Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Hangover

I don't know about you all, but I'm beat. Thank goodness I don't have to work today. This is actually the last official Black Friday I have at work as a holiday. Next year its changing, so I'll either be working, or using vacation. I know a lot of people do have to work today, especially those working in retail. I remember DB having to leave for work at 3AM with the flu when he was at Best Buy. Just wasn't worth the money they were paying him.

To all of you out there working today - bless your heart. I'd give each of you a homemade cookie if I could, not that it would help, but its the best I can do aside from staying home and not adding to the retail madness. A small consolation and a sugar high.

There's something about Thanksgiving that drains my energy reserves. Maybe it's spending all day with my family. Emotional overload there. Maybe its the hours of scuttling around the kitchen for a twenty minute feeding free for all. Or the mountain of dishes that come after it. Or the five to six thousand calories the average person consumes on Thanksgiving. You can blame it on triptophan if you want, but I think it has more to do with eating four days worth of food in a few short hours.

I just know that after all that, the last thing I want to do is get up at 3AM to stand in the cold and dark to go shopping. If I want something that badly, I'm going to order it on Amazon and have it shipped to my house. A lot of people also go to the movies. Seems a shame to pay for a movie just to fall asleep halfway through.

How are you spending your post-Thanksgiving weekend?


P.S. Don't forget that next week we kick off a whole week of fabulous guest bloggers starting Monday with Debra Webb!


PM's Mother said...

Now I KNOW my decision to have Thanksgiving dinner with a friend at Cracker Barrel was a good choice! I had more food on my plate than I could eat, no cooking, no dishes or pots and pans to wash, and NO LEFT-OVERS!

My CB special Thanksgiving meal consisted of turkey, ham, sweet potato casserole, green beans, dressing with gravy, cranberry sauce, biscuit, butter, sweet tea -- and -- a small slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream (which I took home for later). Top that if you can for $8.99 plus tax and generous tip ('cause that waitress was working on a holiday,)

--and no dishes to wash!!

PM's Mother said...

Oh, I forgot to answer the question. I am definitely NOT going to spend the day after Thanksgiving eating left-overs, nor am I going to arise at 3 AM to be at Wal-Mart at 4 AM to purchase some silly item I don't want nor need. I am going to stay at home all day and read a book!

Playground Monitor said...

No turkey this year. #2 son and I had ham instead.

And since it was 28 degrees outside when I woke up at 7 AM, I'm doubly glad I wasn't wanting anything from the Black Friday sales.

I'll be reading and later on, watching the Iron Bowl. War Eagle!

gigi said...

I got up this morning at 3am. The first time in years and headed off to Target. It wasn't too crazy and most everyone was polite.
Anyway I found most everything online except for one or two things.

Glad everyone had a nice turkey day.

Christine said...

Ah, the post feeding frenzy. We have leftovers and I plan to serve them up again today--we love it all--for dinner.

During the day, we shall follow our annual tradition. DH and DD go shopping for my Christmas presents. This year I actually had a small, 4 item list with not one pair of socks or slippers on it. They are pleased--it's their date.

While they shop, I am taking down all my Thanksgiving decor, giving the house a much necessary dusting (after getting ready for the GH--very necessary), and tackling the floors. We start decorating for Christmas today and finish up with the tree on Saturday.

PM's Mom: I'm so glad CB was good. We had planned to go there, but poor FIL not up for visitors. We called him and his meds have vanquished his appetite. So prayers are ongoing over here that we may celebrate a healthy TG with him NEXT year :).

Problem Child said...

I'm having a lazy day today -- starting with breakfast in bed from the family and then just some time to veg. At some point, I might consider actually getting dressed. :-)

We might go shopping later today, but we'll wait until the frenzy dies down.

Sherry Werth said...

I'm at work right now, but only for a short bit to send in payroll for next week. Then Hubby and I are going out for lunch and then it's the Iron Bowl. War Eagle! I'm actually a Gator fan. Guess I just like the blue and orange color scheme. :D
I've only done the middle of the night shopping once and that was enough for me. It was Staples a few years back so there wasn't any crazy stuff going on. I have decided since then that the only reason I would get up at an ungodly hour and go stand out in the freezing cold huddled up next to total strangers would be if they were going to give me money. Not the other way around. LOL

PS: Here's a nifty website for all that leftover turkey.

Happy weekend everyone!

Jean said...

I can cook a turkey as well as the next person, but this year I ordered a smoked one from a barbecue place. What a stress relief and it was really good! My mother used to do it all the time.

As for today--I am with SP. I like for Amazon to bring it to my door. I will not be shopping.

I am going to an Iron Bowl party this afternoon. (Roll Tide!) After that, probably watch some other football game.

Then we have tickets for New Moon in the comfy chairs, where you can order booze. I can't wait.

The rest of the weekend, I'm working to shorten the manuscript that is due to Dorchester next week.

There's greenery on my porch waiting to go up but it's going to have to stay there for now.

catslady said...

I'm exhausted. Have been washing dishes and clothes (let that go to spend days cooking)and I'm also babysitting my granddoggie for 4 days which upsets my 6 cats (sigh). I feel sorry for those who have to go to work today.

Jane said...

I slept in and watched TV. I plan on doing some shopping online, but I might wait for Cyber Monday for the good deals.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

I've been writing, shopping online, eating leftovers, and watching the Iron Bowl, which was a GREAT game, but did not end like I wanted it to. Hubby is happy, though. :-/

My DIL was at Toys R us at midnight. You couldn't pay me enough. I'll get out to the stores, eventually, but not today.


Kathy said...

This is the first year in about 11 that I haven't shopped on Black Friday. I worked from 8-2:30 p.m. instead. Luckily, we had the Iron Bowl on at the store. I got to hear it from my desk and then listened to it on the way home in the car. Had to stop by the store and get #3 a birthday card, then arrived home in time to see the second half. Boy, what a game! #4 was at the game and her fingers nearly froze off.

I'm with Linda. Too bad it ended the way it did. :P

I'm thoroughly enjoying my Thankgiving left-overs! ;)