Saturday, October 10, 2009

Theme Week Winners!

Thanks for your support during the launch of our new theme week. We got a great response. Although we know you come here daily (although you don't always comment) check back the first full week of every month for our thoughts on beautiful men, tasteful goodies, travel, theater and books!

Our winners are:

Monday - M.V. Freeman (email angel @
Tuesday - Chey (email problemchild @
Wednesday - Kathy B. (email playgroundmonitor @
Thursday - Catslady (email instigator @
Friday - Marcy (email smartypants @

If you're a lucky winner, send your snail mail info to the Playfriend listed. Also, be sure to check back at some of our previous posts to see if you won something. Guest bloggers and other special events almost always have giveaways, but if you don't email us your info, we can't give you your fabulous prizes! I know I personally came home with tons of goodies from Nationals that need to be given away.


catslady said...

Thank you so much and congrats to the other winners! Just sent my info :)

gigi said...

Congratulations to all the winners this week!

Marcy said...

Woo hoo...I win? I'm so excited! Thanks, Ladies!

M.V.Freeman said...

Wow!!! thanks all!!!