Thursday, November 05, 2009

Theater Thursday

This month I'm going to talk about Television on Theater Thursday. A conversation earlier this week has started me thinking about programming, scripts and the current lack of shows that are keeping my interest. I've even stopped tuning in to watch programs that I've been faithfully watching for years...I just don't care anymore. Maybe my suspension of disbelief has been stretched just a little too far. I'm not sure. What I do know is that while I usually have at least 1 or 2 shows I like to watch each night...I only have 1 or 2 each week that can hold my interest right now. Castle, So You Think You Can Dance and The Mentalist are about it. I'm looking forward to the return of Lost as well but that's more because I'm a masochist who can't leave a puzzle unsolved.

Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Survivor, Top Model...none of these is holding my interest these days. I honestly couldn't care less if Izzy or George survived. How sick am I? Lately, I've found myself watching weird shows on The Discovery Channel, National Geographic and The Food Network rather than Prime Time Television. Ghost Hunters anyone? But even then it's only because I was flipping and thought, "Meh. Why not?"

And don't get me started on The Jay Leno Show. In my opinion, that is a waste of an hour. I've always been a fan of Jay's. I much prefer him to Letterman (however I prefer Letterman to Conan which is saying a lot). What really bothers me about the new show though is that it's taking time from some potentially good programming. I wonder if maybe the lack of 5 hour long shows each week is contributing to the overall lack of good choices.

There were a couple new shows this season that I wanted to like - Three Rivers because I love Alex O'Laughlin and hated what they did to him on Moonlight, Mercy although it looked really intense, Cougar Town because I was a huge Friends fan and Accidentally on Purpose because I liked the premise. Yeah. None of them excites me.

I'm wondering if it's me. If I'm just not in the mood these days to give a new show a chance. Am I overly critical? Are there fantastic shows out there that I'm missing? Or should I spend those hours on my elliptical instead of bemoaning my lack of television time? What do you think?


P.S. And for those of you that were sure I'd be talking about the New Moon release set for later this's the trailer for you to watch. :-)


catslady said...

I loved the Twilight books but haven't seen any of the movies as yet. Castle is my favorite. I tend to drop a few favorites every year and do look for new ones but so far this year I haven't found any. I dropped Greys, 24, ER,and Sopranos before they ended. Some stay too long at the fair lol. We watch a lot of the history and discovery channel.

Smarty Pants said...

I'll stop watching shows I like if I don't keep up with them. I'm either all wrapped up, or couldn't care less. I used to love House, for one, but I missed a couple episides of a new season, then boom, its been two years and I haven't seen one episode since.

There's nothing I watch faithfully, although I do Tivo some things to watch at leisure - Project Runway and Top Model, mostly. When they aren't on I watch a lot of Notorious, History's Mysteries and Food Network. I almost never watch network television. Lost, Desperate Housewives, 24... never seen a single episode of any of them.

Problem Child said...

I don't watch a whole lot of TV these days -- SVU, SYTYCD, and Dollhouse.

Giving up TV has been easier than I thought... :-)

Angel said...

Castle is about it for me at the moment. Mostly I half listen to whatever the hubby is watching while I read or write.


Playground Monitor said...

You forgot about The Closer, one of best shows on TV and I just discovered it earlier this year. Anybody have the first 4 seasons on DVD I can borrow? And I adore Castle -- Nathan Fillion, the sexual tension between his character and Beckett, his diva mother, Nathan Fillion, the relationship between Castle and his daughter, the crime-solving, Nathan Fillion. ;-)

Another fave is Monk and it's in its last season. I'm going to miss the lovable OCD detective.

I also like SVU and Desperate Housewives (hey, I got hooked in season 1). I watch Dancing with the Stars (tried SYTYCD and just couldn't get excited about it), Survivor and American Idol when they're on.

And don't laugh, but I watch Toddlers and Tiaras because it's a train wreck you can't look away from. Occasionally I'll see a documentary listed that looks good. I caught a piece on History Channel about the history of Woodstock and it was great.

But basically, TV sucks these days. I don't watch a single sitcom because they're just too dumb to waste time on.

And thank goodness for the DVR. I watch most of this either late at night or in the afternoon, fast-forwarding thru the commercials.

Liza said...

Castle is probably one of my favorite shows on tv(The Biggest Loser being 2nd favorite). I like Mercy and Cougar Town a lot, but didn't really pick up any other new shows and keep them. I watched The Good Wife for a while, and while I really liked it, just haven't continued to watch. I do still watch all my favorite shows: Grey's, Monk, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Gossip Girl, and Heroes. Looking forward to Lost, 24, and Chuck when they all come back. Yes my dvr works over-time during tv season.

Jean said...

Like Angel, I sit with my husband and do other things with one eye on the TV. Things I would watch anyway: Castle, Big Band Theory, Eastwick, and Bones. I am still hanging in there with Vampire Diaries but I am far from committed. Used to love House, but have ceased to care. I watched Lost for a couple of seasons and quit in mid episode, vowing to not watch another minute of it because nothing was happening. I hear some things have happened since but I don't care. I was very disappointed in Cougar Town. I was a big Friends fan and it got great reviews. I find it stupid and I dislike the main character. I dislike reality shows. I may be the only person in America who has no interest in American Idol. Though (big guilty secret here)a few years a go, I devoured Amish in the City. I am fascinated by the Amish.

But not as fascinated as I am with Twilight. I can't wait for New Moon. I plan to reread it and watch Twilight on DVD in the next week.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Castle is it for me. I watch a lot of HGTV, Food Network, and DIY. In fact, HGTV is on now, muted, while I work on the laptop in front of the television. I love home improvement shows. Love, love, love.

Oh, and I also DVR Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. Travel and food. Love that.

Virginia said...

I to watch a few shows each week but TV is not what it used to be. Check out The Good Wife, its pretty good. I watch some of the same things you watch.

Angel said...

Jean, My husband swears I'm not watching television just because I'm doing somehting else. To which I reply: Just because you can't multi-task doesn't mean I can't.

And I don't like reality shows either. None. But I forgot about Monk, PM. I do like that, but I don't have to catch it right then. We have a bunch on the DVR or I watch reruns of it sometimes.