Monday, December 21, 2009

A Boot Frustration

Last week I learned something new about myself: I absolutely hate being physically hindered in any way. You see, I have developed tendonitis in one of my feet and the doctor has put me in a walking boot to keep it immobilized for 3 weeks in order for it to heel. Very quickly, I realized how very much I hated it.

At first, I walked like a drunken sailor. Everything felt off balance and out of rhythm. Once I started to get the hang of things, I didn’t look quite so funny, but it slowed me down. A lot. Which is exactly what the doctor wanted. He said so. But I don’t like it. I feel so much sorrier for my Drama Queen, who had 2 broken wrists earlier this year. She didn't whine at all (I'm not sure how she managed that).

I’m used to going about my business quickly and efficiently. When I shop, I want to get in and get out. I have a list and I get down to business (unless I’m shopping for clothes). Household tasks, I want to get them done and move on to something more enjoyable. And I’ve always been able to do that, except at the end of my pregnancies. This is a similar feeling of frustration.

Add to that the fact that I’m falling asleep all the time… You see, the only time I can take the boot off is when I’m seated or lying down. Since I hate having it on – you get the picture. But I get still and I fall asleep, which just seems to be making me sleepier instead of refreshed. At night, I want to take it off, so I go lay in the bed and watch television or read class work from the online course I’m taking. And fall asleep at like 9pm, which is unheard of for me.

Sigh. At least all of my Christmas shopping and preparations were done. I can’t imagine hitting the mall in this thing. Today, I have to do the grocery shopping for our festivities this week and I’m already dreading it. Who wants to take 2 hours to get groceries instead of 1? Not me.

Heard enough whining out of me yet? :) I’m sure everyone around me feels the same way. It’s just the frustration talking. On the brighter side, I’ve spent a lot of time cuddling my kids this week and we’ve watched as many Christmas specials as we can find. My hubby has waited on me quite patiently and I’m deeply appreciative (even if he has taken to calling me Bootsy).

So tell me, have you broken a bone or had to keep immobile to correct an injury? How did you handle the waiting part? Any advice for keeping my frustrations under wrap, especially during this busy holiday season?


P.S. For a smile to contradict all my negative energy today, watch our Elf Yourself video below. It's a hoot!


Jean said...

Once I fell on some icy steps and sprained my ankle badly. It was holiday time then too. I had to lie with my foot elevated above my heart for a few days. I was very lucky because the house was clean, the shopping done, and baking finished. The only thing that didn't get done on schedule was delivering the 943 baskets of goodies I made for friends, shopkeepers, and people I met briefly on the street in 1982. (I have since cut that out.) Anyway, the pain aside, I kind of reveled in it. I was working at the time, so I had no choice but to take sick leave. I watched inane daytime TV, read, and my husband waited on me. But in some ways I think being completely immobile is easier than trying to carry on like you are. Good luck.

Instigator said...

I'm sorry. :-( I hope that the boot does its job though and your foot gets better soon!


Sherry Werth said...

Angel, hope your foot gets better real soon! I hate anything that hinders my mobility. I've popped a calf muscle a few times, so I totally understand the frustration. At least mine happened during the summer and not the holidays. My main problem was trying to get to my office on the second floor by way of a winding staircase. Not easy.
Take care of that foot! :D

LeaannS said...

I feel bad every time I see you lugging that thing around. :( It just looks so heavy, especially on your 5' frame! I can easily see why you are sleepy all the time -- it looks like it weighs a ton.

I can relate a little bit. I've spent most of the past two months sick with one thing or another, running a fever more often than not, and really struggling with the fact I have to cut things out because (A) I don't want to get other people sick by coming in contact with them, and (B) it just doesn't seem to stop. I actually go back to the doc today and am hoping they don't tell me I have walking pneumonia. I'm hoping he can recommend something to boost my immune system, which as a diabetic is pathetically weak, really, but I can't keep doing this. My kids have spent more time in front of the TV in the last two months than ever before. Very frustrating, and I can't cuddle them 'cause I don't want them sick!

I hope the boot does its job and things heal the way they are supposed to in the next three weeks. I'm sure it would be nice to start the new year with a healthy body and renewed energy (or in my case, new lungs)!

Problem Child said...

You just learned this about yourself? I think the rest of us could have told you that :-)

Stay off it. Use the crutches. You have two children of prime fetching age to do stuff. Enjoy the downtime, and if you're sleepy, there's probably a reason Miss Do-Everything.

call if you need anything.

And I will provide a little frustration release on tomorrow's blog, okay?

Angel said...

Good deal! I knew y'all would understand a little venting. Today, after an MRI to check for broken bones, I went grocery shopping. Needless to say, I was hurting by the time I got home, but luckily hubby was here to unload groceries for me. Yay!!!

And they told me I might not know anything from the MRI for a while. Darn it! If its broken, I want to go ahead and get the cast over with so I can move on. Oh well.

Tonight, I'm taking the kids to see the Galaxy of Lights at the local botannical gardens. We get to drive through, thank goodness!

If I'm Miss Do-Everything, why do I feel lazy all the time? Must be a psychological thing...


Playground Monitor said...

I had a permanent cast for 6 weeks last summer. At least you can take yours off to shower. I had to buy a contraption to cover mine so I could bathe. But it was necessary for recovery and I just tolerated it. It was hard to sneak up on anyone though. I had a distinctive step-clomp-step-clomp pattern to my walk. ::grin::

Hint -- get a temporary handicapped parking placard. That way you can part close to the entrance of stores and save yourself some walking. I did that and it helped tremendously.