Monday, October 26, 2009

Books, books, and more books

I had intended to write my blog earlier in the evening. Instead, I’ve finally turned my computer on for the first time all weekend and am writing my blog at 10:30 at night. :) You see, the Playfriends were gone to our annual chapter retreat this weekend, so I haven’t been home since 11 am Friday morning. Then, the first thing I noticed when I walked into my home again on Sunday afternoon was that my husband had put together my last 2 sets of shelves. Finally, after much waiting, I have a whole wall of bookshelves in my living room!!! I’ve wanted this for a long time and can’t tell you how excited I am.

But of course, having the shelves up isn’t the end of the road. Now I have to put the books on them. I still had boxes of books in the garage that we hadn’t opened since our move to this house 2 years ago, because we had no place to put them. So I trekked out to the garage and started moving boxes inside. I’d completely forgotten how many of them there were!!! And how heavy!!!
I got most of the boxes inside, except for a couple of REALLY heavy ones I’ll have to get my husband to manage and a few boxes of cookbooks. Then I started peeking inside. Now, I vividly remember taking several boxes of books to the library before, trying to whittle down our collection in the process of moving. But as I started going through these books, I realized I had a lot more to get rid of.

Sorting Time!

Way more books have landed in the giveaway boxes than are going on my new shelves. I looked at each one and asked myself, Do I remember this book? Why did I keep it? Is it one I will read again? (I reread my favorites when I’m in the process of first drafting.) Does this story hold a special place in my heart? (written and signed by a friend, come from a special time in my life, etc) I also have a box of books set aside that are sweet romances I enjoyed during my teen years that I want to save for when my daughter reaches that age.

Yes, I’m excited about my new shelves, but only because I now have a place to display one of the most important aspects of my life: my books. And I want the books on those shelves to be “keepers”. The hardback copy of Little Women that I reread a bazillion times as a young woman. My first Harlequins. Stories that I reach for time and again because the characters are like old friends and I want to relive the magic of their love. Stories by authors who are wonderful friends and mentors to me, inspirations on my own journey to publication. I can’t wait for these to be a true part of our home.

So tell me, how do you decide which books to let go and which to keep? What is your most precious “keeper” book? Have you found a place to display your books or are your shelves overflowing (as I have a feeling mine will one day)?


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Playground Monitor said...

I just moved and sorted before the move. Now I'm sorting again because I just don't have room for all the books. I covet your wall of bookcases.

I keep books written by dear friends, special books autographed to me and books that have made a real impact when I read them. I have a shelf of books on writing too, some of which I have yet to read. Some of my most precious keepers are ones where the book is dedicated to me.

It's so hard to give up books, but there's only so much space. Wouldn't it be nice to have a whole library for storing books?

Problem Child said...

I'll have to sort my bookshelves when we move next year. While I'm not looking forward to the purge -- it hurts to give away books -- I am looking forward to finding some of my keeper books that have been shoved in the back and are hard to put my hands on when I want them.

I'll have to buy more bookshelves too...

Smarty Pants said...

The downside of a house with an open floorplan is a lack of walls. I don't really have many expanses of walls where I could put a bunch of bookshelves. I have one tall and one short one in my office and they're overflowing. I need to purge some more.

Angel said...

PC, the ones I usually found myself getting rid of were non fiction books from interests I don't have time for anymore, cookbooks, and then some books that I enjoyed at the time but never went back and read like I thought I would.


catslady said...

I don't like to throw anything away so books are a big problem. I have them all (couple thousand probably give or take hundreds lol). And they are everywhere. I ran out of room a long time ago. And the worst part is I haven't read half of them (sigh).

Angel said...

Actually, it is easier for me to get rid of books I haven't read than those I've read and liked. :)


Virginia said...

I hate to give them up. I have shelves and boxes of books. Its hard to decide on what to keep. I try to keep all autographed books and hard bound books.