Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tasteful Tuesday becomes "Tuneful Tuesday"

This is my friend Cristina Lynn. We met because our kids were in Kindergarten together. We’ve thrown class parties, supervised field trips, joined the PTA… you know the drill. But we’re also the founding members of our local Not-Your-Average-Soccer-Mom Club.

See, I write “those” kinds of books, and Cristina plays in bars. Neither of us drives a mini-van. ::grin:: Some people might say we’re setting the wrong example…

But Cristina rocks! And I mean that literally. This lady has a voice that’s unbelievable, and I’m so excited that her new CD is out! Cristina’s a bit of a local secret, so I’ve brought her here to the blog today to give all our Honorary Playfriends a chance to hear her sing.

Click here to hear "The Next Goodbye" (It will open in a new window.)

Oh, and did I mention she plays guitar AND writes her own songs? (And she volunteers at the school way more than I do… ~wonder woman, grumble~)

Cristina’s the first professional musician we’ve had visit the Playground, so she’s agreed to hang out and answer questions. I’ll get us started with a couple…

Unlike some of us (ahem) you got to choose the title for your CD. Why’d you call it “From All Sides”?

I so wanted this CD to showcase who I am as a person, who I am as a vocalist, who I am as a songwriter and who I am as a passionate musician who is so blessed to get to do what I do. So, when I heard the mixes and saw the pictures I knew we had accomplished a lot!! There’s still a lot left in me, but ‘From All Sides’ is a really good beginning!!

I happen to know you have an adorable and active child…how do you manage the whole mom/wife/artist balancing act?

Aw, Thanks….. I have two wonderful men in my life that step up when life is crazy! One is my hubby, Kevin, and the other is my Little Man. They believe in this crazy dream and love & support me through everything! One day after school my Little Man said he had to write about someone he admired. He wrote about me!! He said, “Mommy you do what you love and still take care of me. Everyone is going to hear your voice one day.” (tears, tears, tears…)

I won’t ask you to pick your favorite song off the CD – because I know that’s impossible – but could you pick one song and give tell us a little about it? What inspired it and how you wrote it?

I have trouble picking just one, so thanks for not asking me to do that. ; ) I can tell you that I love ‘I Miss You’. I love singing it and sharing my passion for the sacrifices made by our military women and men. It’s simply a tribute to our soldiers and their families.

I started this song about 4 years ago. One evening I was watching a news clip showing soldiers getting on a bus and leaving their families to fight for freedom. As I watched, I really wondered what the one common denominator was. It was three simple words: I MISS YOU. I put it aside for a while because I was basically told ‘I Miss You’ was not a strong enough hook. You know, the title of the song. I was also told that I needed to have someone die in the song to really push the feeling of missing someone. Both of those thoughts totally went against why I started the song. I believe you can totally miss someone even when they are in the next room. Of course our military families are going to miss their soldiers! They are usually serving in another part of the world!! So, I picked it back up a couple years later and finished it with a friend, Chuck. It’s #7 on my CD, ‘From All Sides’!!!

We were just sittin' at our table and sayin' grace
Now you're fightin' everyday, God I pray you're safe
I thought I heard your voice in my pillow, you whispered my name
When the wind barely blows I think I feel you
It's just a breeze but I pretend that the breeze is you
You've been gone so long I swear I feel you everywhere...

I really wanna hold you, hold you so much, that my arms ache and my heart breaks
You're half a mile away, it's more than my heart can take

I really wanna hold you, hold you so much, that my arms ache and my heart cries
You're half a world away, it's more than my heart can take
If I could just kiss you, I know I have to risk you...
Baby I miss you...
I Miss You – Cristina Lynn & C. Rutenberg – © 2006

The comment tail is open and Cristina is willing to chat. She’ll also give away a copy of her CD to one commenter.

For more information on Cristina, her music or to order her CD, visit http://cristinalynnblog.com/.


Playground Monitor said...

Wow! I don't know why but I wasn't expecting country. That's not a problem cause I like country music. :-) Every song seems to tell a story, and I know lots of writers who get their inspiration from country music.

Do you have any local appearances coming up? I'd love to hear you in person.

Laurie said...

Beautiful song! I'm in awe of talented musicians and singers! I love music! All Kinds! I took piano and guitar lessons. However,I discovered to my dismay that I am tone deaf.

Do you find it easy to remember all of the songs you've learned over the years? Is it a matter of repetion or do you play everything by ear?

I'd love to hear your CD! Best wishes for continued success!

Cristina Lynn said...

Good Morning PG Monitor,

What kind of music were you expecting?? The story telling part is what I love so much about Country Music!!

Maybe at least one of my songs will give someone inspiration for their next book or just inspiration to go tell a loved one how much they love them!!

I have been booking a lot over the last week and hope to get my gigs listed on my Blog site, www.cristinalynnblog.com. I'd love for anyone to stop by to visit!! I'll let you know when they are there and would love to sing to you in the future!

Have a blessed day...........

Cristina Lynn said...

Mornin' Laurie,

Many thanks for taking the time to listen and embrace the words. I would love to play piano, but never had the chance to learn. I have been self-teaching myself acoustic guitar for the past 3 years and just love it!

You know it's funny you ask about lyrics...... I have moments when I cannot remember the first word of original songs! Yikers! They are MY songs!!! If that happens, we cover it up with another few measures of pickin'. ; )

Please visit my blog site, www.cristinalynnblog.com to listen to a few more original clips from my CD. 5 original songs, along with 3 unpublished and several covers. 13 songs total! There is a list of all the songs and a short blurb about each one. Please let me know what you think. I love the feedback!!

There is also a tab to purchase my CD on my blog site if you feel so moved.

Blessings to you.......

Problem Child said...

PM, I thought I told you she was a country singer. (I have broad musical tastes, ya know.)

Welcome, Cristina!

I write short books, but the thought of trying to tell an entire story in about 500 words or less? Wow. That's impressive!

And I foresee a Playground field trip in the near future!

renee said...

"From All Sides" is an amazing compilation of wonderful stories, beautiful music and truly an inspiration to anyone who listens! Cristina has put her heart and soul into this cd and I encourage everyone to check out her music, her blog and websites!

Cristina Lynn said...

Mornin' PC and Many thanks for the invite,

Great conversation has begun... it's gonna be a good day!!

Condensing a story is challenging at times. When I'm writing I have to constantly remind myself of the main idea which tends to change sometimes. : )

I can't imagine writing books!! Whew!!!


Cristina Lynn said...

Hey Renee!!

Many thanks for taking the time to listen and embrace my music!!!

Blessings to you...........

googli bear said...

Your entire cd is fantastic. You have a beautiful voice and who you are comes across in your music. You deserve to be a successful country music star!!!

Rebekah E. said...

You have a beautiful voice.

Cristina Lynn said...

Many thanks for listening Googlie Bear! Your words mean a lot! I'm already lucky to get to do what I do! If anything else comes along, that will just be the roses on an already iced cake!!!

Blessings & peace............

Cristina Lynn said...

Many thanks Rebekah!!

I hope your day is great!

Playground Monitor said...

What was I expecting? Something more pop I guess.

And oh my goodness, but you played at the Bluebird Cafe last month. What other big venues have you played?

Smarty Pants said...

I wasn't expecting country either. Funny. I don't know, the CD gave me more of a Norah Jones type vibe.

Great sound, though. Congrats on putting out an album. I have some musical family and I know how hard it is. Myself, I've never been able to wrap my brain around playing an instrument. I'll sing all day long, but the piano or the guitar is just impossible (much to the annoyance of my uncles who bought me a different muscial instrument for every major holiday when I was a child.)

Cristina Lynn said...

Pop..... I have heard that before, but when I open my mouth, it's all Country. ; )

I have played the Bluebird 5 Sunday nights during their Sunday Writer Nights. I've also opened for Jim Parker in HSV,AL for his Songwriter Nights and also got to open for Carter's Chord at Merrimack Hall in HSV.

All very cool!! I am hoping to get up to TN and over to Atlanta more this year!! I'll keep you posted!!

Mike Gareri said...

I so happy to finally have this CD in my hands. I listen to it all the time. You know how much I love your music.

Where do you see yourself in five years? and the in ten years? Move to Nashville? buy a big old farm in TN?

Cristina Lynn said...

I've also heard Norah Jones... what an amazing artist!!

Many thanks for listening and for the well-wishes! Watching 'From All Sides' take shape was like having a baby!!

No kidding... You sign the contract... you wait. You bring in the musicians... you wait. You lay the main vocal tracks... you wait. You lay the harm tracks... you wait. You have a photography shoot.... you wait. You mix and remix and remix... you wait. You look over and over and over print proof..... you miss something major..... back to proofing..... you wait. Finally goes to print.... you really wait. But, you're so excited about what's to come it just doesn't matter. : D

So, I guess what I'm saying is I worked really hard and waited a lot. It was such a cool process to be a part of!! I'm really glad I did it! Waiting and all.

I've been thrilled and humbled by all the positive feedback I have heard.

Many thanks for listening...........

As for playing those instruments. Girl have got to WANT to pick that guitar up and make your fingers bleed. Got any of those instruments still laying around????

cristina Lynn said...

Hey Mike!

Many thanks for picking up CDs for yourself and a few friends!!

I'd love to sing on the Grand Ol' Opry some day!! Dreamin' doesn't cost anything, so I'm dreamin' and dreamin' BIG!!! : )

We will probably always be around here. This is home and Nashvegas is just a couple hours up the road!!!

Hope your day is Great!

Sherry Werth said...

Cristina, congratulations on the new CD! You have a lovely voice. I'm in awe of anyone that can play a musical instrument and also be able to put inspiring words to it...oh my. Maybe I'll get to hear you live someday soon. :D
Best wishes!

cristina Lynn said...

Hey Sherry!

I would love for you to come hear me some day and would love to meet you, too!!

Many thanks for taking the time to listen!!

Blessings to you........

Smarty Pants said...

Sadly, I don't know where any of the instruments are now. At one point, I had an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a clarinet, a violin, a keyboard and a harmonica. Only the harmonica remains and that is just because it was my great-grandfathers. The problem was that my uncles never taught me to play any of them. They were all self taught and I guess they figured I'd just fiddle with it until I taught myself to play. Uh... no.

catslady said...

I loved the little bit I got to hear. Country/rock has always been one of my favorites. I am sure I would enjoy your entire CD. Thanks!

cristina Lynn said...

Oh Wow! To have something that meant so much to your great-grandfather!!! That's really cool!! It sounds like they covered several different types of instruments in hopes that you'd be drawn to something. : ) Oh well.... Keep Singing Girl!!!

Cristina Lynn said...


Please visit my blog site, www.cristinalynnblog.com, to hear more original song clips. Let me know what you think.

Many thanks for listening!

Liza said...

I saw from your blog you have been in Nashville before. Do you think you will be back playing in Nashville again? My friends and I would love to come out and support you. Loved the clips I heard.

Anonymous said...

We have been fans of Cristina Lynn even before she started this profession---watched her grow into a great singer, songwriter and musician. Don't miss a chance to see her in person if the opportunity arises, her stage presence is awesome! We love her dearly as well as her two guys. We have copies of her CDs in every player in the house and our cars.

"GrandMa and GrandPa"

Cristina Lynn said...

Many thanks Liza......

I have been blessed to play the Bluebird Cafe several times during the Sunday Writer Nights. I am hoping to get back up to the Bluebird for a round but have not worked things out just yet. I also have planned to look into the Listening Room and also the Commodor. Do you have any other venue suggestions??? I'd love to hear them!

If you'd like for me let you know when I'll be back that way, please send me your email address. I'd love to add you to my mailing list. I've been working on a cool, new newsletter!! cristinalynn@cristinalynn.com

Please visit my blog for a few more clips, www.cristinalynnblog.com

Many thanks for stopping to take the time.


Cristina Lynn

Cristina Lynn said...

If your family doesn't love and support you, then who will!!! Ha Ha

Many thanks and much love Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Anonymous said...

i love listening to your music....you truly are a gifted artist.


Cristina Lynn said...

I think it's Karen, right??

Many thanks for stopping by to listen and to leave such a kind comment. Please come by my blog site, www.cristinalynnblog.com, and chat with me there or send me an email at cristinalynn@cristinalynn.com.

Blessings & Peace to you and yours,

Cristina Lynn

Cristina Lynn said...

Hey Folks,

This has been such a fun experience for me! I really, really appreciate all of you taking the time to listen to my music and to get to know me. Please come by my blog site or e-mail me any time. I'd love to add any of you to my newsletter, so just let me know. I hope to chat with you all again in the future and sing to you very, very soon!!

Remember that Faith, Hope and Love helps get ya through the day............

Cristina Lynn

Anonymous said...

and what ya'll don't know that you are soon to find out, Christina is an excellent actress! small scoop, mark it down!

Cristina Lynn said...

Okay.... now the cat's out of the bag!

I am in acting class! I have met some amazing people and really look forward to what the future holds in both music and acting!

I promised a CD to someone..... I'll be drawing the winner today! Stay tuned and many thanks again for all your comments!

Blessings & Peace.................