Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Wishes... gone wrong. But with Prizes!

My holiday spirit is a little low at the moment -- all the last minute things tend to frustrate me (Hmm, seems that Angel and I are sharing that frustration thing right now). Sometimes you just need to let your inner Scrooge or Grinch out for a few minutes to let off some steam. So let's let them out to do thier thing, and then we'll all feel better going into to this "most wonderful time of the year."

It's time for the annual Christmas Wish game! (With a PC twist, of course.) Here's how it works: I'll make a wish. The next commenter will "grant" my wish, but in such a way as to make me regret wishing for it. For example -- Say I wish for a full body massage. You'd grant my wish, but inform me that it will be preformed by Frodo with his big hairy Hobbit feet. You'd then wish for something -- say a million dollars -- and the *next* commenter will grant your wish -- by giving it to you in pennies -- before making their own wish.

Got it? You can look at one of the past games if you need some ideas

Good Grinchy fun to release any of that holiday frustration before it ruins Christmas...

And because my inner Scrooge is already feeling better at just the thought of this game, I will be giving away prizes! I have a nice little selection here ready to go in the mail. Winners will be chosen arbitrarily by me with no guidelines up front. Could be best wish, best thwarting of a wish, most evil thought, or even the ones that make me laugh out loud.

Ready? I'll start --

I wish elves would come clean out my garage.


Linda Henderson said...

And move in with the wife, kids and mother in law.

Jean said...

Linda didn't add a wish so I'll respond to PC's wish too.

The Elves leave the garage clean--completely clean; they steal everything of value.

I wish my yard was landscaped.

Playground Monitor said...

~poof!~ Your yard is landscaped -- with lots of trees that shed their leaves every four weeks.

I wish my gray hair would go away. (Can't wait to see how this is granted but I have an idea what it might be.)

Angel said...

Yep, you guessed it. It all falls out! (I'm not very original, I know)

Hmmm.... I wish for more hours in the day to get things done I need to.


Linda Winstead Jones said...

Angel, you get more hours. They come with a HUGE case of insomnia. Yes, this is when you used to sleep.

I wish for Johnny Depp to become my personal driver/cook.

Maureen said...

Johnny Depp arrives with his whole family on your doorstep and he's a terrible driver, getting into an accident each day and he can't cook.

I wish the snow would melt.

Problem Child said...

Maureen, the snow has melted, but it causes a flood in your basement.

I wish the gerbils would stay in their cage.

Sherry Werth said...

The gerbils stay in their cage..but you also can't get in it. To clean it. They stay in their cage pooping and reproducing.

I wish I had a new car.

Instigator said...

Sherry, you get your new car but find it's filled with ants.

I wish for my Nook to arrive early.


Julie Miller said...

Instigator--Your Nook arrives early, but it doesn't work and you have to return it. Won't get the replacement until after Christmas.

I wish all this sleet and snow would blow on past us so folks could travel.

(I love games! So much more fun than getting my work done ;)

Smarty Pants said...

Julie, the storm blows through so everyone can travel. Including your obnoxious, smelly uncle, who shows up at your house to spend a month.

I with I had my own minion.

Playground Monitor said...

You have your own minion -- Julie's obnoxious, smelly uncle whom she kicked out after two days.

I wish I had a netbook.

traveler said...

Your netbook is yours but there is a problem when it is plugged in and the fire ruins this experience.

traveler said...

Sorry, must include my wish. I would love to have a vacation to the warmth of the sea.

Anonymous said...

You get your vacation to the warmth of the sea only to realize the warmth is caused by the bus load of tourist that just arrived in search of bathroom facilities.

I wish children all over the world would wake up with presents Christmas morning.

Sassy 35803

Virginia said...

All of these presents will be charged on your Visa Card and you will have to spend the next twenty years paying for them!

I wish for a bigger house, wwith more room and library!

Maven Linda said...

Virginia, you get your bigger house, but it's decorated in the 70's style of c.s. green and harvest gold, and all of your relatives who are out of work come to live with you because, after all, you have plenty of room.

I wish it would SNOW!

gigi said...

you get your wish for the BIG house which is painted hot pink with a purple library.

I wish to take a trip to Ireland.

Sassy said...

Maven you get your wish for snow but it is all yellow snow. Gigi you get your wish for a trip to Ireland but unfortunately there is a problem with the plane. Once your plane lands in Ireland you are stranded on the tarmack and quarantined do to an undiagnosed illness your fellow passenger has. For the complete duration of your Ireland trip.

I wish I cold feed all the homeless.

Margay said...

Sassy, I grant your wish. You get to feed all the homeless - literally, by spoon, as if they are babies.

I wish I could get a new car.


Rebekah E. said...

poof you have a new car, but be careful it might be a tight sqeeze the clowns needed something bigger.

I wish for my children to be quite for 20 minutes during this Winter Break.

Sassy said...

Rebekah E- Your wish for quiet children for twenty minutes is granted but you soon learn they were quiet while eating the box of exlax chocolate out of the refridgerator and now it seems it will be a long night since you only have one working restroom.

I wish to be debt free.

catslady said...

Poof, you are now debt free but that's because every single thing you own was sold to pay off your debt.

I wish for world peace

Angel said...

Oh, y'all are so funny... and quite devious!


Smarty Pants said...

Catslady, you get your wish and the world unites in brotherhood and the common good. Unfortunately, it's because we're being attacked by space aliens.

I wish I could sell my book for oodles of money.

Anonymous said...

Hey Smarty Pants,

Your wish is granted...your book is sold for oodles of money, all counterfiet...marked...and highly wanted by the US Treasury.

My wish: a trip to Charleston, SC during this winter season.


Jane said...

Karen, the plane ticket to SC just arrived in your hands as a Nor'easter blows in.

I wish to trade my apartment for a house.

Virginia said...

Jane you get your wish but your house is right by a river and every time it rains it is flooded and you have to clean up mudd for a week!

I wish for a young slim body.

Pat L. said...

You are young and slim but cannot eat anything sweet as you will give a bad case of hives all over your body.

And I would like to Marry George Clooney in my next life.

Michele L. said...

You get to marry George Clooney in your next life but when you wake up beside him in bed, "POOF", you have chronic bed head hair every morning, making him scream his head off! Alas, he promptly runs from the room and never comes back.

I wish I had an indoor swimming pool.

catslady said...

I figured your wish should be granted even though this is over. You get your swimming pool but of course it's filled with piranha's :)

Problem Child said...

Ack, Blogger ate my comment!

Y'all are awesome and I'm sorry things got so hectic yesterday I didn't get to play much. I'll pick winners and get them posted soon...

Anonymous said...

teh pool would be warm and steamy with derek jeter in tights serving u a cold margiarita

fun things ladies