Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sick Children

I have been dealing with sickness in my house off and on for the last month. I'm ready for us all to be well! Zilla had a virus...he NEVER gets sick. And therefore, when he does, he's miserable and mopey and I feel the need to pamper him.

The girls have both been sick. Sweet Pea three times in the last month. In fact, she started not feeling well yesterday and is currently curled up with her blanky, pillow and some movies in the vacant office right now. I will be calling the doctor's office as soon as they open.

Last week is was Baby Girl. I lost Thursday and Friday to staying home with her. You'd think I'd have liked having a couple extra days off. Not when I have so much to do. I'm ready for my life to go back to normal!

All things considered, it could be much worse. I mean so far (knock on wood) we've managed to avoid the swine flu. They certainly might feel yucky but not enough to really scare me. I'm just tired of the constant interruptions to my schedule and my life. I had stuff planned for today that did not include a 2 hour trip to the doctor's office!! The second one in two weeks I might add.

At this rate I'm never going to get to chapter three. Sigh.

Am I being selfish? Are you dealing with illness in your life? Have you fought the swine flu?



Playground Monitor said...

Poor babies and poor you. No, you're not being selfish. As the Mommy, you usually end up as Head Nurse, and that's not an easy job.

No flu here. I had my seasonal flu shot last month and I'm not eligible for an H1N1 shot because folks with my level of experience in life don't seem to be as susceptible to it as younger ones. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and taking normal precautions like lots of hand washing.

Angel said...

I run into this same thing when my kids get sick. Once in a while... OK. Pretty often, and I start to get resentful. Not at them, but at the interruptions to my day. Because the more interruptions I have, the further I get behind, and it seems the further I get behind the more stuff that shows up for me to do, and before long I'm looking up at a mountain of work feeling overwhelmed and tired. Not good.

I have no solutions for you, except let go over everything that isn't absolutely essential. Everything else will just have to wait until another day.


Virginia said...

So far no one is sick here, not on wood. Its always bad when your kids are sick. My neighbors daughter is home from college with the flu. I am trying to stay away from them.

Smarty Pants said...

Little Sister got the swine flu this week and took my mom down with her. They've been miserable together. I feel bad, but I don't dare go over to the house. There is no time in my schedule for swine flu. No way.

Liza said...

My sister and her whole family had the swine flu back at the end of August(my 5YO niece called it swan flu). She told me it wasn't as bad as having the regular flu.

Hope everyone feels better soon.

Christine said...

Tamiflu really kicked Swine Flu for my daughter. She had it and the other influenza at the same time. Within 36 hours of taking the Tamiflu, she as good to go again.

Gotta love better living through chemistry.

Hope the darlings feel better soon...