Friday, January 08, 2010

Free Book Friday - Presents Edition (Updated!)

It's that day again. Free Books are going out to one lucky reader who comments today. Each month I'm going to try to come up with a different theme. Why? Because I'm neurotic and I need some kind of order to my life. So, I learned recently that Honorary Playfriend Lynn Raye Harris just had a huge debut of her sophomore book - placing 112 on the USA Today List. This is great news for her and to celebrate, I thought what better than a Presents Themed FBF?!

Cavelli's Lost Heir

by Lynn Raye Harris

Normally Prince Nico Cavelli would never waste his time visiting the prison cell of a tourist. Except this particular alleged criminal has stolen something very personal to him— his son, heir to the Montebianco throne!

Lily Morgan always knew it was a mistake coming to the Mediterranean kingdom, but she'd had no choice. First she was thrown into jail for a crime she didn't commit…now she's been bailed out by the prince—though in return she must become his royal wife!

Billionaire Prince, Pregnant Mistress
by Sandra Marton

Aspiring jewelry designer Maria Santos, proud but poor, has come to Aristo to win a royal commission. Cold, calculating Prince Alexandros Karedes masterfully beds Maria, thinking she's only sleeping with him to save her business.

So when Alexandros discovers Maria is pregnant, he assumes it's on purpose. She'll never be a suitable wife--but she's perfect mistress material. What will it take for this billionaire prince to realize he's falling for his pregnant mistress?

Expecting His Royal Baby
by Susan Stephens

Prince boss, virgin secretary...unexpected heir!

The prince with a provocative past has returned to claim Niroli's crown...

Nico Fierezza has never relied on his royal name. But now the king has summoned him. Niroli is ready to welcome its new ruler! Carrie Evans has been in love with Nico, her boss, for years. But he ruthlessly discarded her after one night of loving and now she's pregnant! Carrie will do anything to protect her baby's future.

Does anything include marrying Nico?

Lots of sexy alpha heros named Nico are up for the taking. To win, tell us a little about what you enjoy in an alpha hero and include the phrase - "I want to be swept away!" Check back Monday to find out if you're the lucky winner (and btw - last month's winner didn't claim their prize, so if I don't hear from Sarah Tormey by Monday, I'll award last month's books to one of today's commenters.


PS. Apparently there is also another book being given away today... The Millionaire's Misbehaving Mistress is being offered by PC if you email her with ways to seek revenge against me. Sigh... anyway, see the comment thread for details on how you can win.

PSS. Also, Donna Alward is paying us a visit next week. Pop in Monday to say hi!


Dorthy said...

What do I love about an alpha hero?
Oh, what's not to love?
They are so passionate, about everything. They are strong, mentaly and physically (usually) but still have a few of those flaws that make them human. They are secure enough in themselves to let you (or the heorine) take the lead sometimes.
Like I said, what's not to love, those are only a few of the reasons!
Who doesn't want to be swept away by an alpha hero? "I want to be swept away!"
So those are a few of my reasons.

mariska said...

i love An Alpha hero that has Brain. I mean He has to be smart, strong physically, Handsome :)
and He has to have a humor side inside him, since we're all need humor to brighter the day.

" I Want to be Swept Away' !

CrystalGB said...

What I love about an alpha hero is that he is a strong, passionate man who doesn't let anything stand in the way of getting what he wants. He is loyal to family and his woman and will do anything for them.

I Want To Be Swept Away!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

No need to enter me, ladies. I'm dropping in to say thanks for the e-mail. I've got this posted at Win a Book for you.

Problem Child said...

~blinks in shock~

A Presents giveaway. On the Playground Blog. Yet there seems to be a major omission.


Caroline Storer said...

"I want to be swept away by an Alpha male." Who wouldn't? They are the cavemen of today. Passionate, mentally and physically capable and more than capable to fight for those they love. Take care. Caroline x

Problem Child said...

~Flounces back in~


~tosses hair defiantly~

*I'll* give away a copy of my "Millionaire's Misbehaving Mistress" to someone who emails me with an idea for suitable revenge against Smarty Pants for this insult of omission...


Enter SP's contest here, but don't post your revenge idea here -- we don't want her to know what's coming... ::insert evil smiley face here::

Smarty Pants said...

Such drama. You see what I have to put up with around here?

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

SP, I'd be watching the chocolate if I were you... it might vanish on ya.

Smarty Pants said...

What if I buy, like 8 boxes of GH cookies from AC to make up for it?

Playground Monitor said...

Oh sheesh. I wake up way too early, lie awake for a while, fall back asleep and sleep til 9:00 and look at the behavior I haven't been monitoring.

Settle down or I'll have to blow my whistle and send you to your respective corners of the blacktop. On second thought, we'll take this inside the gym since it's 13 degrees outside with a single-digit windchill.

Verification word: gooine That kinda sounds like go in, which is what everyone should do if they can cause it's dangerously cold outside.

Angel said...

Now, now, PC. I'm sure SP had a perfectly good reason for not including you, like giving you the chance to give away your own books. :)

I love a man who takes charge, as long as he does it with purpose and care. In my mind, alpha heroes are all about doing what they think is best for the heroine, whether she agrees or not. They are strong enough to handle any problem, and smart enough to (eventually) figure out the joys of committing themselves to the one woman they just have to have. :) Yummy!


Smarty Pants said...

See? Angel understands!


(or some similiar sound of me giving PC a raspberry)

Virginia said...

I want to be swept away by a nice strong alpha hero! Whats not to love about them. You just can't help yourself!

Maureen said...

I enjoy alpha heroes because they don't wait for things to happen, they make them happen.
I want to be swept away!

Minna said...

I want to be swept away!
I like alpha heroes because they don't sit around, but get things done!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Thanks for the honor! Sorry you got in trouble with PC. :)

Morgan's Mom said...

The alpha hero.....usually tall, most of the time dark, and always always handsome. He's smart and successful and witty...with a smile that lights up the room. The way he looks at you makes you want to melt. He can always be counted on, even if his reputation tells you something different! "I want to be swept away" by a man like that! Next best thing? Harlequin Presents by some amazing writers!

Anonymous said...

i want to be swept away by an alpha hero :)

my hero would be tall/dark/handsome....and he would treat me like a lady.


robynl said...

"I want to be swept away!"
An Alph hero can do it just fine. He is interested in the well being of the lady and will fight for her honor. He is good at making her feel wanted/needed. Yet he is gentle and kind inside.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Yes, I'm late. All the books noted sound wonderful, I can't wait to read them. Also, wonderful new website!!!
And, like others, "I want to be swept away!"

Becca J. Heath said...

I love an alpha hero
Want him to be strong and powerful
To be brought to his knees
Be passionate
Swept away by the heroine just when all looked lost
Away into the sunset for a HEA

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Waving Happy Friday!

No need to enter me, I have all of the books but I love Free Book Friday and I adore alpha males, especially Presents ones!

Instigator said...

I check in early for once and look at what I miss later. Drama on the Playground. That never happens. :-)


Linda Henderson said...

Alpha heroes are usually strong, highly intelligent, brave, courageous, and being incredibly sexy doesn't hurt. After all,"I want to be swept away."

gigi said...

"I want to be swept away!"

I love a powerful man as an Alpha hero. They always think they know best. They are demanding sometime exotic and always handsome in a Presents book.

MarionG said...

What I love in an Alpha hero is a strong physical presense, yet gentleness and kindness in manners, and a protective attitude. That's my ideal Alpha hero. I want to be swept away.
polo-puppy-fluffy AT hotmail (dot) com

Laurie said...

"I want to be swept away!"

I like Alpha's who are intelligent, in control but not domineering, sure of themselves but not arrogant, open to and receptive of other's ideas, have a sense of humor, are caring and generous but not expecting praise and adulation.

Mostly,I like a hero who will put himself out for others without thought of reward or consequences.

These books all sound wonderful!

susanwilson44 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
susanwilson44 said...

Ho hum 2nd try......

Why do I always miss the good fights?

That's why I love alpha males and sparky presents females - so much chemistry there is always a fight!

So please realise "i want to be swept away" in the great stories you get from presents!

Summer said...

Strong, passionate, and capable of making a heroine melt in a single glance, of course I want to be swept away by an alpha hero!