad boys in demon form. But the women who tame them are just as bad. ;) If you like paranormal (including demons, vampires, weres, ghosts, and fallen angels), you won’t want to miss out on this series. I gave the first 2 books to my sister after I finished reading them, and she got really upset with me… because she’s so busy devouring them like I did that she’s not getting any writing done either. What can I say? I must share the procrastination… uh, wealth. :)


The newest book in the series is ECSTASY UNVEILED, pitting a Seminus demon against an earthbound angel. Talk about power plays! My next indulgence will be to check out the series she writes with author Stephanie Tyler under the pseudonym Sydney Croft. Those sound good too. Maybe as a reward when I have actually gotten some work done…

So tell me, what are your newest reads? Found a new (or new-to-you) author lately? A great new release by one of your must-have authors? Tell us all about them and share the, um, wealth. :)


P.S. The winner of Tawny Weber’s book from last Thursday is Caroline Storer! Caroline, please send your snail mail address to Tawny at to claim your prize.


Problem Child said...

I'm writing, so I'm not reading much, but I did get a FAB book in my packet of RITA books. Since we're not supposed to talk about the books we're judging, I can't say here what it is, but once the judging is over, I'll be telling the world about this author's books!!!

Playground Monitor said...

I just finished the first book I've read cover-to-cover in several months. It was a category romance by one of my favorite authors, Susan Crosby. I've had trouble focusing long enough to finish a book, so I was tickled pink to read a whole book. It's part of a series and I have the second book on my nightstand now and read the first chapter last night. Maybe the focus is returning and along with it will come enough focus to write too.

M.V.Freeman said...

Ooooh, the Demonica series, I HAVE to read. :-)

All I have is a YA to Kelley Armstrong: The Summoning, The awakening....

I read them when I write adult, and when I write YA, I read adult..yes, I get it all backwards.

Sometimes its fun to just read for awhile...refill that well.

LeaannS said...

I haven't really read any new-to-me authors (too busy reading all the stuff you give me and getting no work done!) except Rhyannon Byrd. She is a paranormal author with a unique twist on demons. Her series is "The Edge" (Edge of Darkness, Edge of Desire, I can't think of the other one) and I really have enjoyed it. Everything else is new books by authors I already love.

Pat L. said...

No new authors lately.
But am currently reading Starr Ambrose's Our Little Secret.

Recently finished Robyn Carr:
Forbidden Falls and Angel's Peak and Dan Walsh's The Unfinished Gift. All V.G.

Angel said...

Awesome books mentioned today! I'll have to check some of them out as rewards for meeting my writing goals.


cissikat said...

Larissa's Demonica series is great! Also really like Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series. I hate waiting for the next installment so have been reading stand-alones as much as possible!