Thursday, July 09, 2009


Between getting ready for conference (still not there yet) and this office move my brain is fried. I completely forgot that it was Thursday until Smarty Pants emailed me to ask where my blog was.

See...I love where the new office is but it's a pain in the rear. It's located in one county and a city in another county. We have yet another city's address and a fourth city's phone number. I spent 3 hours driving all across North Alabama yesterday attempting to have our electric, gas and water transferred to our name. Three different companies in two different cities and counties. And then I spent another hour designing a floral arrangement for our conference room table.

I don't have my pitches ready. I have hair, nail and tanning appointments all in the next two days. I still have pieces in my wardrobe that I need to purchase. I. Am. Not. Ready. For any of this.

So, in order to make up for my lack of brain function and to atone for my sins I am going to give away a book today - a signed copy of Afterburn to one commenter.

Here, have some eye candy too :-)


Playground Monitor said...

Ooooh! Candy!

My office is strewn with things to pack. I'm still working out a few wardrobe details but can't finalize until my cast comes off tomorrow morning. YAY!

Manicure and pedicure are on the schedule too. My toenails are long -- scary long. And I hate to think of what my skin will look like where it was under the cast for 5 1/2 weeks. ::shudder::

CracklinRosie said...

OH, Candy!!!

And I want the book! :)

Christine said...

Already have the book and am reading the book--soooo good. I am currently touching up my roots, hairdresser tomorrow, might need new undies, and am scrambling to cobble together a schedule.

Your life sounds even crazier than mine! Hang in--

Angel said...

Dyed my hair last night. Got the oil changed and last minute things done at Walmart today (my mom will be here driving my car and taking care of kids, so that's why I had to do that).

I've actually gotten a lot more done this week than I thought. Yay, me!

Good luck, Instigator! Let me know if I can help any tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Love the eye candy, thank you. Good luck with getting your things together. I just came back from being off a week and I am trying to get with the program. Have fun!!! And I haven't read Afterburn and would love a copy.

Virginia said...

Love the eye candy! You just have to much to do right now. You need to slow down and take things as they come and don't worry things will work out for you. Maybe not like you want them to but they will work there self out. Have fun at the conference!

Kathy said...

Hang in there, Instigator. You always appear composed and prepared at conference. ;)

cas2ajs said...

With all that stuff going on, it's no wonder you forgot to blog. But you've more than made up to us for it. A chance at a book and eye candy . . . we couldn't ask for anything more.

Cheryl S.

Jane said...

Can't go wrong with the eye candy. It's hard to keep everything straight when you have so many things going on.

amy*skf said...

You're so cute, you won't need all that extra stuff...well, maybe the pitches. Nah. And besides, you're going to Nationals. Yay!

While I am staying home. Boo.

Michele L. said...

Hang in there Candy! It will all straighten out. Just think fun weekend thoughts!

Would love to win a copy of AFTERBURN!

Have a sensational Friday!