Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Launch of Tasteful Tuesdays -- and a book!

As part of our themed week, the first Tuesday of the month will be “Tasteful Tuesday.” I’ve got a bit of leeway with what’s “tasteful”—it could be recipes, it could be jewelry.

Today I’m defining “tasteful” in the best possible way – with a party for my new release! After all, the heroine of The Millionaire’s Misbehaving Mistress is an etiquette expert. She should know what’s tasteful and what’s tacky. And good manners are always tasteful. This book came out in the UK in April, and I’ve been waiting impatiently for its US release. Now it’s finally here! Here’s the blurb:

Perfect, polite… and passionate!

As Dallas’s most eligible bachelor and heir to his family’s fortune, billionaire Will Harrison knows how to handle the paparazzi – but his little sister Evie is a worry…

Miss Behavior, etiquette expert Gwen Sawyer, has only three weeks to work her magic on Evie before a society ball, and so moves into Will’s luxurious penthouse. However she discovers too late that etiquette is the last thing on devilishly handsome Will’s mind…

Coffee Time Romance gave MMM 5 cups, Blue Moon called it "fresh and charming," and CataRomance said it "entertains with witty repartee and sizzling passion." (They also called me talented -- squee!)

When I say I love this book, I’m not kidding. I know I should love all my book children equally, but there’s something about these characters that makes me smile every time I think about them. I hope you fall in love with these characters too, because I’m currently working on Evie’s story (tentatively scheduled for a late 2010 release)!

So to appease my etiquette-expert heroine and stick with the Tasteful Tuesday theme, we’ll have a very polite and tasteful party today. Break out the good china, tell Capt’n Jack to behave himself, and hold your pinkies up while you sip that Teeter-Totter.

I’ll give away a copy of the book to a commenter today, so party on!

With decorum, of course. ~grin~


Laurie said...

Your book sounds DELISH!

I wish people would be more courteous. Help others when you see them struggling with doors, groceries especially if they have children with them or if they are elderly, Say please and thank you... even to the grocery store baggers, the busboys...everyone deserves RESPECT.

Also be aware of what you and your children are wearing outside. Did you really want to wear something so tight or short that everything is exposed? Iam not a fashion expert/fanatic. I wear shorts, jeans, t-shirts for comfort. But really...I don't want you to flash me! What's tasteful is definitely in the eyes of the beholder!

Captain Jack said...

If I promise to behave myself might I have one of those cookies with frosting? Please?

Your servant,

J. Sparrow

Smarty Pants said...

I'm excited to have this party in honor of Gwen, but confused on how to party without sending out the cabana boys and firing up the blender.

Here's a cookie for you, Mr. Sparrow. When you're finished, would you be good enough to escort me for a walk outside? I'm really enjoying the cool weather.

Liza said...

Congrats on the new release! I'm looking forward to reading it.

Off to sip my Teeter-Totter, of course with my pinkie up, to help you celebrate.

Playground Monitor said...

Sings "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. La la la la la.

How kind of you to let me come. I'll have some tea, thank you. Two lumps please and just a splash of milk.

I have to agree with Laurie. Too few people say please and thank you or hold open doors. And oh my goodness at the things I see some women wear. I really do not want to see the top of your panties when you lean over to get that jar of pickles from the bottom shelf at Publix. Oh no. Don't want to see it at all. Perhaps Miss Behavior could coach them. Or mayby Clinton and Stacy. ::grin::

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I'm reading this book now! So fun. :) Congrats on the new release! It seems we wait and wait and wait forever for that first book to be on the shelves. To actually have a second one out now is pretty cool. :)

Problem Child said...

Today is finally here! It's like Christmas!

SP -- our cabana boys are very tasty. Um, tasteful. I'll give them little bow ties to wear to dress them up a bit for the occasion.

Laurie -- I'll give fashion choices some leeway on taste because it's personal, but I'm so tired of seeing people's underwear (or crack, depending)... PM, since Stacy and Clinton agree with us, I'm sure we're in the right.

Capt'n Jack can have a cookie, just keep him out of the rum cake.

Liza and Lynn -- thanks! I'm giddy about it.

Angel said...

Ooohhh, cabana boys in little bow ties and not much else... that's tasteful, right? :)

I love the idea that she's an etiquette expert. I find etiquette fascinating, even though I don't really have the chance to practice more than the everyday type things. I bet the research was fun!


CrystalGB said...

Congratulations on the release of your new book. Love the cover. Sounds wonderful.

Instigator said...

Squee. I did not shout that at the top of my lungs or use exclamation points. I said it with style, decorum and a touch of acceptable excitement. :-D I'm so excited for you, PC.

As someone who's accidentally flashed airport security after bending over...I have to say that it's never intentional. The waist in jeans are just made too darn low these days! Although, it is a reminder to listen to your mother and always wear the clean, cute underwear. You just never know.

If I sip with my pinky up am I forgiven?


Pamela Hearon said...

These characters are some of my personal favorites. Gwen is so utterly proper--but we get to see what she's thinking as well. Um, not neary so proper:-) But soooo fun!
Congratulations CP on another exciting, enjoyable, sexy read. I'm lifting my cup to you (pinkie extended), though I do admit to waving the scotch over it just to make the morning special, of course.
Pardon me while I go remove the tea cakes from the oven. I'll pass them around as soon as they've cooled!


Pamela Hearon said...

Ah, a little too much scotch I see. That should have read "nearly"--not neary:-)

PC's lucky CP

Minna said...

Congrats on the release of your new book!

chey said...

Congratulations on the release of your new book! I can't wait to read it!

gigi said...

It must be a very good sign when you love your book children.

I wish more decent people made eye contact with you and said 'hello' when passing by.
I always try to be helpful of the elderly , mom's with their hands full of kids always smile and say hello to the elderly in the stores.

I can't wait to read your new book.

I am with Jack those cookies need frosting on then while enjoying afternoon teeter-totter (pinky extended way up) and biscuits.

Congrats on your new release!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kimberly, how awesome. I don't doubt that I will throughly enjoy reading your book. Please a nice warm cup of tea with some cookies on the side. Lovely weather we are having....

Problem Child said...

I know I'm being a very bad hostess, but I've had a pounding headache all day and it's not abating. It's completely destroying my party mood!

Thanks for all the warm-wishes! I'm very impressed with your decorum and ability to act so civilized while half-naked cabana boys are about!

I'm taking a teeter-totter and a cookie and going back under the duvet. Party on, though!

Kathy said...

How charming. Cookies, tarts, cucumber sandwiches, and scones. Tea spiked with rum as I've got Jack in my corner again. Aye and we'll be tippin'...

Sorry, I forgot to extend my pinkie.

Congrats on your latest release, PC. I'm eager to read it and Jack has promised to... Oops! That wouldn't have been proper either. ;)

Stephanie said...

Wow, you gals have been having so much fun all day. I am sorry to be joining the party late. Hope there are some of those frosted cookies and tea remaining.

Congratulations on the book release! These folks sound delightful. I look forward to reading about them and their friends for years to come. :-)

Your Auntie said...

Well, it's way past teatime, so I think I'll have a toddy to celebrate. Where are those boys??? Oh well, good help is so hard to find!
I'm reading the book now, and I am really enjoying it. She has such nice manners...a good Southern girl!