Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

I love this holiday - the ending of one year and the beginning of another. While there will be plenty of time to talk about resolutions and how we're all going to do better at (insert your weakness here) starting tomorrow, today is for fun.

I don't know about you guys but I love the party aspect of New Year's Eve. Staying up to watch the ball drop. Fireworks and champagne. This year we waited to have our annual Playground Christmas party until tonight. There will be food, Rock Band, a few adult beverages and plenty of friendship.

Do you have big plans for tonight? How are you celebrating New Year's Eve? Will you be dressed to the nines to dance the night away or curled up on the sofa in your PJs watching the ball drop?

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year!



Jane said...

No party to go to this year. We'll be at home watching the ball drop and maybe have a glass or two of champagne. Have a Happy New Year.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

My big plans involve a non-alcoholic sparkling beverage and bed by 10. :) Most likely.

Christine said...

I don't have big plans. I miss my old city right now where we used to go to my friend's house, eat and drink, light fireworks and toast in the new year.

Slow goings over here: I woke up early and am pretty sure I won't last till midnight. Looks like it will be we three with a ham and easy peasy din din, champagne, Wii and they two waking me up to say Happy New Year at midnight.

Playground Monitor said...

Obviously I'll be with the Playfriends, sipping my usual non-alcoholic beverage and maybe playing drums on Eye of the Tiger with Little Man accompanying on guitar.

Angel said...

Woohoo!! I'm back. And just in time for the party. It is slow moving for me today. After days of laziness at my parents' houses, I'm now expected to unload the car and vacuum. Ugh! But I have something fun to look forward to!!!


Smarty Pants said...

Ah, the annual Playground New Year's Party... fondue, Rock Band and alcoholic goodness. :)

Virginia said...

I will stay home and read a good book! What better way to bring in the New Year!