Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Holiday Spirit

This event happened on December 12, but I had to pass it on. My faith in humanity has been sorely tested this year but this just shows that goodness is alive and well on planet Earth.

Mystery Couple Starts "Magical" Chain Reaction
For five hours, strangers bought each other meals at a Philly diner

It played like a scene from a holiday movie -- a mystery couple, who didn’t leave their names or numbers, walked into a restaurant, finished their meal and then set-off a chain reaction of generosity that lasted for hours.

That’s just what employees at the Aramingo Diner in Port Richmond said a man and a woman did during their breakfast shift last Saturday morning.

“It was magical. I had tears in my eyes because it never happened before. I’ve been here for 10 years and I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Lynn Willard, a waitress.

Willard and other waitresses told NBC Philadelphia that the couple started the chain reaction by paying double: for their own meal and for the tab of another table of diners at the restaurant. There's no evidence that one group of diners knew the others.

“I could not believe it … and it continued and continued, it was very nice,” said Willard. “They asked us not to say anything until they left, but we said ‘Merry Christmas, that person picked up your tab.’”

For the next five hours, dozens of patrons got into that same holiday spirit and paid the favor forward.

The diner’s manager said not one person was concerned about price of the check -- which averaged between $12-$30.

“It was a surprise to all of us, the girls were even taken aback,” said Linda. “Those who took the check also tipped the waitress. So nobody had to do anything other than pass it on and that’s what they did. They just passed it forward.”

It’s a true holiday story that proves how a small gesture of kindness can create some magic.

Have you ever paid a favor forward?

I'm at my mother's house now, helping tend to her after some emergency surgery on December 5th and a 14-day hospital stay. She's doing well but has a long recovery ahead of her. I began my trip here with a visit to see both my sons (#2 son was visiting with #1 son), DIL and the grandbaby. We had our Christmas celebration on Sunday evening and here are a few photos of the surprises Grammy brought.

Watch out Rachael Ray! Her apron reads "Chef in Training"

Every princess needs a fuzzy pink bathrobe.

I want to wish everyone on the Playground a very merry Christmas.


Angel said...

OMG, she is SOOOOOOO cute! Look at that little grin! I know you are a very proud Grammy.

What a cool holiday story! Thanks for posting it, PM. I hope your mom gets better every day. Enjoy your time with her.


Liza said...

She is such a cutie! I agree that all princesses need a pink fuzzy bathrobe. Hope your mom is feeling better.

Thanks for sharing this amazing holiday story!

gigi said...

Oh, M
O' has just bloomed into such a pretty little girl.
You are right all princesses young and old need a pink fuzzy bathrobe.
I am still hoping for a tiara covered in rhinestones one day.

I hope you gets better soon.

That story was way cool. There sill are a few nice people left in the world.

Pat L. said...

What cute photos. Merry Christmas to all.

That diner story was wonderful.

Hope your mom feels better soon.

Problem Child said...

She's adorable. And I'm so glad your mom is doing better. :-)

Merri said...

Your real life Christmas story was truly wonderful, and very uplifting. Thank you for sharing it with us.

And your grandaughter is utterly sweet. Here's hoping your mum gets better soon, and wishing everyone at The Writing Playground a very Happy Christmas.

Virginia said...

She is so cute!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

I hope your mother get to feeling better soon!